Remembering Eddie Guerrero


I still remember No Way Out 2004 clear as day. The moments leading up to the very end of that classic match between him and Lesnar. The second he hit that frog splash, I jumped out of my seat and moved as close to the TV as I could without seeing a blurry picture. 1, 2, 3! With the quietest freak out in history (since my folks were asleep) I had watched one of my most favourite moments in professional wrestling, Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE Championship.

It feels far longer than 10 years since Eddie passed away, likely because this current era in WWE has been so boring and stagnant that time seemingly has slowed down. I’d completely forgotten that he passed in 2005 so today would mark the 10 year anniversary since then. It was such heartbreaking news 10 years ago when we were told he had passed away. You felt as if it were a really poor tasting prank. Eddie was just getting into his best work, he’d only won his first WWE title the year before at the aforementioned No Way Out pay-per-view. But it was no prank, he was really gone. A lot of us were just crushed by the news, Eddie was a fan favourite, a phenomenal performer and just one of the most likeable (and hateable if he was a heel) guy in the business.

I will remember Eddie as my favourite incarnation of him. The lowriders, the swagger, the tossing of foreign objects and falling onto the mat like he’d be shot and of course most of all, that contagious smile of his.

Viva La Raza. Rest in peace, Eddie.

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