Top 10 Guns in Destiny (Personal Favourites)


One of the first Exotic guns I ever got, I’d heard time and time again how amazing this gun was, so I was waiting very patiently for it to arrive. Thankfully I got it earlier than others and I had an absolute blast using this gun. Easily the best solar primary weapon, the Mythoclast looks great and fires like a goddamn fireball whipping gatling gun. It makes me sad there’s no point in using this amazing weapon anymore.


I love me some scout rifles, so an Exotic scout rifle that increases my speed/agility and fires faster than you can think, sign me the fuck up! While it’s a little excessive in the game’s current meta, the gun itself is a hallmark of the series, one of the better guns in the entire game. The name however, a little shit.


When I heard about this gun, I wanted it ASAP. A heavy machine gun that fires arc damage (something I didn’t have a strong supply of in the heavy weapons department) AND shoots through Knights’ shields?! That’s something I’d been wanting for ages, so when The Dark Below came out, you bet your ass I wanted to get my hands on this lovely piece for a while. It was pretty much my heavy weapon the entire time between then and House of Wolves (minus Gjallarhorn time).


A powerful shotgun. Regenerating ammo. Yeah, that’s a recipe for a fucking awesome gun. The close-range version of the Ice Breaker, the Invective was a staple in my lineup whenever I wanted to get close and personal in PvE play without having to worry about ammo. Now it’s even more useful for shotgunners in PvP since special ammo is in shorter supply, so it’s even better for those people as well.


If machine guns weren’t so useful in PvP and rocket launchers weren’t so useful in PvE raids, I would be using swords all the time in the heavy slot. Ever since adding them into the Taken King expansion, I’ve used my Sol Edge (don’t really use the Exotic swords much) as much as I possibly can. It’s powerful as hell, can clear out a room single-handedly and I can even still hit people with it when the ammo runs out.


This is the gun that made this shitty Crucible player into a threat. And I’m not even convinced it’s because the gun is OP, I legitimately think the gun is good enough to stand on its own but what it also did was force me to change my play to accommodate the changes, as I’m usually a scout rifle player. The gun melts people if they can’t finish you off quick and when the vendor version of it was this good, some of the rolls I’ve seen people get with this gun are just not fair (for everyone else).


The legend. The icon. The tried and true. The Gjallarhorn. The weapon that I came to call the “Get out of jail free card”, it’s a rocket launcher that essentially cleans out everything it falls into and if it survives, the rockets that shoot out after impact will certainly finish them off. It tracks its enemies, breaks into extra rockets after impact and they also track their targets. That’s a pure beast right there!


Another long-time staple in my collection, this Vault of Glass hand cannon was in my possession all the way until Taken King made it obsolete. A bitch of a hand cannon for PvE enemies, it fires like a dream and deals damage to arguably the most important enemies in the game that needs those shields taken down (except for Vex Minotaurs, the bitches). This gun is the reason I hate that Bungie doesn’t want to make anymore elemental primaries.


My favourite gun of the new expansion, the No Time To Explain is a pulse rifle that I can use in any PvE activity without worrying about ammo. People would argue Bad Juju, but I love this gun’s firing rate and accuracy so much that I put it way ahead of Bad Juju. I also love the sound and look of the gun, while Juju looks like Hive poop. NTTE is not poop, it’s THE SHIT!!!


This was the easiest #1 I’ve had to pick so far. How can I not pick the gun that essentially made so many parts of the games so much easier. I solo’d impossible Nightfalls because of this weapon. A regenerating sniper rifle, this gun allows you to be far enough away for enemies to not shoot you, but you can blast their heads off and never run out of ammo. How can you not have this gun at the top of the list? Everything about it is amazing. It’s a damn shame Bungie will never bring it back (they haven’t said it flat out, but you know they won’t) because of what it is, an unfair gun in PvE.

So what are your favourite guns in Destiny? We probably share a similar list, but for the guns you like that aren’t on the list, be sure to put your top 10 in the comments below!

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