Week #3 – Winter Anime 2016

Week number three is upon us with the Winter anime season. We had a few more dropped from the list for multiple reasons and now we only have one show left On Notice, perhaps this is the last week until we have our consistent list for the season?

A reminder. One, I don’t watch everything, so bear with me, I try to watch as much as I can. I also don’t watch a show that’s already started if I haven’t watched the initial season(s) before it. And two, you’ll notice a few things next to the ratings I give to each show. Only one can be the Best of the Week, while there are two notable statuses to give the rest. If I put a show “On Notice” it means the next show has to impress or I will drop it. If a show is in “Dropped” status, regardless of how much better it is afterwards, I will not review the series again. I may watch it on my own time (though I’ve never watched something I intended to drop after), but it will no longer be covered here. This can be for a multitude of reasons, ranging from it being too confusing, not my cup of tea, or straight up pissing me off.

So! Let’s hop to it!

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across The Blue

It’s weird seeing Reina who Asuka beat in the first episode now training her, but the two schools have their joint training camp. Oh and we finally see Rika with clothes on, who knew that was a thing? ANIME CLICHE #2, BATH TIME!!! Misaki’s the clear winner here, though it’s an easy competition when the majority of the girls are completely hidden, though Madoka has a brief moment where she could’ve had something there. Masaya meets his potential rival in Kazunari, who’s the Takafuji captain. It’s clear Masaya not only used to play FC, but was great at it, Kazunari admitting his goal is to beat him (though not directly saying it). The final day of camp arrives where practice matches are being held. Asuka will face Rika, Mashiro’s got Reina and the lovely Misaki (who’s wearing her junior high suit and is tighter than a knot on her) gets to play Masaya’s rival in Kazunari. He approaches Asuka and only Asuka, which really pisses off Misaki. Once again, Asuka is beyond outmatched, though after a few rounds she’s starting to adjust and manages a point off another air-kick turn, like Reina, but loses 6-1. Reina destroys Mashiro 20-0. Kazunari continues to piss Misaki off before the match. Even as an all-rounder, he’s stupid fast. He absolutely demolishes Misaki, basically toying with her. So she basically decides to be a pain in his ass, which also doesn’t work anyway, though she does manage to get a point on him, in the end losing 4-1. Madoka notes on the way home that Rika’s not upset about the changing incidents, which makes me believe it’s happening again, but the episode streak is broken as it doesn’t happen this week. Another fun episode and a sexy flair on top of that. Zero complaints from me.

Episode Score – 5/5


I heard a great comparison on the CrunchyCast recently. They compared Bubuki Buranki to a little bit of RWBY, which now that I think about it makes perfect sense, especially with the pistol-wielding guy we’ve seen so far. Anyways, onto this week’s show. We see a little bit of what actually happened ten years ago that caused Azuma’s mother to be blamed. In reality, Reoko murdered all the Buranki that crash landed in the city and began her reign of terror. The group find help in the slightly sultry Horino, who seems to be like their guardian in a sense. The longer this series goes on, the more and more I really like Kinoa. We also learn that Azuma’s mother defeated Reoko once before, which makes this red-haired vixen who looks like she’s in her early 20s far older than we think, specifically mentioning that this war between her and Migiwa started 24 years ago. So Reoko has to be nearly 40, if not older, right? Once again, Hiiragi goes full-on douchebag and questions Azuma for why his mother “failed” ten years ago, to which he admits it was his fault but won’t disclose why, though we all know since we saw it in Episode 1. The two of them go at it, to which we discover their weapons will not kill each other since they’re all part of Oubu. INSERT ANIME CLICHE #2, THE BATH SCENE!!! It’s also weird that the only girl we actually see anything of is Kogane, who let’s be honest, looks very much like a child still. Hell, we see more Hiiragi than the other girls. Shuusaku returns to pistol-whip the shit out of the group, to which Kogane absolutely fucking snaps. Too bad though as the episode ends. Another okay episode, but man Hiiragi makes it difficult to withstand sometimes. If he’s supposed to unlikable, that’s fine, but fucking keep him down a little more, I’m getting sick and tired of his bullshit.

