Anime Spotlight: Monster Musume


If you’d told me one of the most entertaining anime shows I’d watch this year was centered solely around monster girls, I’d be calling a mental institute that I may or may not have on speed dial specifically for a situation like this.

But who knew, the show was awesome and a ton of fun to watch! The show manages to create a number of interesting and compelling characters. And since I’m FAR more tolerant that a lot of people when it comes to race, the show makes a number of characters that I would certainly have no problem standing in the vicinity of and some I’d even hang out with on a regular basis.

Don’t know how I’d feel about Rachnera though. I don’t do spiders. No no no. Hell no!

The premise of the show is very simple. The world is now slowly starting to accept humans and monsters living together (wish they’d explain a little more in the show what it was like before all this) and the story is centered around Kimihito, who is the host family of the lamia, Miia. By the end of the series, he’s hosting far more than just the one girl he started with. And of course because it’s a harem anime (don’t act so surprised), all of them want a piece of him.

The characters throughout the series are all varied and have a bit to offer. I will admit that many of them are way too lovestruck and offer little character for most of the show. Miia saying “Darling! Darling!” over and over again eventually starts to grind your ears. Centorea also can be a little much with the extreme shifts in emotions that she has. It’s characters like Papi, Meroune and Rachnera that really solidify the main cast, they don’t change from their usual demeanor much and it really means something when they do.

And then there’s just Suu. Enough said. (NOTE: That’s the craziest image I can find of her that isn’t NSFW.)

Speaking of being not safe for work, while there’s no genitalia or nipples shown in the anime, it’s pretty much borderline hentai. The amount of innuendos, especially by camera angles (see Papi and the ice cream scene) is just ridiculous, most of it being hilariously ridiculous, others being…”whoa!”. Suu is usually behind the “whoa!” innuendos. It’s not the kind of show you’ll want to watch around judgmental people. I’ve been lucky enough that my girlfriend enjoys watching this show with me, so it’s not awkward at all. But I can definitely see how it’s off-putting for some people, I just tolerate sex far more than violence in media.

Is there a lot of story to this show? Not really. There’s points by the second half of the first season where it kind of tries to have a story, but it doesn’t really have much meaning, the show is really just a monster girl ecchi fest. The first half is introducing the majority of the cast, the second half features a little more than that, but it’s mostly character development, not a whole lot of story. It almost feels like at times this show would have been better suited as 10-15 minute shorts where they can forego a lot of the extra dialogue and feature the sexualized content that the show is clearly geared towards.

The art and animation of this show is spectacular as it would have to be in order to even grab my attention when it features half-human characters. About two-thirds of the main girls do not have a human bottom half, the exceptions being Papi (minus her feet really) and Suu, who while she’s shaped like a human, but well…she’s all slime. I believe everyone except Centorea and maybe Meroune have like half a human ass, which is weird, like they wanted to make sure the illusion of them being human, you just have to pull them out of the costume. It is kind of weird seeing human butt-crack and then giant spider carapace and legs.

The one thing that really impressed me however is M.O.N. or Monster Ops: Neutralization, the group formed to deal with monster-related crimes, as the law prevents humans from using force against monsters. All four members featured make perfect sense for their roles. Tionishia is an ogre and because of that is essentially the tank of the team. Doppel is a doppelganger so she’s perfect for stealth and spy operations. Manako is a monoeye (I still call her a Cyclops) and with her one eye, she can see long distances away, so of course she’s their sniper. Finally and my favourite, there’s Zombina-chan. Yes, she’s a zombie, so naturally she’s a great fit as the one on the front lines, as she cannot die. Though we don’t know if the bullet to the head theory applies.

Speaking of M.O.N., that’s something also the show does that not many do. They have a bunch of side characters that I’m also interested in, not just the primary cast. Zombina is easily one of them, her personality is fantastic. Of course if you read my Top 10 anime girls I’d sleep with list, you know I’m way into Smith, she’s gorgeous. Another side girl that I really enjoyed in the series is Draco, as with characters like Persona 4’s Naoto, Infinite Stratos’ Charlotte and Gundam Seed’s Cagalli, I really enjoy female characters in anime that for a time or consistently dress like a male to hide their real gender.

So if you’re interested in a series like this, which seems like very few, after all it’s an ecchi harem anime about monster girls, but if you are, it’s definitely worth checking out. Getting past the sexuality of the show, there’s a lot of entertainment to be had and a number of very interesting characters that a show of this ilk likely would not have had.

But seriously…fucking Suu, man! Geez…


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