AJ Styles + WWE – This better not happen!


Rumours in wrestling are a constant circulation throughout the internet. One of them as of late has been concerning the “Phenomenal One” AJ Styles, who since leaving TNA Impact Wrestling has proven that he isn’t just a good wrestler, he’s one of if not the best wrestler in the world today. The current stories are saying that AJ’s last dates schedule so far with New Japan Pro Wrestling are in January and that’s all. So of course rumours about WWE trying to negotiate with him into coming back to North American television are starting to float once more.

And as much as I have grown to become a huge AJ Styles fan this past year, I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO desire to see him in WWE!

Not because he wouldn’t work there, fans wouldn’t attach to him, he’d have bad matches, all of that isn’t true, he’d kickass there. He’d have great matches with guys like Cesaro, Ambrose, Owens and especially Rollins, before the knee injury.

I don’t want him in WWE because they will do absolutely nothing with him.

To start things off, he’s a Georgia boy and we know how much Vince, Kevin Dunn and the rest of the WWE take to Southern talent. We’ve see with how they treated Jim Ross over the years how they will endlessly make fun of the accents. Hell Cesaro isn’t allowed to do anything solely because he’s Swiss. You know they won’t let AJ talk much.

Secondly, how many guys originally from TNA have actually done anything in WWE? Here’s a brief list:

  • Samoa Joe is in NXT
  • James Storm’s had one match so far in NXT
  • Marcus Cor Von (aka Monty Brown) had a short, forgettable ECW run
  • Low Ki (aka Kaval) was a thing. I forgot about him until see him on the list
  • Amazing Kong (aka Kharma) is the closest we’ve had to a TNA star making a mark and her tenure was very short

The track record so far for TNA stars in WWE is horrendous, I have little to no faith that Styles would be any different in WWE, where they frown upon people getting over before they do anything with them.

Lastly, AJ’s already 38 years old, his career isn’t exactly young. Plus when you take into account just how much money he’s making doing the independent circuit and wrestling on other major promotions like New Japan and Ring of Honor, it almost seems pointless to take a chance and hope Vince will do something with him for the couple years he’d have left before in WWE’s eyes he’d be too old to be a star (unless you’re John Cena or the Undertaker).

I would love nothing more than to see AJ Styles wrestling some of the best wrestlers in the world in some of the biggest arenas and on some of the biggest shows year round.

But then I remember he’s wrestling Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestle Kingdom 10 at the Tokyo Dome in January and I shut up.

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