Anime Spotlight: FLCL


I’m not going to pretend like I know everything about this anime. I’ve watched this 6-episode epic so many times and I’m still left with unanswered questions due to the pure insanity of this series. But at the end of the day, I can answer one question that really puts this anime near the top of my all-time list:

What’s the craziest, nonsensical, over-the-fucking-top anime I’ve ever watched? FLC-fucking-L!

If you ever happen to stumble across this show or actually plan to watch it, you have to go in open to anything and everything, because FLCL will throw everything at you including the kitchen sink. Other than the usual tropes of anime in terms of sexual content, this show draws zero lines as to what it will throw into the melding pot of its world and storyline. You won’t get tons of jiggly-breast ecchi scenes, but you’ll get a robot pulling itself out of a giant unrealistic bump on a young boy’s head. You won’t get tons of panty shots, but you’ll get a massively immature off-the-wall crazy pink-haired alien female who rides an obnoxious yellow Vespa and bashes the fuck out of people with a bass guitar.

Yeah, I’m not even scratching the surface at this point.

FLCL is one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched, as I’m in to off-the-wall crazy shit that I either cannot explain or just makes me go “WTF!!!” over and over. The art style allows the show to concoct some of the cheesiest facial expressions (especially on Haruka) and some of the weirdest movements (Haruka’s…weird driving on her knees…thing after destroying Naota) you’ve ever seen without breaking the consistency of the show. Everything belongs and it constantly tries to up the ante over and over again and other than making you “WTF?!” for the umpteenth time, you don’t really bat an eyelash at it. You don’t question FLCL, you just accept what it throws at you.

The characters themselves aren’t all that memorable, except for Haruka. Naota, Mamimi, Ninamori, they’re all relatively normal (for FLCL anyway) anime characters, it’s Haruka and what she brings with her that flips everything upside down. Whether in Japanese or English (I love her English voice far more), she is the star of this show by a landslide. Her personality and antics shine in the show, anytime she’s on screen brings the potential of making your sides hurt. And she’s also not that hard on the eyes either.

The story again is not worth trying to understand, at least on your first viewing of the show. There’s so much going on and it comes at you so fast, you’ll get lost trying to put things together. I feel that you’re not meant to connect the dots in this show, your meant to just sit back and brace yourself for the oncoming barrage of pure insanity.

So yeah, that’s FLCL. Like I said, I could try to explain it as best I can, but I will likely confuse you further. If you’re into crazy anime shit though, this is for you and you’ll love every moment of it. At the very least, watch the first episode and see if you can handle it. If you can, you may never laugh so hard. I’m still waiting to encounter such a show.

Shimoneta almost made it. And that show had more sexual innuendos than you could shake a stick at (pun intended).

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