Blogging 101, Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline‏


This will be a quick post today. Essentially today’s assignment was giving the blog page a title and tagline. Well I already have a title, so I added a tagline to it. “Defending Sexy Shit Since 2015”. Makes sense, don’t it? ^_^

So instead of just leaving it at that, I thought I’d give you all a background on my online persona and the title of the page, since they coincide. The blog page is entitled “Radical Rants” and I am known online as “CSRadical”.

To get to CSRadical, there has been a pretty long journey over the years of online gaming. The first time the Radical persona became something was probably…almost 15 years ago when I was in high school. I played a lot of Counter-Strike: Source back then and that’s when I first used Radical in my names. Originally it was simply “Radical Dreamer”, which if you are a fan of the Chrono series of JRPGs, you’ll know that name. I kept that name for a long time until I got an Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. By that point I had also been subjected to the Shin Megami Tensei series, in particular the Persona series, which I won’t shut up about nowadays (imagine how I’ll be when the 5th game comes out hopefully this year *crosses fingers*), so my first gamertag on Xbox Live was “radicalpersona”, a grouping of the two. After a while, I ended up joining a clan while playing the NHL series a lot and adopted the clan tan onto my gamertag. However I thought keeping the full name would make it too long, so I decided to drop the Persona and make the gamertag “TG Radical”.

Finally, we get to our resting place with “CSRadical”. After leaving the TG clan I was in, I decided to create my own gaming community as a place simply for people to have fun playing games together, rather than being super serious. The “CS” stands for Critical Strike, there’s really no significance to it, it was just a name that when I Google searched it, I wasn’t seeing any immediate results for other clans using that name. When the clan disbanded about 3 years later, you’d think I would’ve dropped the “CS”, but by this point in time I had become a huge professional wrestling fan again. The reason for that? CM Punk. So with him being my favourite wrestler at the time, the name “CSRadical” came off very well the same way his name does. So I kept it and it’s been the same till now. The “Radical Rants” has been a title I’ve used through YouTube and other blog attempts before, just rolled off the tongue well.

So there you have it, a little background on my name. Thanks for reading!

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