Quickie: Destiny Sparrow Racing


How many major AAA games do you know of that will consistently make changes/additions to their game based on what the fans suggest and ask for?

I recall months ago people talking on the Destiny subreddit and other places about how cool it would be to have Sparrow racing in the game. After all, we spend a ton of time on our Sparrows during our many patrols going from place to place, but that’s really all it’s for, just traveling. Why not have another use for them?

So Bungie decided to implement (for free) a multi-week event featuring just that, the Sparrow Racing League or SRL.

Yet people are still complaining about it.

There’s only two maps, one on Venus, one on Mars. And that is a little odd, you almost figure there should have been 4 maps for each major planet we visit (I doubt Oryx would let us use his Dreadnaught) to the point Earth and the Moon would also have a track. My only complaint, this was a great opportunity for us to see what the city below the Tower looks like.

The physics are a little wonky. Well Sparrow physics have always been a little odd. The only issue I’m really having is once in a while my Sparrow will randomly dead-stop, not hitting anything or letting go of the L2. And I tested that on two controllers, both times it’s happened.

You certainly can’t complain about the rewards, legendary marks are becoming farm-able with this mode. Also you can complete Crucible bounties and even the Jolly Holiday bounty where you get renown while having The Last Word equipped. I needed a glitch like this, as I’m terrible at Crucible.

Honestly, if anything bothers people about the SRL content, just remember one thing: we didn’t have to pay a dime for it!

And that’s pretty damn sweet. We got something we asked for and it wasn’t taking another $10-20 out of our pockets.

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