This Week in Sexy Games: Soul Calibur

(left to right) Talim, Ivy, Xianghua, Taki – PSM’s Swimsuit Girls of Summer Issue

The picture I used at the cover image for this article has not left my mind since I first saw the (I believe) 2005 issue of PlayStation Magazine’s annual Swimsuit Girls of Summer. It’s probably the best piece of art to come from those issues in my opinion. Y’know, being in my mid-teens when it came out, it was perfect timing given how puberty works, the artwork turned even Talim, who’s normally just a cute girl into a goddamn sexy goddess.

But enough about artwork drawn for a magazine issue dedicated to making already hot video game characters even hotter, let’s talk about the actual Soul Calibur series itself.

So normally I’d talk about sexy moments in the game, but since it’s a fighting game that never really involves an in-depth story with cutscenes that could portray such situations, instead I’m just going to go through the list of female characters that fall into this category. Also, they’re only going to be ones I’ve seen, so some of the brand new ones like Pyrrha and Viola won’t be included in this.

Ivy Valentine

Ivy is of course the poster girl for the sexuality of the Soul series. She has a massive rack, one that I cannot believe even stays in her tight outfits, not to mention doesn’t make fighting nearly impossible for her. And while her chest is extremely easy to be the main distraction, she also wears next to nothing to cover her ass as well, usually amounting to a thong’s worth of fabric. Personally, pretty much nothing about her makes her attractive to me because I’m not at all a fan of oversized breasts, but I can understand why to the average male gamer she’s a bit of a sex symbol.

Cassandra & Sophitia Alexander

Another example where the girls have larger than normal breasts, although they’re not as over the top as Ivy’s. A lot of guys really like Sophitia, likely due to how bad a job her outfit is doing holding her breasts. Like Ivy, I’m not really into Sophitia at all, but her younger sister Cassandra is another story. While still very sexualized, Cassandra’s outfit isn’t nearly as blatant in trying to expose her body. She also comes off even tougher than her older sister, I don’t know if I can necessarily call her a tomboy, but some of the traits are there to me. She’s not at the top of my list in the series, but there’s enough going on with her that she at least can grab my attention, while her sister just doesn’t do anything for me.


A lot of the girls in this series are super sexualized in terms of their outfits and Taki is probably second to Ivy in this regard. With the tightest possible outfit (I swear one size smaller and she’d be suffocating) that somehow can hold her massive breasts without ripping open, Taki for all the badassery that is her ninjutsu background can be hard to take seriously given that you can almost see her nipples in-game. Not saying she’s not pretty, but Taki, at least try to maybe wear a bra or something!


Tira is my jam, man. She’s very sexualized as well, there’s no doubt about it. But she adds something that wins it for me: She’s fucking crazy! I don’t know what it is but in fictional media if you give me the same two girls, one is the overly cute girl, but the other is off her ass crazy, I’ll pick the crazy one. I think it’s large in part due to how Tira just shines whenever she speaks, her mannerisms are so unique, you can’t help but notice her, which only makes it harder to look away given how beautiful she is. If only she’d not just immediately try to spill my guts all over the floor if I’d get remotely near her.


The first game in the series I ever played was Soul Calibur II and Talim easily ran away with my best girl opinions (until of course the sequel came out and Tira appeared). She’s one of the least sexualized characters in the series, which is an automatic plus. She isn’t made to be sexy, she’s pretty. It also helps that she doesn’t have nearly the massive tits that the majority of the girls in the series have. She seems like a total sweetheart, the kind of girl you could see yourself in a relationship with. Well, if she wasn’t constantly fighting and if you were living in the 1500s.

Amy Sorel

It’s the hair. Redhead and the crazy swirly pigtails. How can I not be interested? She’s also not designed as overly exaggerated as some of the girls previously mentioned, she has a small chest (which makes it surprising that top just doesn’t slide off), a slender frame and just gives off that adorable look to her. Although the overdoing of the flowers on her costume is a bit much, I know it fits the background she has, but man is that flower overkill.


Another case of a girl not too overly sexualized, but full credit to Xianghua, as the many designs of her in-game and especially the official artwork for her, she in my opinion has the nicest butt of all the girls in the series, regardless of how tight Taki makes her outfit. Another case like Talim where you get the vibe from Xianghua that if you removed the fighting, she’d be a real lovely woman to be around. And she’s pretty much perfect in terms of sizing for me, her chest isn’t too small, or too big. If I didn’t have such an affection for Tira’s crazy ass, she’d probably be much higher on the totem pole.

Seung Mina

You wanna talk about someone wearing almost as little as they can get  away with, Seung Mina is one of those characters. Her outfits (especially the one pictured here) can be a little off to me. Some of them are fine, but some can be a little to revealing for what I feel her character is. You pretty much move an inch with her and that skirt floats up enough to see the white panties she has on underneath. Regardless though, she is a very beautiful character and as a straight male, whether I agree with the choice of outfits for her or not, it’s hard not to stare still.


I don’t like her at all to be completely honest. I think she’s very unattractive, especially when you add that makeup that I am aware is meant to make her look more menacing to her enemies. But there’s really nothing about her that remotely grabs my attention. I don’t care for the cleavage, her hairstyle doesn’t do anything for me, the outfits are a little much, there’s just nothing interesting about her to me.

That’s the list of female characters I’ve actually spent some time playing either with or against throughout the series. I really would’ve loved to comment on Hilde, because I know she’s a real awesome girl, but I barely played 4 and 5 at all so I can’t really saying anything on the topic of her.

I think when it comes to fighting games in terms of ones who’ve made the jump to 3D, the Soul series has the best girls in terms of attractiveness. I know that might sound surprising given there’s Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and more, but for me this series is the best of all the 3D games.



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