Week #5 – Winter Anime 2016

Week number five is upon us with the Winter anime season. What’s in store this week?!

We’re nearing the halfway point for most seasons, so start expecting shit to get real if it hasn’t already, expect the central conflicts to start appearing. And if the show listed is fan service, we’re getting closer and closer to the cliche swimsuit episodes!

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across The Blue

The group are at the qualifiers for the tournament and Asuka is WAY too hyper for it. Meeting up with Reiko and company, they see their draws for the tournament. Mashiro is fucked right off the bat, facing Reiko, Shion’s facing an unknown, Misaki is up against Rika and Asuka’s facing an unknown. So uh…what the fuck’s with the rivalry already starting? Shouldn’t this be saved for much later? I don’t get (odds-wise as well) how half of them are already facing arguably the best team, both shouldn’t be winning either, Rika and Reiko should be stopping those two. If it’s just going to be the Asuka show here, I’m not happy. Asuka’s opponent is a childhood friend of Mashiro. Oh and Arika (the friend) has way too blatant a lesbian-like relationship with her upperclassmen, it’s a bit over the top. Which by the way, means I like it! Mashiro’s up first and is not happy her first match is likely going to be a stomping from Reiko. Masaya develops a strategy for her, since Reiko likely doesn’t know Mashiro’s a Speeder now. She gets the first point and the second, so Reiko has to change her strategy. At that point, Mashiro’s in big trouble, Reiko has no problem getting back pat points, tying almost immediately and in the end winning 7-2. Misaki and Rika are next, us starting with Misaki already up 3-1. She’s actually having a pretty easy time getting points off Rika’s back. Rika tries to use Misaki’s attack as a way to get back in the game, but Masaya corrects it and Misaki stalls the remaining time to win 5-1. So Misaki’s a lot better than I was anticipating. Shion’s up next and the opponent is completely unknown, so you know this opponent’s going to whip his ass. She’s played in England where FC was apparently born. Yeah, she’s gonna destroy him. She’s blindly fast and just takes every point. She wins 22-1, god damn! So with Asuka left, she’s all over the place. Nervous, then excited, then nervous again and the facial expressions are fantastic. Arika takes the first point, so Asuka has to cut her off but fails, losing the second point. Even though she’s getting her ass handed to her, she’s enjoying the thrill of it. This time she keeps up with Arika and does her air kick turn and gets a point. We end up stopping there, but she wins 4-3. That’s kind of annoying, we don’t see how she takes the lead, the hell?! She also passes out after the game’s over, exhausted. She also reveals she didn’t sleep a wink that night before, adding onto it. So it’s just Misaki and Asuka left going into the second round. An okay episode, but the constant jumping to the end of these matches doesn’t help. I want to see how Asuka wins her first ever match, we just see her get one point and she wasn’t even leading then. Kind of annoying if you ask me.

Episode Score – 3.5/5


So now it’s Kinoa vs Souya. He’s still being coy, while Kinoa’s having none of that shit. Azuma tries to help in this fight but Kinoa insists she does this alone. So he squeaks in a little hug and then lets her fight. Same deal begins like the Kogane fight, the kids are way outmatched. Souya’s ring seems to have the power to make people relive their memories. So we learn Souya actually saved Kinoa at one point when she was younger. Every time he does it she gets more and more pissed. So as we learn, she follows him after he saved her and then…they’re falling from the sky? Quite the jump there. He tricked her into believing he was a government agent, likely to steal her Bubuki. Meanwhile Azuma and company learn that Buranki that fell in the ocean has indeed activate and is going to make land at a very populated area. Also, Oubu’s exo-skeleton is very close to falling off the train, Azuma notes it’s hurting as well. We see Souya coerced her into bringing out her Bubuki. Originally, Kinoa hates Bubuki, thinking all they will do is making her life abnormal, all she wants is to live a normal life. It gets even worse, Souya pretty much uses her for a while, acting as her boyfriend while she was still innocent and naive. Kinoa finally overcomes him and sends him falling to probably not his death. Seems the worst of it was he also took her virginity as well, the line he left with being “Well I didn’t take your Bubuki away but I did take something else from you.”. So after all that, Shizuru is seriously hurt and Horino isn’t actually her, she’s actually Zetsubi the one who will challenge Hiiragi. I liked this episode, I was happy to see Kinoa wasn’t absolutely destroyed, showing that she’s actually stronger than she looks. Way to go, girl!