Episode Score – 3/5

Dagashi Kashi

After Hotaru’s extensive showing of pork broth dagashi (and nearly ruining everything in the store due to making the place so hot, it’s time for everyone’s favourite anime cliche: THE SWIMSUIT EPISODE!!! Saya comes out to a resounding “Meh.”, as school swimsuits do that. Hotaru isn’t much better, other than her bust size, so it’s a bit of a disappointment. You might ask me why, the show’s more of a comedy. But as we’ve seen so far, the show has a ton of sexual innuendo. After a number of failed attempts again at getting Kokonotsu to run the shop, Hotaru ends up having some girl time with Saya at the cafe while Tou and Hotaru are chilling at the shop. This episode had a few good jokes, but this was definitely the weakest one so far. And yes, the boring one-color one-piece swimsuits were a part of it. How Hotaru wasn’t wearing something bonkers is beyond me.

Episode Score – 3.5/5

Dimension W 

Last week’s Show of the Week returns! We start off with Mira buying the trailer outside of the gas station with the money they earned from the last job. She enjoys having a home of her own now, though without a bathroom, the door’s still open to her being caught with her pants down, literally. Some kids are trying to infiltrate the property and in the process nearly get killed by the car wreckage pile. In the meantime, we get a little background on the “Numbers” coils, coils that reach extremely deep into Dimension W, generating more power than most can handle, such as the crazy disfiguration of the museum curator last week. Returning home after being pulled in by the police after the accident, we discover Mira sustained severe damage from the accident, being decapitated. After calling Mary to get Mira fixed, she reveals that the COO of New Tesla, Claire Skyheart is the one who got him out of police custody. The reason? The little girl amongst the group of kids is her granddaughter. We later hear more about the incident Mira’s “father” caused, referring to the coil he used as a double coil, far more powerful that anything they’ve come across. We’re left with a sudden “WTF?!” moment, a man being drowned in a mere line of water, a robot looking on. A pretty good episode, but nothing too special. It was nice though to see a little more of Mira’s “human” side, she’s super adorable.

Episode Score – 4/5 


Satoru is slowly narrowing down which day Kayo eventually gets abducted and killed. Side note, listening to this intro song again now reminds me vaguely of a band few of you will know, but they’re called Nerd Follia, check ’em out! As more events transgress, Satoru realizes that while he’s trying to change some things, he’s neglecting to change others, mostly because he’s forgotten so much from 18 years ago. But he’s already managed to nail down the day he needs, the 1st of March. He has until then to figure out how to save Kayo. He’s then reunited with Jun (nicknamed Yuuki), a much older friend from his childhood who was falsely sentenced to these childhood murders and before Satoru was sent back in time, he was to be executed. On his way home, he finds Kayo severely beaten and left in a shed. Her mother is a hugely fucked up human being, Kayo is beyond afraid of this woman. Then shit gets real. Her mother is nearly drowning Kayo in ice cold water to try and heal her face, while her father just sits nearby like nothing’s wrong. The net day, there’s still clear bruising and the teacher even knows in a sense what’s going on, but hides it from the children to keep it from being used against her. He also deduces Kayo’s mother is very smart about avoiding any chance to be caught and is planning to get Child Services to take Kayo away from her family, but he’ll do it later than the day Kayo dies. Another event occurs that has Satoru snap and fully protect Kayo right in front of her, to the point there’s more trust involved. Walking her to the mountains to see some memories from that time, we see Kayo smile for the first time, while the teacher seems to be talking with someone we don’t know yet, it looks very ominous. This episode was super intense, I felt sick for a moment and then smiled at the end. An emotional ride this episode.

