Blogging 101, Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World‏


So when I first started the page here on WordPress, I signed up for a program within the site called “Blogging 101”. I didn’t anticipate anything coming of it, but today I got the e-mail letting me know I was going to be a part of this program. So even though I’ve got about three months under my belt now, I thought it’d be a fun challenge to go through this regardless, perhaps I’ll still learn a lot along the way!

So the main thing for this program is that I get a daily assignment that I have to post on my page. Today is Day One, so naturally it’s an introduction post. However, obviously I’ve already been on here for a little while now and have cemented a consistent lineup of articles. So how shall I go about this? I’ll still give a little bit about myself, but I’ll also revisit how things have changed since I started posting in November.

So for those new to the page here, greetings and salutations! My name is Adam, I am Canadian (sorry, no igloo here) and I’m in my late twenties. As you can see from the articles I’ve been posting, I’m a perverted fan of video games, anime, professional wrestling, a few sports here and there, various weird genres of music, anything leaning more towards the nerdy side is a safe bet (other than books, I can’t be bothered to read a novel anymore). Why the strikethrough on ‘perverted’, you may ask? Well the majority of my articles have been an active battle against the censorship of sexual content in gaming and media and instead of spending every article bashing feminists and SJWs, I only divert a quarter of my articles to that and spend the other 75% pissing them off further by posting about how sexy a ton of female characters are. I’m still shocked no one’s given me hell for these posts yet, so far the comments have been all positive.

Originally, I was just going to post whatever was on my mind at the time, but keeping it PG. The first few articles I wrote were mostly serious, just giving my thoughts on various things. But then one weekend I decided to just take the chains off and allow myself to write freely and the first post reflecting this was my Top 10 Video Game Girls I’d Sleep With article. Now I was just going to leave that be, but I got a little self-conscious about it and the next day I posted a response to that article basically defending our innate desires to fantasize, especially of a sexual nature. During the writing of that article, I figured out real quick where my heart was, it’s been an issue I’ve had a lot of problems with in terms of how journalists deal with it and how society overall deals with it. So that’s been my fight and this page has large in part been my outlet for it.

I wasn’t anticipating much of a reaction to this page, to be honest. I’m very late to the blogging game and there’s tons of people talking about video games and anime. But being “internet famous” has never been the end goal, I just enjoy throwing my opinions out there and listening or debating about the topic with other people out there. If that means connecting with eventual fans or other bloggers, that’s a bonus for me. When the page started up in November, the numbers were where I expected them, extremely low. But then December more than doubled the monthly views…and then January continued to double the views. And then on the first day of February, not only did I break my daily record, I nearly tripled it! Now granted, the rest of the days have gone back to normal, but when you see that you have the capability of posting something that actually gains a modest level of attention, that really drives you!

Now my goals have changed slightly, they used to be quite small. I now want to get to a point where monthly I’m reaching 1000 views or more and this month could be the first one to do so. I’ve already succeeded in having a number of weekly articles to keep me busy, now it’s a matter of trying to fill those empty days in. I don’t know if my goal is to have a post every day because I don’t want to post something half-heartedly just to fill a space, but if it’s possible, I’d love to achieve that.

So, there’s my little (though nearly 1000 words) bit on myself and the blog page. I don’t know how long the Blogging 101 thing is going to go on for, but the goal is to get through it entirely. Worst case scenario, it’s extra content and it might offer a few interesting posts that I wouldn’t have thought to write before.

And now I shall return to my basement cave to chug a ton of soda while staring at my various collections of sexy figurines, bikini girl posters and body pillows. Guess which one of those five statements are actually true. *wink*


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