Quickie: Want a Life-Sized Anime Girl Statue?

Have you ever thought “Y’know what? These foot-high figurines are cool, but man! It would be awesome to have an anime girl figurine that’s about my size!”? Then Japan’s got you covered.

While surfing on Kotaku this morning, I came across this figure that Aniplex is currently selling. It’s a life-sized statue of Megumi Kato from last year’s show Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend. There will only be 10 of them produced and the price for them? A whopping 1.98 million yen (or about $16,866 US), but don’t worry, it includes taxes and delivery!


Now for me personally, while I’m pleasantly surprised that of all characters chosen for this, it’s a character from Saekano, one of my favourite shows from last year, it’s still a weird character choice, at least in terms of popularity. With Aniplex being the ones behind this, I could see far others shows selected over Saekano, such as Anohana, Charlotte, Fate/Stay Night, Gurren Lagann, Sword Art Online and fucking Naruto (as much as I despise that show, honestly) of all shows.

But not only did they choose Saekano, but they specifically chose Megumi Kato, who honestly is a very plain character compared to the others, Eriri, Utaha and Michiru. But then again, it makes sense in the grand scheme of things. If you’re going to have a life-sized statue of any anime girl (assuming the ones buying these statues are super-hardcore otakus), it makes sense you’d buy one of a girl that’s as close to a real-life girl you can get. So that’s a thing going on in Japan right now.

If they’re modeled well, those figures’ breasts and butts are gonna be getting grabbed a lot, I bet…


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