Episode Score – 5/5 *SHOW OF THE WEEK*

GATE – Season 2

This week’s episode is named after Tuka, so I think we’re finally getting some continuation of last season with our main 3 girls. Speaking of Tuka, she’s as delusional as ever, replacing the sight of Itami with her father. This is due to Yao telling Tuka that her father passed away in the dragon attack. It feels as if Yao’s using Tuka’s pain to finally get Itami to defeat the dragon for her and her actions horrify him. In the meantime, Zolzal (aka rapist douchebag) has been appointed heir to the throne. I guessed having his ass kicked by a girl wasn’t enough of an embarassment to his father? And as the plot thickens, it seems the girl he “raped” in the first episode has been partially pulling the strings as well. She finishes by saying she’ll find a way to make Pina kill the girl the SDF saved last episode. Itami decides to (for the time being) act as her father, until he has to move back to the Capital for a while, obviously leaving Tuka. The stress on him, not to mention the stress on Tuka every time she catches a flaw in her “father” is increasing. He continues to refuse killing the fire dragon, because he knows he’ll get a ton of his people killed in the process. It brings that awareness that there are even things in this world that their massive firepower will still have a tough fight against. A really interesting piece when an old man approaches Itami and helps him make a decision, but what’s more interesting is that he’s from the fantasy world and now has prosthetic limbs. But in the end, he still decides to stay with Tuka instead of leaving. Actually, he decides he’ll go kill the fire dragon with just Tuka. Too bad Rory would prefer to join in on the fun. Also, SHE BITES HIM AND TAKES SOME OF HIS BLOOD AS PAYMENT, HOLY SHIT! Lelei and Yao also join the party. So it’s like Season 1 all over again. No complaints from me! Side note, in the credits, Lelei is fucking adorable in military gear. But yeah, interesting episode.

Episode Score 4/5

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Right off the bat we get a little more reflection time, Mogzo using the words “I think I had…” to describe something, really upholds my theory they are playing a game but key memories were erased to fully immerse them in the world. And apparently they pissed off the girls again by accidentally peeping on them, though Ranta is the only one who was intentionally trying to grab a peek. He calls Yume flat-chested again but we all know that’s not her strong side anyway. Alone with Yume, Haruhiro apologizes on his own to her and Yume half-admits she wouldn’t have minded as much if it was him, though Shihoru doesn’t share the same feelings on the issue. Unable to find a lone goblin that day, the decide to call it a day and continue to earn nothing each day. It’s at the point that Haruhiro prays he kills a goblin the next day just to buy new underwear. Knowing the girls are washing theirs he nearly sinks to Ranta’s level but manages to escape. They finally manage to kill another goblin and eventually start getting better. New clothes, more food, things are starting to become passable for them. Another great episode, this show is becoming a more real SAO or Log Horizon kind of anime. I love it.


Episode Score – 4/5 

Konosuba -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!-

The initial scene with the frog hunt is hilarious. Aqua is now super pissed cause somehow she can’t find anything herself, so she decides to post a recruiting ad and no one shows up, until finally…Megumin! She’s an arch wizard who reminds me a ton of Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou than anything else and that’s not JUST the eyepatch. Turns out she can only use one attack and it’s the most powerful attack of all, which she can only use once a day and makes her useless afterwards. They finally manage to finish the kill quest together and Megumin reveals it’s not that she can’t learn other magic, she just refuses to. Haruhiko tries to get rid of her, but of course for the sake of this show, she will not allow it! And now we get two butts every bathing scene. To finish, another girl steps forward, a knight and she looks probably even more screwed up in the head than Megumin. We’ll have to see next week! Another fun episode, this series is slowly climbing up the ladder.

Episode Score – 5/5

Luck & Logic

It’s a tough guess, but it seems a lot of this episode will be around Tamaki’s struggles with coping the fact she lost the leadership of the group so fast to Yoshichika. We learn she was aiming to become a doctor specializing in Paradox Sickness, but in the end had her hand essentially forced into fighting as a Logicalist instead. A dual-threat coming in, Yoshichika and Tamaki are put together in hopes of iron out their issues through fighting together. They fail as when ordered to kill the Foreigner, Tamaki refuses, her doctoral instincts of saving, not killing coming into play. When it re-appears, Yoshichika joins the Chief in dealing with the threat, getting to see Veronica and Nemesis in action for the first time. A basic attack from her is devastating, not even using her special moves at all. Tamaki eventually rejoins the fight and once again the Chief forces her to kill the Foreigner while Yoshichika tries to stop her, but in the end she does what has to be done. She thanks Yoshichika for taking her side, so yay! We’re all working together again! As we reach the end, we get confirmation of a Paradox Level 9.8 for but a moment in time. Athena runs off and comes across Lucifer, who I would perceive as the one behind the 9.8. Another decent episode, I’m starting to feel like this will be a permanents 3-4 kind of show, it looks fantastic and has some cool moments, but it’s not blowing me away.

