Top 10 Games Everyone Likes, But I Don’t

Sometimes there are just games that I don’t like. At all. But in terms of sales numbers, reviews and overall crowd reactions, I’m clearly in the minority. So with that being said, these are the Top 10 video games that everyone seems to like, but I couldn’t care less about them.


Crysis to me is a case of a game series that’s more about the high-end graphics than the actual gameplay. It’s always touted as one of the best games in terms of pushing your graphics hardware to the limit, but when I pick up a copy of any game in the series, the gameplay feels slow to me, I do not like the HUD design at all, whatever story is in the game means nothing at all to me and honestly, it’s just plain boring. I’ve tried with the original and the second release of the series, but neither managed to grab my attention nor having me playing past an hour in.


Another case like Crysis, Killzone 2 was a very highly-rated game that for me had about the same problems that Crysis did. I didn’t get into the story at all, the design choices to me were poor and the gameplay just wasn’t ringing any bells with me. Not to mention that I really didn’t like the design of the Helghast at all, which is a big part of the series’ marketing.


I’ve never really liked a Prince of Persia game and as far as I’ve seen, Sands of Time was the most critically acclaimed. It seemed like a cool concept to me at the time I first played it, being able to go back in time to retrace your steps and retry a section of the game, but you got so few of those chances and some of the puzzles were so difficult that it didn’t matter much. Not to mention I couldn’t have cared less for the story, or the characters, none of them were interesting at all to me. And until we got to around the PS3/X360 era, I always had problems with 3D platforming, because I never felt it was accurate enough for me.


Now this would’ve been higher on the list if the entire world was a big fan of this game, but it seems more like all of Japan loves this series. For what reason, I will never know. As a massive Final Fantasy fan, the thirteenth installment of this legendary franchise was an exciting time for me, after all the last console debuting Final Fantasy game was X and it’s one of my favourite games of all time. But XIII was absolute garbage, the story made zero sense, the majority of the characters were uninteresting, the battle mechanics basically turned into a movie where you change the setup once in a while and for anyone to say “Well once you get about 20-30 hours in, it gets really good!” just makes the game even worse. And when you have a character like Lightning who I have zero understanding about how she’s so popular, including her recent Louis Vuitton ads, the game drops even lower. She’s the most unlikable female protagonist I’ve ever come across.


I loved the first two HALO games, I played them forever with my friends doing System Link parties, all that jazz. But when the third installment was released on Xbox 360, I couldn’t have cared less about the series and still haven’t really recovered since. I thought the current story had played out its course, I wasn’t interested in it anymore. And for someone who knows they’re not terrible at first-person shooters, struggling to fight the massive numbers of enemies while being essentially unable to play with any tactical ability pissed me right off.


I imagine a lot of this has to do with the simple fact I’m not into a lot of games that are targeted to the “frat boy” demographic. The game’s about a strong, manly man who fucks women and fucks up gods (yet struggles opening doors) and is essentially hours upon hours of slashing endless enemies and the occasional ripping off of a boss’ head. I tried, I really did, but I’m annoyed by the game’s concepts and it’s honestly a snooze fest for me.


I hate playing it and I can’t even watch it. League of Legends is a game that belongs to an entire genre of games that I just cannot understand why people like them so much. They’re stupid long multiplayer matches that is mostly walk to an objective, hit it a couple times and run away for a bit, lather, rinse, repeat. I have not found a single game in that genre I’ve enjoyed playing and I’ve played a bunch of them. And I’ve tried watching, I even watched the finals of the LoL World Championship and I was still bored to death watching it. So sorry guys, the female characters in the series are hot as shit, but that ain’t saving your boring game.


Another case of a series that I fucking love, but this particular game momentarily sucked the life out of the series until the fifth installment arrived years later. The game flat out sucks, there isn’t a single character in this game I liked, the story was shit, the gameplay was slow as hell and like everyone else I wanted to put a bullet in anyone’s head who would be calling me over and over and over. They took a series that was pure, mindless, violent fun and turned it into a dull, depressing, boring game that you happen to be able to do almost the same things in. How do you fuck up GTA?!


I hear nothing but amazing things about this game all the time, in the time I’ve been on this planet and talking about this game, I’ve come to notice I’m the only one that really doesn’t care about this series. But honestly, I have zero interest in it, probably like I don’t have much of an interest in Tomb Raider. Is the entire series bad? Absolutely not, there are a lot of things about the game that I don’t have a problem with, but I really don’t like the gameplay aspects too much, most of the characters for me are forgettable and taking all the things I don’t like, putting them together and having people praise them like they’re gods, it only adds onto how much I dislike the series. I’m not saying they’re bad games, but people really need to take a step back, they’re not masterpieces.


Arguably the most popular game ever and I was bored to death playing it. I’ve found a couple of MMORPGs in my lifetime that haven’t done this, but WoW really did nothing to grab my attention, I found nothing in the world to attach to, not the setting, not the characters, not the story, nothing at all. So really, when I played my 30-day trial of the game, I was playing an RPG grinding simulator and as we all know, grinding is boring as fuck if you’re not interested in the content your grinding for.  As someone who enjoys the occasional MMORPG, I totally get why people like the series. But for me, I have zero interest in this game.


And that’s the list, thanks for reading, hope you don’t want to beat me to death for not liking possibly one of your favourite games! But what games do you hate that people tout like it’s the greatest thing ever? Leave your list in the comments below!

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