This Week in Sexy Games: Dragon’s Crown


Another game where the cover photo is just too perfect for the subject matter…

I’ve never played Dragon’s Crown, but that certainly doesn’t mean I can’t talk about the sexual nature of the game’s artwork. The art design of this game is simply beautiful, no matter how you look at it, no matter how hard you try to bash it, you can’t not think it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s more or less a matter of really one character’s design: The Sorceress (see above, not like you can miss it).

However let’s go through the other two playable female characters. The Amazon is the most insane one of all (even the figure is insane) and regardless of the fact that she’s wearing next to nothing, easily the least of the three playable women, she’s just absolutely unattractive (at least to me, obviously there are people into this and there’s nothing wrong with that) even with her massive breasts nearly popping out of that bikini top and her ass in full view with that thong on.

On the other hand, the Elf is far more reserved and is designed beautifully (albeit she looks like her legs are far longer than the rest of her body). She’s petite looking, possibly flat-chested, clearly not designed to be overly-sexual, unlike the other two (cause regardless of her design, the Amazon is in a skimpy bikini). She’s pretty, not sexy. Even with the thigh-high boots, usually that leads up to a far sexier end at her hips, but she’s wearing a while short, not revealing at all pair of shorts. Her cloak and top reveal nothing either.

So it really comes down to the Sorceress, which was the topic of a lot of feminist rallying that happened before and upon the game’s release. Obviously the majority (if not all) of the controversy was on this character’s gigantic tits and the jiggling they do in the game’s animations. Which once again, would be understandable if not for a couple of simple facts.

One, the entire art design for the game, especially the character designs are greatly over-exaggerated, they’re unique compared to every other game out there, I’ve never seen a game before and after Dragon’s Crown that looks remotely close to what the art of this game offers. The Sorceress has overly large breasts that very few women have, especially matched with the body type of this character as well. The Amazon is overly muscular to the point it looks like her muscles have edges to them or her bones are sticking out of her skin. On the male side, the Fighter and Dwarf are also over-exaggerated as well, so it’s not just the women. The Wizard and the Elf are really the only two that look semi-normal, at least in comparison of the other four mentioned already.

And two, which of course I have to keep reminding people of: None of these characters are real or real representations of real-life human beings. They are fictional characters in a fantasy world, don’t tell me you don’t think that at any point in a life of someone attracted to women (because feminists seem to forget there are women who like sexy looking women as well) fantasizes about a women with larger than normal breasts (anime’s a good escape for that too, see Queen’s Blade for example). The same goes for those attracted to men, do you think they only fantasize about men packing 4-5 inches? Of course people fantasize about foot-longs too! It’s completely normal and they can all tell the difference between what’s normal and what they fantasize. Hell, some people dream specifically about girls with flat chests, but we don’t talk about how that’s offensive to girls who have breasts, so why’s it okay to talk about the opposite?

I’ve never really wanted to try out the game, it didn’t seem up my alley, but there’s definitely a strange beauty to the artwork and obviously with the “sexual controversy” behind the game, it was worth taking a brief look into. Once again, this game was another case of SJWs and people who get offended over the wind brushing against them. And I’m more than happy to point out the stupidity behind their complaints.

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