Episode Score – 3.5/5

Myriad Colors Phantom World

It’s a day off for the group but they’re still hunting a Phantom. Turns out though there are two Phantoms and they somehow worked it out for Mai to be the one to arrive here. It turns into a pretty badass martial arts battle for a moment, then Haruhiko tries to summon again and fails miserably. During the course of these events, we keep seeing this young girl nearby, who’s talking to her teddy bear, who I presume has something to do with Phantoms. Defeated, instead of finding someone to help, Mai tries to teach Haruhiko and Reina (who has a Chun-Li look about her) martial arts but it’s not a smart idea to use either of them in this fight. So instead, they try to copy Mai’s memories of martial arts skills and transplant the copy into Haruhiko’s brain. To do this, they have Haruhiko and Mai do things together that are strong memories for her, which ends up being more like a date than anything else. Upon fighting the two Phantoms again, the two bump heads and somehow triggers the memory process. During this Haruhiko notices the two little girls one of Mai’s memories describe the two Phantoms perfectly. Turns out Mai kicked their asses when they were little so this is revenge. Haruhiko in the end actually uses the “body rubbing” skills Mai has and together they defeat the two Phantoms. A pretty fun episode, definitely the best one of the series so far.

Episode Score – 4.5/5

Nurse Witch KOUMGI R

An anime trope I absolutely despise: When two character transform into a different character, but retain their normal bodies and yet they can’t recognize each other. Komugi and Kokono must be two of the stupidest girls possible. They also wear their mascots as either a brooch or a hairpin AND THEY STILL CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT!!! Also, I think I just realized Tsukasa isn’t the rapping girl and that severely depresses me. After a sexual innuendo massage, Tsukasa goes to bed and reveals how she’s a giant girly girl, stuffed animals galore, a polar opposite of the person she plays out in public. She has freakin’ tea parties for fuck’s sake! She’s very much like Idolmaster’s Makoto, she wants to dress up in girly outfits. It appears Tsukasa has already been parading around as a magical girl and racking up cards before Kokona and Komugi even get there. Tsukasa is the only exception to the tough to recognize rule, she actually has longer hair, so she’s not as easy to recognize, especially when so many people have long, blonde hair. Okay, I’m done. The “No No, But Actually Yes Beam”?! All right, Japan that’s enough. I think now I’m figuring out this isn’t for me and it might be a parody, but it’s still driving me crazy. So yeah, I might end of watching more of it sometime down the road, but I’m done talking about this one.

Episode Score – 2/5 {DROPPED}

Pandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn

Poor girls, Uzal only put down Nene and Clarion as hostages, while the rest get full on arrested. Side note, we’re at Episode #3 now, is Nene ever going to get to the place she was originally supposed to go to? Oh my gosh, the reporter girl is still around, every time she appears is hilarious. My question got answered immediately too, Aunt Ta-OUCH! I mean, Takumi is a grown woman who looks and sounds 13, because of course she does. Through a recorded message, we see the relationship between Takumi and Uzal and it’s almost as hilarious as Uzal and Clarion’s relationship. D’awww! Nene and Clarion having a sleepover together in their PJs, Nene seems to think it’s adorable too. We discover Takumi has gone through some cybernetic upgrades as well, while in the meantime Clarion struggles to protect Nene from a puppy. Also Takumi is very hellbent on discovering why Uzal went with cat ears on Clarion, to which she is not happy about it. During this event, Nene discovers she activates to Clarion’s defense and can activate Pandora mode remotely. Oh also, this whole thing was during a simulation during a diagnostic test. Also Takumi is a shut-in and isn’t very sociable, total opposite. Reporter girl again, another explosive event. I love her. Knowing someone’s spying on them, Takumi sets them up in a more hidden area to see what happens. Turns out it was bunny girl from before. She needs Uzal’s glasses for some reason and after embarrassing her one more time through a recorded message, she let’s her have them. There’s some mastermind behind all this and Uzal’s even aware, but isn’t worried at all. The two find BUER, while the mastermind is clearly after that giant eye thing that Clarion and Nene fought last time. I loved everything about this week’s episode, I was laughing all the way through.

