More Violence Mods = Awesome – Nude Mods = OFFENSIVE!!!


So I read Kotaku’s brief article on the discovery that there’s already a nude mod for the PC version of Fallout 4. There’s almost no writing in the article, clearly it’s meant to shame the users who created the mod and make light-hearted jokes about the mod itself.

I get it, you don’t want to post an article about one of the biggest games of the year that amounts to “Hey kids! Check out the awesome mod for Fallout 4, it’s got boobies! Boobies are rockin’, man!”. But I’m getting a little sick and tired of acting like it’s this horrifying and sickening thing when people make these mods. Actually altogether I’m a little sick and tired of people being so shocked by tits in the first place.

Once again it comes down to this super PC (that’s politically correct, not PC master race) culture that we’ve sunk into the past decade. Yet it still baffles me beyond belief that we’re more focused on saying sex is more offensive than violence. If a mod comes out where there are even more gore-crazy ways to kill raiders and mutants in the game, it’ll be advertised as something cool and badass. But no clothes on a FICTIONAL CHARACTER in a NOT REAL setting, that’s too much, right?

Am I saying nude mods are all right? Yes and no. I’m not saying it’s okay for these mods to be in ANY and EVERY game, I don’t think Barbie’s Horse Adventures is the kind of game to be modding that into. But as far as I’m concerned, any game above a T-rating I have no problem with. You’re probably saying to yourself “But Adam, nudity in games has to come with a game that’s at least M-rated, sex itself for AO-rated.” but I always bring this point up in conversations when this topic comes out. How young were you the first time you saw someone around your age naked? More often than not, whenever I ask that question to people their answers range between 13 and 17. Funny, that’s about the age range between a T-rating and a M-rating. We need to start accepting the facts that most kids are aware of sex by the age of 13 and have probably lost their virginity before the age you’re supposed to be even watching porn.

We need to stop living in this North American culture that has no problem with violence, especially the States, where fighting over the rights to own a machine gun isn’t as ridiculous as homosexual sex and women wanting the rights to go topless in public, or hell even breastfeed their child in public. Why is sex more offensive to people than violence? How is the act that gives life more offensive to people than acts that bring death?

I’ve used nude mods in games before, hell I’ve played my share of porn games. How many of us when we were younger were playing all those shitty adult flash games on Newgrounds? And I’m sure the majority of us playing those weren’t 18+. I’ve played porn/hentai games, I’ve used nude mods in games before and I’m certainly no sexual deviant, pervert, creeper, etc. I’m in a happy, healthy relationship of over 8 years now and through all of it, I’ve partaken in these apparently extremely offensive and sinful works, our relationship hasn’t changed in the slightest.

There will always be people out there that will fall into those creepy categories of people, but they are in the very distant minority. Most people that download and play this kind of content are healthy men and women that just wanna see some nicely-rendered naked male and female (once again) FICTIONAL characters in their favourite games. If you want to shame them and the mod creators, shame the same people who make these overly-gory mods as well. Those should be falling into the AO-rated category as well.

I guarantee you, if the first nude mod was male only rather than female, this wouldn’t be an issue. We only laugh at dong physics, there’s no criticism there.

But titties?! Call the ESRB! Call the FCC! Call the FBI, CIA, MI6, everyone! We have an emergency!

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