Merry Christmas!


It’s 7am here in Canada and there isn’t a touch of snow on the ground, hell it’s only tried to snow once really and that shit lasted as long as my patience when listening to a Donald Trump speech.

But you know what else it is right now? CHRISTMAS! So I thought I’d give a quick thought about Christmas as a whole and how it’s treated today, at least where I am in the world.

Now if you’re familiar with me you’ll know this already, but to those who don’t, I am an atheist. So when it comes to celebrating Christmas, I ignore any and all religious value to the holiday and granted I more or less am ignorant of what they even are now, I don’t make much effort to learn and/or retain the knowledge of what the average Christian family believes Christmas is all about. To me, the holiday is just a time for family to get together, share a delicious home-cooked meal together, exchange gifts and spend time with each other that they would normally never put the effort into doing on any other day.

Yet for some real assholes out there, they feel it’s their right and their “duty” to try and stop those from celebrating Christmas because they’re not celebrating the same religious values that these jackasses celebrate. And because these people are so braindead, they fail to see that every year more and more people who celebrate Christmas don’t really mix religion into it. It’s the same thing when people were trying to get schools to stop calling it Halloween and instead Black & Orange Day (because that’s the most important part of Halloween, not the free candy and costumes, no…), because it’s “sacrilegious” to their own religion. So let me make this simple for those people: Fuck you and your abuse of freedom of religion. You have the freedom to practice your own religious values, but make no mistake, you are NOT free to force people to stop celebrating theirs. By all means you can say Christianity shouldn’t exist, but in return I will use my freedom to call you out on it and insult the fuck out of you.

Now granted, as an atheist I’d honestly prefer religion not existing, but really is it any of my business what people practice? Of course not! So I swallow the bitter pill and let people do what they want, why can’t these idiotic people do the same? Ignoring things is not that hard. At the end of the day, as long as people don’t shove it in your face (having Christmas decorations in their yard is NOT shoving it in your face) who gives a fuck? If a store chain wants to celebrate Christmas and put up banners, that’s their right to do and that shouldn’t be bothering you. If a banner that says Merry Christmas bothers you, grow the fuck up and stop being a whiny child about everything you don’t like, don’t lie and say you’re offended by it, you’re really not, I’m not falling for it, you just don’t like it and that doesn’t sound as good as you’re offended by it. So keep your fucking mouth shut and deal with it, because I’m an atheist I have to put up with everyone’s religious shit, so if I can tolerate ALL OF IT, you can tolerate whatever isn’t yours.

But anyways now that I’m done ranting, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and to those who don’t celebrate Christmas and do something else instead, enjoy whatever holiday you’re celebrating with your family and have yourself a wonderful remainder of 2015!

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