Episode Score – 4/5 

Dagashi Kashi

This show makes me want ramune every freaking time! We start of with a shady dealing going on with Yo and Hotaru until Kokonotsu has to break it up, cause she’s only having bottle ramune, something Yo stopped stocking because he got addicted to it instead. Kokonotsu is absolutely dumbfounded how they’re so addicted to it that it’s creepy. The first section of this episode is really showing me how much I wish Hotaru’s bust went down a size, she’s such a fun character, but I can’t get past the over-sized chest. So after leaving, he goes to bed and is woken up by Yo doing some weird chant which turns out to be an intro for his YouTube channel reviewing dagashi. Of course, Yo is absolutely terrible at it and Kokonotsu can only stand watching it for so long before completely snapping. So of course that video still got posted and actually got views. The second skit starts with To and Kokonotsu sad they’re pretty much broke, so Hotaru enters the frame claiming she has a way they can make money. What dumb thing is it? A snack that offers cash prizes…but only vouchers for more snacks. The boys win, but Hotaru keeps losing no matter how many she grabs. She also admits she’s never won anything from dagashi. I can relate to that level of bad luck! So she goes all-in with a gum pack where one of three is sour. So clearly Hotaru’s fainting from the sour flavour. She says if Kokonotsu loses, he has to take over the shop. She says if she loses, she’ll do whatever they tell her to go and of course Kokonotsu’s mind goes in that direction. So…*drum roll*…Hotaru loses! She gets the hell out of dodge before they can do anything. An okay episode, the show’s admittedly starting to wear off a bit on me, which is disappointing.

Episode Score – 3.5/5

Dimension W 

All right! Time to be even more confused with this fucked up story arc! This “otherworld” appears to be connected to the past, 21 years ago to be exact when the incident happened. Mira is left behind to be killed, still chained up and that towel is somehow still hanging there. Kyouma looks for her, unable to find her and starts having to fight water-based apparitions. He cannot do much against them so he’s forced to retreat. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is also on the run and Albert’s having his own troubles dealing with the apparitions. They discover that oddly enough, water seems to be the one thing they can use against them. Nearly being torn apart by the chains, she manages to break free…AND THE TOWEL STILL STAYS ON! Essentially her own logic defeats the logic of the world she’s in, like taking control of your own dream. Kyouma deduces that the only way Sakaki was killed was that someone switched the regular water out of his dispenser with the water from Lake Yasogami. Meanwhile those three guys who kidnapped the hotel owner are out on a body of water, indeed searching for a Numbers coil. They find a hole in the lake and proceed to head down it. Elizabeth finds Mira in the real world, though she’s immobile (and naked) until she tries to touch her which apparently wakes the “innocent girl” up. She says she knows where the coil and the owner are. Meanwhile, the three seemingly are killed by another apparition while a girl in inside this Tesseract looking cube with a Numbers coil in her possession. Elizabeth goes to chase, but is told by an unmasked (though still can’t see his full face) Loser that they’re being followed by the Grendel. We go back in time to see what actually happened in the accident. It seems they were testing the coil but there were some who refused its existence. The girl with Kamiki was attacked and ended up killing him in self-defense. He learns a group trying to interfere with their tests are going to discharge the dam to scare them off. The girl ends up slipping and falling off a cliff, presumably dying. Kamiki kills another man involved with the dam discharge. He sees Enamori’s corpse stuck on the Numbers coil and the rest of his team stayed in the building and ended up drowning. So the Kamiki we see in the real world is the carryover of the 4th dimensional world created by the horrifying memories he had. Mira breaks the coil, revealing the girl does not exist, it’s merely hallucinations from Kamiki’s guilt. The hotel owner, Marisa is actually Enamori, that girl he thought had died. He had saved her from drowning, so it turns out she didn’t die in the fall (unless that wasn’t Enamori?) but had lost her memories since that day. With his memory of her death shattered, he’s able to see her once again, along with everyone else properly in his own world. And as the coil converges with reality, they all disappear into the afterlife. A pretty heartfelt, yet horrifying episode.

