It’ll Probably Be A Little Slow The Next Few Weeks

So ’tis the holidays, thus generally speaking most companies try to shut their fucking mouths for a little while and not dig their holes any deeper. Because of that, you’ll likely see less and less articles daily till probably around mid-January when things start to move again. The weekly articles on Wed/Fri/Sun will still be going on, but there will probably be only 1 or 2 extra articles each week, nothing daily.

I could try to bullshit a daily article, but that’s not how I like to write. I don’t want anything I write to look like I’m disinterested or disingenuous. Anything that gets posted on my page is me being 110% actively engaged in the topic, as you can probably guess by how much cursing I do in a lot of my posts. But basically, I only want to post things that I’m fully onboard with myself, it makes zero sense for me as a reader to read something that looks like the author was just trying to hit a quota, so why would I do that as the writer?

So don’t worry if I vanish for a couple days (which because of the weeklies, it’d only be Monday/Tuesday), I’m still here and ready for the next piece of idiotic or awesome news to hit.

So enjoy your time during the holidays, thanks for reading my stuff this year! While the viewership isn’t anything to talk highly about, it’s been making progress faster than I anticipated, I figured I’d have 10 views a month still, but that is not the case. The first month of November totalled 131 views, this month we’ve doubled it (sitting at 268 as I’m writing this) and we’ve still got a week to go. That’s awesome guys, thank you so much for reading and a double thank you for following the page.

Cheers, happy holidays and enjoy the new year!

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