This Week in Sexy Games: Rainbow Mika


If there was ever a picture to be the cover image of a story…

I’m not the biggest Street Fighter fan, I played a lot of the SNES games and a little of Street Fighter IV. But when a story like Rainbow Mika’s butt slap is being “censored” for Street Fighter V, you know I had to talk about it.

Except you’ll be surprised as to what my answer is, given the other articles I’ve posted: I think censoring it was the right call.

Now before you start the hypocrite train, here’s the reason why this time it’s all right, compared to the no release of DOA Xtreme 3 in the West and other censorship of sexual content. This butt slap was front and center in the marketing material for Street Fighter V, which is a massive game to be going on sale. The last thing Capcom wants is the SJW parade to stomp all over this game before it even goes on sale. This isn’t like Xtreme 3, SFV needs to sell a bunch of copies and any negative publicity will not help that.

What a lot of people aren’t taking into consideration is that just because it’s been removed from trailers, it doesn’t mean that in the final product that the camera angle won’t revert back to locking directly on Mika’s ass again, which by the way as a huge professional wrestling fan, that outfit is so impractical to be wrestling in. But yeah, I mean the likelihood of the animation being brought back to what it was originally is low, but there’s always a chance, perhaps that was the intention of the developers, the sudden change was just to satisfy people up until the game’s release where it no longer matters if they already have you buying their game.

In the end though, is the butt slap (especially the camera angle) a bit much? I say because of her outfit, perhaps a little bit. If this was someone like Chun-Li or Sakura doing this, it probably wouldn’t be so bad. But because it’s Rainbow Mika, who in her outfit has her ass pretty much completely bare (you can’t even see fabric until you reach past her ass) so it’s almost like she’s wearing no underwear with a top and weird long socks or something.

Should it be censored? No, you have to tread a lot further to get to the line that can be crossed. But because this is promotional material that everyone can see, I understand why Capcom would make this call to change the camera angle, compared to Koei Tecmo just refusing to release DOA Xtreme 3 in the West.

So perhaps it’s gone for good, or maybe we’ll see the angle change back to its original state upon the game’s release.

Seriously though, dat ass…damn!

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