This Week in Sexy Games: Dead or Alive (A Look Back)


I’ve already said my piece about the Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 situation, so that subject is being dropped for the time being. But with no new news about anything sexy in games being “controversial and offensive” (of course there isn’t now that I started a weekly article on the topic), I thought I’d look back at the entire DoA series and give my thoughts on the sexual content the series has contained.

I have to admit, I’ve not played a whole lot of the DoA series. I never played 1-3’s original copies, barely played 4 and 5. The only game in the series I spent a significant amount of time with was Dead or Alive: Ultimate. While my preference in fighters lies in the crazy 2D spectrum with games like Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and Persona 4: Arena, DoA Ultimate at the time drew a lot of my attention. The mechanics were very solid, the sounds and animations made every shot feel impactful and yes, as a young teenager of course I was drawn in by the alternate costumes the girls would wear.

It’s been the thing about the entire series that upsets people the most (well…that and the jiggle physics I suppose…), the costumes. The majority of them are relatively tame, some of them are actually pretty badass. But the ones that always get the most attention are the swimsuits and the schoolgirl outfits, whether it’s a school uniform or gym clothes. Of course, with the swimwear becoming a thing, eventually there was a smattering of fan requests for a beach volleyball mini-game, which ended up turning into the Beach Volleyball/Xtreme mini-series of games.

Personally, I have zero issue with the costumes themselves. To me, who cares what they wear, it’s their own choice, ESPECIALLY if they’re fighting someone who could break every bone in their body. Whatever works for them, I shouldn’t be one to judge. What I do have a problem with however is that there isn’t equal treatment for the guys’ costumes. In Dead or Alive 5, there is a MMA-pack of costumes for the guys with them featured in fight shorts with no shirt on. But if you truly want an even playing field, should there not be a DLC pack featuring all the male characters (yes, even the big fuckers like Bass) in either really short trunks or a speedo?

Which brings us to the main problem that is really going on with the series…

It’s very clear that the Dead or Alive series is built for men, actually no, let’s address something here no one ever mentions. Did any of these Social Justice Warriors ever think for a moment that maybe there are also, oh I don’t know…LESBIANS or BISEXUAL WOMEN who also enjoy these games because they feature extremely attractive women in revealing clothing? I doubt it.

So let’s clarify the statement properly. The Dead or Alive series is clearly built for everyone except heterosexual women. It’s arguable that with the male characters being very muscular there’s something there, but compared to the swimsuits, jiggle physics and more that there is far more attention given to the female characters of the series. And that shouldn’t be a problem, not every piece of media has to be inclusive to everyone! But since this has apparently become an issue all of a sudden (cause y’know these sexy outfits and games haven’t existed for over a decade now or anything…), then the middle ground should be simple:

This should also be a thing in Dead or Alive games. I’m not saying let’s add dong physics or anything like that, but if the women are going to have several bikini costumes, the men should at the very least also have a speedo costume. It’s only fair for female gamers who are only attracted to men.

I’m sure they’d love the butt bump mini-game in Xtreme 4 if Zack and Hayate were going at it.

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