Even reading about WWE is depressing


Really?! Tater tots?! I hate you so much right now, WWE…

I wrote an article two weeks ago about how I was going to stop watching RAW and Smackdown and just concentrate on NXT, the one WWE-branded product that hasn’t been insulting my intelligence this year. However that doesn’t mean I’m not keeping up with what’s going on, I just go through other channels, reading articles and podcasts, particularly Wrestling Soup and Solomonster Sounds Off. And everyone seems to be in agreement:

WWE sucks a massive bag of dicks right now.

Just hearing the words “tater tots” being used to describe in a nutshell the promo that was spoken by the person in the company right now who’s supposed to be “The Guy” according to the beyond out-of-touch Vince McMahon & Co. is just making everything even more embarrassing than it already is. Is it sad that the only thing people are really raving about from last Monday’s RAW was Sasha Banks twerking? And even that pisses me off cause they’re using her wrong too!

Is there anything on the show right now that they’re getting right? I’d say no, even including the New Day, who are starting to get a little over-exposed now. But they can’t figure out what to do with anyone not named Roman Reigns. Charlotte’s wavering between heel and face, Sasha Banks has been removed from the character that got her to where she is, as she’s now turning into the girl with the #booty. So many other guys and girls are either looking childish and poorly written, or they have nothing going on except for that they can wrestle a bit.

How is it that there are thousands of random fans and journalists/bloggers/podcasters who are thinking up better angles and ideas than the supposed genius of wrestling booking, along with a giant team of supposed experienced writers?! How the fuck is that even possible?! The majority of fans can’t write better than people doing Netflix/HBO original programming, so why is it that they can write wrestling better than the BEST company that does it?! It makes zero sense!

There’s a lot of discussion going on the wonder if maybe, just maybe Vince McMahon being his usual stubborn self and having his “I know what you really want” attitude running full-speed ahead is continuing on this downward spiral regardless of the ratings continue to drop, because he wants to prove his still knows what will work in the end. I’d hate to tell ya, Vinnie Mac, but when your ratings are lower than they’ve been in over 20 years, I don’t think it’s a matter of pride anymore. Sooner or later, something’s gonna give and I don’t know whether that’s sponsors pulling out cause of low ratings, your stock price lowering cause of the poor attendance and merchandise sales, or anything else that could be caused by this rapid decline, but something will cause an absolute breakdown if this doesn’t stop.

We’re not asking you to cave to every demand we have, just two of them: One, start writing stories and characters that are consistent and make sense. And two, stop insulting our intelligence. Is it sad that promotions that are solely centered on comedy wrestling still have far better stories than WWE right now? Take CHIKARA for example, they have more meaningful storylines than WWE and they’re all about fan interaction.

Most of all though, what we really want to see, is meaningful women’s wrestling. Not Divas wrestling, women’s wrestling. NXT has that (except when Eva Marie wrestles, then it becomes a natural disaster) and what happened because of it? This so-called Divas Revolution you also fucked up on. Companies like STARDOM in Japan, Shine and Shimmer in the US, they get women’s wrestling. How does a small company get it right and the one with millions of dollars can’t even get them to have a match without screaming at each other and pulling hair? It’s pathetic.

So yeah, it’s depressing to hear about almost anything WWE-wise. And like I said in my NXT article, I don’t want anyone moving up to the main roster now. Cause until Vince and his regime are gone, I don’t want them fucking my favourite wrestlers up.

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