Top 10 Fighting Games

I love fighting games. I’m shit at them, but I love ’em! So this week’s top 10 is going to be all about fighters!

Now the rules are very simple. Since I’d have several Guilty Gear games on this list, it’ll be one game per franchise. That is all, so let’s get crackin’!


When you take the solid battle system of the recent Mortal Kombat reboot and apply it to the DC universe, you’ve already got a lot of people paying very close attention to what you’ve got. But a phenomenally good story mode, a vast list of playable characters are also contained in this game?! Yeah, you’ve got a solid effort there. And it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to a good superhero fighting game to rival the Marvel vs Capcom series.


You can tell I haven’t played a lot of King of Fighters games when Maximum Impact is not far off the list of KoF games I would’ve picked. But ’98 is a solid game, for as much as I remember of it. I can tell you right away who I fought with all the time, either Iori, Ryo, or Mai (of course). The King of Fighters series is probably one I should take a look at again, I remember watching the newest one being played at Evo at it looked fantastic, so I’ve definitely gotta get into that.


I tried to find a decent picture of the logo, but this is the best I could come up with, shocking isn’t it? Aside from that, I really enjoyed Dead or Alive 2, long before I was really aware of the over-sexualization of the girls (not that I wasn’t looking then). I don’t think I ever played the original version, but rather the version that came in Dead or Alive Ultimate on the original Xbox. While people love to slut shame the Dead or Alive series, you can’t deny just how solid the gameplay is. But I will admit, I totally played schoolgirl Ayane, whipping everyone’s asses.


As awesome as this game still is, fuck this game! I’m so bad at this game that to this very day I still haven’t beaten Shao Kahn, 100% truth. Holy fuck this game kicks my ass and I know it’s not that hard! Anyways, tremendous roster, probably the best roster the series ever had (if you don’t count Mortal Kombat Trilogy or Armageddon) and one of the most memorable old-school fighting games out there. But still…fuck you Shao Kahn!


You know a game must be really good when it’s had two more iterations since, both super good, but when it comes to major eSports tournaments related to the Super Smash Bros franchise, they still pick Melee above the others. And for good reason, this game is easily the best SSB game there is. It pains me to admit that, cause there’s so many characters I wouldn’t be able to play, but it’s that good. Another game I wasn’t super good at (cause I’m a game behind before I can be a dick with Sonic), but no matter how badly I’d get my ass kicked, it was fun playing with friends. And it still is.


I want to put this game so much higher cause that’s how much I love the Persona series right now. But alas the #5 spot is the spot for this game. A bigger roster than the previous game, adding in the remaining Persona 3 characters that didn’t appear the first time, though the addition of Rise as a fighter was not very welcome from me, she never fought once before this game. But anything made by Arc System Works is fucking fantastic and when you mix that with my favourite series right now, you’ve got a match made in heaven. It looks great, plays great and the story mode is super good, if you can handle visual novels of course.


Okay, okay, okay, okay! I know what you’re thinking. Adam! Why the fuck didn’t you pick Soul Calibur II?! FUCKING LINK, MAN!!! And I get it, I understand. But the third game introduced Tira and I’m sorry, but no fairy boy is going to trump the crazy blue-haired ring blade toting crazy bitch who I am totally not be biased about whatsoever. But I do honestly feel like this game improved upon the already solid Soul Calibur II and made it even better. I love this game Tira!


A legendary game with a legendary roster. You may never in video games find a more varied, all over the place level of roster with some of the best names in the Marvel universe and some of the best names in all of Capcom’s library. And you take this crazy large roster, give them all very balanced and cool movesets and the gameplay is super solid?! Sweet mother of mystery, give us a chance to collect our jaws up off the floor! This is one of those games that will life on in infamy for a long time, given what it represents in the fighting game chronicles of history. Because being able to kick Hulk’s ass with B.B. Hood is hilarious.


The sheer number of times I played this game as a kid on my Super Nintendo, holy shit. It’s also the first fighting game I actually managed to beat the final boss in and that’s a big deal to me. You wanna talk about legendary games from the past, this is THE legendary old-school fighting game. Kicked a lot of ass with Cammy (while she showed hers off) and thought nothing of T.Hawk’s stereotypical character. Also slapped the shit out of people as E.Honda. Fuck yeah!


I will fully admit there is clear bias with this game. It’s not the best fighting game by any means, but it’s easily my favourite. It’s got my favourite art style, my favourite soundtrack and for fuck’s sake you can play as a tiny Japanese girl who fights with an anchor and summons dolphins out of nowhere and fight a large-breasted woman who fights with a guitar, all this while heavy metal is blasting in the background. That’s something you can do in Guilty Gear, you tell me what about that isn’t awesome?! That’s right, you can’t think of a good reason! So that’s why Guilty Gear is my #1 fighting game of all-time.

Heaven or hell…LET’S ROCK!!!

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