Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister (1945-2015)


Fucking shit, couldn’t end the year without one more super depressing death, could we?

Lemmy, widely known as the singer/bassist of the band Motorhead passed away tonight at the age of 70, a long life all things considered, especially with the amount of alcohol and drugs he’s consumed over his entire lifetime.

I’m not the biggest Motorhead fan in the world, but goddamn did I love the music when I did listen to it and you have to give the man props for what he’s done for the music industry, regardless of how very few people actually talk about it. As a singer, he showed the entire world that you don’t need a great voice to be successful, just leave it all out there for the crowd to hear and enjoy. The lyrics he would write as well perfectly encapsulates his character and matches his voice as well. Of course, the sound from his Rickenbacker bass just adds onto it, showing bass players all around the world that sometimes, bass guitar can be lead guitar as well. The crazy loud, distorted sound of his bass in a song like Ace of Spades just resonates with me, it’s badass on a level that very few times can be replicated and may never be replicated again.

A sad end to the year, may this rock god rest in peace.

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