[NSFW] Anime Spotlight: Highschool of the Dead

(left to right) Rei, Saya, Saeko

This anime is purely and simply a fan service anime that just happens to have zombies, let’s make no questions about that. There is a high amount of focus on butt and boob shots, lots of jiggling around and plenty of moments where clothes are either ripped, or taken off completely.

Yet at the same time, the show manages to at the very least be very entertaining outside of the tons of sexual content and even has moments that are pretty decent depictions of what would probably be going on emotionally to people in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

But that’s not as important as the anime will remind you constantly, so let’s stop being so depressing and go onto what you really wanna talk about: BEWBS!!!

Saeko Busujima

Every girl in the main cast (except for Alice, who’s only 7) not only has breasts, but all of them have at least Ds, Shizuka having an unfathomable size that makes you wonder how she can possibly stand up straight. But they’re all designed to be sex fantasies, there’s no mistake. Large breasts, big butts, super thin and in a constant stand of undress for at least half the entire series. And other than Shizuka (cause she’s just too much, both in her flaky mind and her bust), I can fully admit they’re all super attractive, albeit personality-wise none of them are really winning any points me with me. Not that the show intends to be a waifu finding show, I’m willing to bet, it’s all about sexy fantasies here.

Takashi and Rei

Rei is probably my least favourite of the three girls that I do think are attractive. It mostly has to due with her bitch attitude that she carries the entirety of the show. I mean I get it, she’s really fucked up from losing her boyfriend, probably her father (as it’s never found out, we just assume that mostly everyone’s dead) and the situation entirely. She’s clearly got a lot of issues going on and out of the three, she handles it the worst. However that’s not to say she semi-makes up for it with her looks. She easily has the sexiest outfit during the apartment sleepover section of the show (cause Shizuka being naked and Saeko basically wearing a bikini thong doesn’t count) with her pink tanktop and white panties. Despite her perfect figure, she comes off sort of like a normal level of pure beauty, I guess is the best way to put it. She’s not wearing something overly sexual, nor is she wearing something so over the top that you know no one would ever wear without being paid to do it. Though her swimsuit in the OVA is another story, well let’s be honest, they all were.

Saeko spending far too long looking for something in the fridge

Saeko’s number two between the three. She’d probably be number one if she wasn’t so hyper-sexualized in a thong most of the anime (I like to use my imagination once in a while!). But she is clearly the star of the show, she kicks all kind of ass. She’s like Woody Harrelson’s character in Zombieland minus the Twinkies and replace a badass guy with a badass girl in an apron and a thong. We don’t really ever know much about her, other than after fighting off a man with her sword years ago, she developed a sadistic side to her, loving the chance to just swing away. So when the zombie apocalypse comes a’knockin’, you know she was just salivating at the opportunity to bash some heads in. Other than Shizuka, she’s definitely the one who’s sexed up the most. She wears the skimpiest clothes and since she’s the center of attention with her sword skills, you know she’s getting the majority of “butt kill shots” and “boob kill shots” over everyone else. Regardless though, I still half ass like her, I do like the crazy ones and she’s the silent crazy type. Surprisingly though, she had the more tame swimsuit in the OVA. How it wasn’t a thong, I’ll never know.

Saya Takagi

Saya is easily my favourite of all the girls in Highschool of the Dead. She’s the intelligence of the group, often being the reason they escape certain death and that’s always a plus. But in terms of her looks, regardless that she’s portrayed as the smart girl, she’s given equal attention to her looks, rivaling even Saeko, who’s an absolute bombshell. And minus the swimsuit she has on in the OVA, she always had the better outfits, usually because they weren’t so over the top like Saeko being in a thong as much as she is. And come on, she has pink hair! It’s so cheesy kawaii desu! Her personality at times can be a little questionable at best, she’s very bossy, but then again when you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you kinda need someone taking control and telling everyone what to do, so I’ll let it slide. The times she’s calmed down, I’ve found her very nice, someone you could definitely hang around once you’re close to her. The only downside is she absolutely hates it when people don’t look her in the eye. I have to admit, with the body she has, that won’t be an easy task.

Shizuka Marikawa

I really do not like Shizuka. There’s a lot of reasons behind that, but the main two has to do with her airhead personality and her massive chest that is just way too much. She’s almost shoehorned in as the school nurse, because of course the nurse has to be super sexy. And while she does have a pretty decent medical mind, it’s completely nulled and voided through her total ditzy demeanor. Some of the just purely stupid things she says (usually having to do with her breasts) just completely destroys any idea that this woman is truly that intelligent. It’s like half her brain is medical knowledge, while the other half is worried about her chest. Being that she’s only 27 too, while she attempts to try and be the “adult” of the group, she doesn’t exactly do that great a job. She’s just as frantic as everyone else and when she spends the majority of the anime either naked or one false step from her top exploding, the only use of the word “adult” to describe her carries and 18 and over warning label.

Takashi Komuro

A side note here. When I’ve talked about those who hate on the over-sexualisation of female characters, I talked about how a good way to start honestly would be to once in a while have the male characters show off a little too. The OVA for Highschool of the Dead does just that and in spades. Takashi is in almost the skimpiest possible swimwear, he even gets a good butt shot in there too. It just shows that the show is definitely meant to be of a purely sexual nature and not only that, but no one (that isn’t a child like Alice) is safe from being either naked or damn near close.

The best GIF to describe a show I’ve ever seen

While the show itself is beyond super sexualized, the action sequences are pretty awesome in their own right (while still maintaining equal sexiness). Every strike has impact, every shot counts and they’re given enough attention to show just how badass these sexy characters (except Kohta, unless that’s your thing of course) can be. It’s almost as if the show has two switches: Sexy, or Sexy Violence. And both are extremely entertaining to those into that sort of thing.

And as I’ve said a thousand times already, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Saya & Rei

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