Radical Dreamers: Walking on Walls


Yes it’s a play on the Chrono series. But the Radical Dreamers segment here on the blog page is dedicated to some of the weird, cool and downright fucked up dreams I encounter and can recall long enough to have it in written form. My imagination is pretty crazy when I’m awake, so when you mix that with the unpredictability, instability and downright “where are you pulling this shit from?!” type of moments, you get some pretty off-the-wall dreams. Speaking of walls…

This week: I had my Inception moment.

The majority of my dreams take place in skewed versions of places I know of and/or have stepped foot in. This time, it was completely unknown. I believe that a lot of what our minds pull out for dreams in terms of places, people and the like, are images that we have seen that we do not make a conscious mental note of, but instead are placed deep inside our minds. I can recall having a dream with the central character being a girl I’d never met before, but I remember her in her exact form (the clothes she wore, her hairstyle, everything was exact) that she was in from a Facebook picture where she was standing next to a friend of mine. It’s very strange, yet really cool when that happens.

This time however, the place was very unfamiliar, starting off in a dust-stormed area, unable to see beyond what’s directly in front of you. I hid inside an abandoned van with another guy who I do not know, awaiting either the storm to die or for my inevitable demise, whichever came quickest. The storm was the first to go and when we thought we were in the middle of nowhere, we realized we were in the middle of a bustling city. It gave off a Asian look to me, very much like a Hong Kong perhaps another 25-50 years in the future, the buildings while some were older, gave off a new technological feeling to them and my suspicions were only confirmed later on.

In the distance, someone I recognized was there, a teammate from my recreational co-ed soccer league, though he intended to go in a different direction so we parted ways. I find every dream there has to be at least one person, place or object you recognize, enough to make you believe what you’re in could be real. Anyways, walking down these streets, I happened to come across a giant white setup, it looked like an artistic piece, until I saw the multi-coloured footprints all over this gigantic wall piece, as if it were a trail. Then I noticed a button near my feet, so I pressed it. The noise was very low, reminding me of the sounds coming from an engine from a sci-fi vehicle. Without thinking much about it, I raised my right foot and it almost felt magnetized to the wall.

And without warning, I was drawn to the wall and I was walking on it, gravity failing to pull me down. Normally in dreams you can look back and point out the fallacies it contained, but despite the technology not existing, at least to the point where it’s just sitting out in the middle of a city street for the public to use like a fair ride, it felt 100% genuine, 100% real. I could feel the magical science going on underneath the once wall, now floor pulling my feet down on it, but not enough to render me immobile. I began to take steps along this wall, looking like a rock climber’s paradise except fuck actually doing work, I’m walking up this bitch! It was an exhilarating feeling, I rarely feel the kind of childish joy and awe in dreams like this, but I truly did feel like a kid going down a slide for the first time, just wanting to experience this moment of fun and joy over and over again.

But as dreams are, as I turned around to start walking down the wall to experience looking down at the concrete sidewalk below, it had already turned into a carpeted floor and the wall had teleported into what looked like an old-school arcade, because that’s how fast this shit happens! Once again, the images of familiar things creep up, games I can remember, Street Fighter, Daytona USA, pinball machines, keeping me in the “somehow this is real” realm of possibility. It wasn’t long till another familiar face appeared, another friend from my recreational co-ed sports, this time it was from my floor hockey team.

He told me we planned to break into a local radio station just to play our music in there. Why we would assume a radio station from an futuristic city would be carrying 90s punk music was beyond me, but I don’t get to make a lot of choices in dreams, so I went along with it. We arrived at the building and were about to break in when I realized I had no pants! My clothes had disappeared in the crazy teleportation process from the arcade to the radio station, another staple of dreams, being in your underwear or as Flanders would say, in “nothing at all”. I looked down, seeing the pair of boxer-briefs I’d worn the night before rather than what I went to sleep in, causing my self-awareness to return and my suspension of disbelief now broken, thus the dream slowly withered away and I woke up to my alarm.

Normally the dreams I can recall are usually nightmares, but once in a while I recall dreams of a very positive nature. It’s no surprise to me that this one remains fresh in my mind the morning after, I can still remember the exhilarating feeling of defying gravity, walking on that wall like I’m Criss Angel without the magic trick. It’s definitely one of the cooler dreams I can remember and only pisses me off when I think “Why the fuck can’t all my dreams be like this?!”

Cause I guess my brain likes to make up for all the horror movies and games I don’t consume. Fuck you, brain.

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