A Pretty Uneventful Black Friday Weekend


So this weekend was pretty uneventful for me.

I was excited this year for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. It’s my first real year of actually looking for these kinds of deals outside of just video games and yet with infinite possibilities, the only money I put forward this year was for a Bilingual copy of Black Ops 3 (which is mindblowing to me that you save $30 if you buy a version that may require you to just change the language from French to English) and another year of anti-virus software. That’s it.

There could be a number of reasons behind this, the most obvious being that I’m in Canada and not the U.S. where the deals have the most notoriety. But nowadays, we’ve pretty much adopted Black Friday as our Boxing Day (Dec.26th) a month early and it’s arguable that we’re near the level the States put out in terms of deals.

Another reason is inexperience shopping for deals. Like I said, this is the first real year of my life where I’m actively keeping my eyes open for deals on anything and everything. Maybe there are some really good deals worth buying out there this year, but none of them struck me as such. Could just be because I don’t know the true value of some of the stuff that went on sale this weekend, that a lot of good prices just slipped past me.

But I think the most important factor in me not feeling too enthusiastic about this weekend’s deals is the simple fact I have something a lot of shoppers seem not to have: self-control. It amazes me every year when people fight each other to the proverbial (and sometimes literal) death over a toaster oven or something so insignificant like that. Like I said in my past article, I intended to do all my shopping online and I did just that. Never went remotely near a store all weekend, I stared blankly at the full mall parking lot when I passed it coming home from work Friday.

Going back to self-control though, I find it’s extremely easy to pass on a deal that in the scheme of things you really don’t need, nor did you really want that badly in the first place when you shop online. There’s an odd feeling I often get in stores that if I walk in, I’m compelled to at least leave with something. Thankfully, I’ve cut out that attitude quite a bit this past year. Online however, it’s so easy to stop. There’s no one watching you (that you can see) when you’re shopping on Amazon or any online outlet. Instead of walking out the door empty-handed, you just close the tab and it’s all over.

Whatever reason it was, this first real Black Friday for me was extremely uneventful and you know what? I’m not complaining. Less than $100 out this weekend, how can you argue with that?

Sometimes it’s nice to save money, folks.

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