Episode Score – 5/5

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

Itsuki takes the time this episode to learn about partying with randoms, though groups with Kota and his regular party members. Together, they seek to deal with a troll and not the monster kind, though troll players are kind of monsters in their own right. Before that, they start playing regular missions together and he starts fanboying the fuck out. He finds two of the players he played with and they’re grown men who work labour jobs, it really opens up his perspective on the range and variety of people who play the game. It’s kind of hilarious watching SORO talk more like the girl who plays him, it’s a weird difference. Partying with Koa, SORO and a new person who turns out to be the troll. I wouldn’t call him a troll though, just entitled and lazy. However Itsuki figures out almost immediately that the troll is Sasaki and in the end really causes some problems. It’s then we really see the mental hardships that some trolls may actually face. Not being acknowledged, fear of being hated, wanting to be a tough guy, things like that. By the end, they start playing together more often and Itsuki’s starting to get suspicious of the person playing SORO as he says a lot of things similar to Rina. Turns out, she reveals that fact right after and Itsuki reveals he also knew as well. So he embarrasses the fuck out of her. I actually really liked this episode, this is the kinda shit I wanna see from this anime, none of this “It’s because the school wants to ban it!” bullshit.

Episode Score – 4.5/5

Please Tell Me! Galko Chan {On Notice}

Yeah…this is definitely not for me. It feels more like they’re trying to use shock humour in this series, except while the jokes are extremely personal, they’re not funny at all. So yeah, bye-bye!

Episode Score – 1.5/5 {DROPPED}

Prince of Stride: Alternative

Oh my god the Saisei team are so gay, and I use the term literally from that like commercial-like video they have. It’s like friggin’ Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! levels. They’re also a boy idol group because of course they are! After some more “tense” interactions between each other, the Honan and Saisei teams are ready to race. As this race starts, I fully expect Saisei to win, but who knows what’ll happen. The first leg of five starts off very badly for Honan, they look clearly outmatched, Riku seemed way in over his head in this race. Second leg goes better and Honan takes the lead after an impressive shortcut successfully taken by Hozumi. Third leg goes back to Saisei and Heath is way outmatched her, never getting any chance to take the lead by a heavy blocker in front of him. Fourth leg is more of the same except a little more fan service for the girls with Saisei’s Kaede, Ayumu falls way behind, starting to give up. With the final leg, Takeru has a ton of work in front of him, but can the Haru-lookalike recover four seconds behind? You bet he can and nearly wins it for Honan, but in the end Saisei wins by less than half a second. Haha, he even shakes his hair about like Haru. And even though they lost, they still have Heath’s sister as a sponsor anyway, only because her rival company is sponsoring Saisei. This episode was fantastic, back to what gave it a 5/5 rating the first week, pure racing.

Episode Score – 4/5

Schwarzes Marken

Everyone’s arguing about whether to save Katia or not, Theodor obviously couldn’t care less. Also in this first scene, Sylvia could not have more cleavage without her top just being off, sheesh! Without explaining how they were saved, we find Katia and Thi-Rang were saved by an infantry platoon. Their base is so close to Berlin that it really shows how close the battle is to being lost. Not to mention the soldiers she’s with pretty much know they’re going to die and it likely won’t be quick and painless. It’s a harsh reality. In the meantime, Theodor struggles to leave the issue alone. He reveals he sold out his parents, like Irisdina, except he feels himself a coward more than anything. In turn, Irisdina finally reveals where she stands, fully against the Stasi. She also reveals she entrusted Katia under his watch because she knew he wouldn’t abandon her, knowing he already lost his younger sister. Meanwhile, everyone’s dying around Katia. While on another mission, Irisdina secretly sends out Theodor and Anett to save Katia, who is fucked up from seeing death the first time. Back home, Irisdina lets Katia know she expects her to be the bridge between getting East and West Germany to work together. A pretty tough episode to get through, but not due to quality. I just don’t handle pain, suffering and death very well, hence why the majority of anime I really enjoy are comedies and harems. But this one after a shit start is keeping me invested.

Episode Score – 4/5

2 thoughts on “Week #3 – Winter Anime 2016”

  1. I like the episode reviews you write (though this is the first of your posts I have read). It’s like having an inside look of the anime without doing the hard work myself. Erased looks like one I could get into.
    I just wanted to mention that some images you are using are blurry, specifically the ones for Luck and Logic and Aokana. When I’m saving images for my posts from Google images I click on the image and if it comes up blurry there I don’t use it as it is saved blurry. So my suggestion is to see what the image looks like when it resolves itself because blurry images don’t look very nice.

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    1. Really? Huh, that’s odd, they’re all clear on my end…but upon further research, seems to be browser-specific. Should be fixed now.

      Regardless though, appreciate the kind words, thanks a lot!

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