I’m Officially an NXT-Only WWE Fan Now


God I’m gonna be so upset when stars like Finn Balor, Enzo & Cass, Asuka and others make the jump to the main roster (if that ever happens, which I hope it won’t).

After Survivor Series, I pretty much was given all the signs that RAW and Smackdown are quite frankly shows that aren’t catered to my demographic anymore. Hell, I’m not even sure what demographic WWE thinks they’re catering to nowadays. My best guess is Alzheimer’s patients over the age of 50 and children under the age of 9. Because the expectations of WWE from their audience is that you won’t pay any attention and/or remember a thing from the past show.

Nothing actually matters. Just remember: Roman Reigns, good god. Indie wrestlers like Cesaro, Neville and Kevin Owens, amazing talents capable of drawing so much money for a company that is seriously struggling to figure out who they actually are. These men and women have wrestling skill beyond the “WWE created” talent, most of them are more than capable of holding their own on the mic and the fans are more than happy to put them over and cheer for them BAD!!!

To me, someone who’s been watching professional wrestling since I was 5 years old (22 years now in total, on and off), I cannot understand how the one company who at one point couldn’t keep people from watching their content every Monday and Thursday night during the late 90s to the early 2000s can’t seem to understand why their current product is not working, or are just refusing to acknowledge it, regardless that the ratings are lower than they’ve ever been. Hell, I saw on r/SquaredCircle today that they are another .66 points away from dropping to TNA’s highest ever rating. There’s a clear problem and Vince along with whoever’s sucking his dick up to him won’t acknowledge it.

So I made a judgment call and this is it: The Royal Rumble is the last chance WWE have to gain my attention (at this point, I have zero intention to watch WrestleMania in April), but until that PPV comes around, I am outright refusing to watch RAW, Smackdown and especially TLC. From here on out, the only WWE content I will take part in is NXT and the odd WWE Network show.

NXT is the polar opposite of WWE’s main roster shows. The stories are actually written well, matchups are fresh (even when they’re old matchups though, the match is still very entertaining), there are so many fun and cool characters and most of all, they don’t insult your intelligence on NXT, whether it’s the in-ring product, the storylines, the characters, the announcing (oh my god, especially the announcing!) and the presentation. NXT is a show built for people who give a shit about professional wrestling by people who give a shit about professional wrestling.

So here’s the test to show where I stand. Here’s the list of main roster talent I actually care about and would watch if they appeared on-screen:

  • Becky Lynch
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Cesaro
  • Charlotte
  • Kevin Owens
  • The New Day
  • Paige
  • R-Truth (funny as shit right now “My bad!”)
  • Sasha Banks
  • Tyler Breeze
  • The Wyatt Family (minus Erick Rowan)

So 11 in total (I’m counting stables and individuals as one). Now here’s the list on NXT:

  • Alexa Bliss (cause fuck Blake & Murphy, who cares?)
  • Apollo Crews
  • Asuka
  • Baron Corbin
  • Bayley
  • Enzo & Cass
  • Finn Balor
  • Gable & Jordan
  • Hideo Itami (injured)
  • The Hype Bros
  • Sami Zayn (injured)
  • Samoa Joe
  • The Vaudevillains

So there’s 13 in total there. I’m sure you’re wondering “Hey Adam, that’s not far off from the main roster.”, which is true. However when you realize the numbers difference between the NXT active roster and the main roster, NXT has far less talent, yet more are entertaining and engaging to me. Also, NXT is supposed to be the developmental system for the main roster! Under no circumstances should that roster be out-shining the main roster, but they do and without competition.

I seriously do hope that NXT becomes its own brand and keeps the talent they have while paying them like they’re top-tier talent. Can you imagine a show specifically designed for professional wrestling fans and not sports entertainment fans? Cesaro, Owens, Ambrose, Rollins wrestling guys like Balor, Joe, Corbin. The Divas WOMEN’S REVOLUTION in full swing with Paige, Charlotte, Becky and Sasha back to face girls like Bayley and Asuka. And when you hear things like Smackdown barely pulling 3000 people for a taping with Undertaker advertised, you know NXT can go almost anywhere RAW/Smackdown goes (except dead places like fucking Corpus Christi and such) and outdraw them.

But we can’t do that, Vince will pitch a fit and try to ruin it himself. RAW’s the marquee show, can’t have a miles-ahead better show make it their bitch. Yet a man who loves competition won’t let anyone compete. He won’t let talent compete for the top spot, it’s gotta be SuperCena or MegaReigns. And you know he won’t let NXT compete to be the #1 show, even have their own PPVs that are given as much publicity as the main shows’ are.

So until then, NXT is easily the only WWE-based wrestling show worth watching. Can’t wait for Wrestle Kingdom 10 in January, along with Season 2 of Lucha Underground as well.

Please…if there is a god, don’t let Asuka go up to the main roster! They’ll make her eat noodles and she’s only allowed to slap and hair pull, no submissions, no strikes.

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