Quickie: I Don’t Even Like Football, but Packers/Cardinals was Awesome!


I’m not a fan of American football, I cannot stand the NFL. I’m sick and tired of hearing about Tom Brady and the Patriots. I’m sick and tired of hearing about all the idiotic players who either shoot themselves in the leg at a club, beat their wives, or put on a wig, fake mustache and call himself Billy. Okay, that last one is fucking hilarious I’ll give it that.

But throughout my disdain and hatred for the NFL, I have to admit the final moments of the fourth quarter and overtime of the Green Bay Packers/Arizona Cardinals game Saturday night was pretty awesome.

I was at a birthday party for my best buddy Vishal (insert cheap plug for him here. Cheers, buddy!) and there were a bunch of us there, some were watching the game in the background. When Arizona pulled ahead with just under 4 minutes left, that’s when people started half-ass paying attention. When the last play started, there was a $20 bet on the table and to hear the reactions when the catch was made, you couldn’t hear shit for the next 15 seconds, it was incredible. Lucky, but incredible.

And to watch Arizona just win it as fast as they did in overtime, it was hysterical. If I had a horse in that race (which as a non-NFL fan, I don’t), it would’ve been Arizona anyways, since I can’t stand teams who win consistently for a long period of time (see the New England Patriots). You could say I wouldn’t say that if my favourite teams did that and I’d argue otherwise. The chase is always better than the reign and let’s be honest…the Toronto Maple Leafs are never winning consistently. We’ll be lucky if we ever see another Stanley Cup, let along a streak of ’em!

But yeah, for a brief moment Saturday night, I actually had fun watching a football game. Now it’s obviously because there were a ton of people invested as well, I can’t imagine I’d be this enthusiastic if I was watching it alone (which wouldn’t happen anyway) or with one other person.

But regardless, congrats to the Arizona Cardinals, we’ll see if the magic keeps going when they face Carolina. Not that I’ll be paying attention, mind you.

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