Episode Score – 5/5 


So was I right in Kayo just being sick? Nope! And it’s starting to look like she may have still been killed after all, perhaps Satoru only delayed the inevitable? Depressed, Satoru doesn’t go to school for the next couple days. In the process, Satoru begins to see things more as they happened when he was a child now that he’s looking at it from another angle. It’s been a couple days and Kayo has not reappeared. The teacher reveals she is living in Sapporo with her grandparents, but Satoru has his doubts and the teacher even tells him that it’s a fabricated story. Six days have passed and another child disappeared, this time it’s sooner than it was before. Satoru notes it’s running the same path, except the timing is different. He sees Kayo’s mother for a moment, a sadistic smile on her face and tosses a trash bag, which in the past had a pair of Kayo’s mittens. So he snaps and runs off. And then suddenly reawakens as his normal self, just after fleeing from the police. So nothing has changed still. But why has he been brought back to the present? Was his power not to keep going back until he corrected the issue? He starts to go over the possibilities of why she was murdered, figuring that she knew who the killer was and perhaps having to do with the abductions. He eats with a friend who’s unaware of his mother’s murder and that Satoru is the lead suspect. He finds the reports of the murder have already been circulating and his friend, who’s his boss tells the police he’s there. He runs again and is found by Airi who is actually helping him. She knows he wouldn’t have killed her. She tells him he’s actually connected to a lot of crimes, but doesn’t go further into detail. Though through a book he left behind that Airi has, he discovers that he did indeed change history, but not to the point of saving Kayo, events just slightly changed. It’s enough though for him to realize that he could fix things if he could go back again. Satoru’s manager is talking with another man. He may or may not have given away that Airi’s housing him through his reactions, as the man starts following her. Meanwhile, Satoru is reading through this book, trying to get any information he can to help him throughout all this. Airi catches the manager spying on Satoru and knocks the shit out of him. So once again, Satoru has nowhere to stay. Airi gives a little backstory on her family and how it relates to her believing in Satoru. Then it gets real bad. She gets a text from the killer who has his mother’s phone and kills her by burning the house down. Holy shit, man. Side note though and it makes this interesting now. Both Kayo and Airi say “Are you stupid?” to Satoru. Now I don’t think the two of them are the same person, but this certainly adds more questions, eh?

Episode Score – 4.5/5

GATE – Season 2

The episode is entitled “Decisive Battle”, so I start to wonder if someone may actually die in this one. Though the battle with the Fire Dragon seems to already be over for the time being. Itami with the rest of the girls notes Tuka still won’t accept that he’s not her father, while Lelei and Rory are frustrated that their attacks do literally nothing to the dragon. Meanwhile, the dark elves show up with Yao, offering herself and eight other soldiers (who will all probably die quickly) to join the battle. So Itami equips them all with “iron cocks” or RPGs. They approach the dragon’s nest and even Rory’s a little scared, hating going underground. They decide to hide in the nest while it’s out and get the jump on it. Seeing eggshells, Itami worries there may be another dragon while he’s told otherwise. So they set up shop, planting a ton of C4, 74 kilos to be exact. If that somehow doesn’t do the job, the RPGs are the backup plan. Communication does not work for some reason with Rory outside so he leaves his radio behind so he doesn’t accidentally set off the charges. So the dragon arrives slightly early. One soldier fires his rocket, perhaps accidentally kills two people behind him. Two more are killed and Tuka wakes to see more death, having flashbacks of the day her village was wiped out. Then she realizes what happened to her father. Meanwhile Itami realizes the wires to the charges have been cut in the skirmish. More soldiers die and Itami frantically tries to reconnect the wires. Lelei convinces Tuka that it’s not her fault and fights the dragon again, finding a way to at least pierce its armor. And then she goes full badass, holy shit I didn’t know I wanted crazy badass Lelei. By this point, only Yao pretty much survives. So to end things, Tuka suddenly goes crazy magic on the Dragon casting a furious lightning storm that sets off the charges and completely fucks up as Lelei called it “that reptilian piece of shit”! Tuka nearly falls to her death but the group of five we started with are the only five survivors, all the other dark elves perished. Shocking! Except Rory gets fucked up by another sister, some blue-skinned crazy called Gisele, or s we thought. Turns out that moment she bit Itami and took his blood, she signed a contract to take all his injuries for him. So any damage Itami sustained in the battle went to her instead. Oh also, she has two more dragons at her side. So she awakened the fire dragon early and is shocked to know a mere human killed the big dragon. While running from the dragons, fighter jets approach to help out and royally fuck up the two baby dragons and I mean ROYALLY FUCK UP! Giselle is further shocked and hastily retreats. And Tuka has finally regained her sanity, but she tells Itami she’ll still call him Dad now, cause she’s adjusted to it. THAT WAS A FUCKING AWESOME EPISODE!!!

Episode Score – 5/5 *SHOW OF THE WEEK*

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

So it’s time now for more grieving, I assume after Manato’s death last week. Side note, I now understand why on MyAnime he’s in a Supporting role and not a
Main, haha! I still don’t get the no respawn rule, considering the entire show is seemingly like they’re in a game world. Haruhiro is horrified that a person’s death is worth one silver in terms of the burial. Ranta says he’s leaving and Yume slaps the shit out of him, breaking down and crying as he leaves them anyway. You want to properly make people feel emotional with all this? No intro. Mogzo and Haruhiro find Ranta in a bar, clearly trying to forget everything. Ranta’s considering quitting being an adventurer. He notes that Haruhiro caused Manato to use too much magic and put himself in the danger he was in. Mogzo finally snaps and shuts them both up. They run into one of the other guys who were with them when they initially showed up in the world. Of course he’s drunk and doesn’t take Manato’s death with any seriousness. Though he does note that of course all enemies know how integral a Priest is, so of course Manato was targeted. The guy suggests they find another priest and introduces them to Mary, a blue-haired pretty girl. They clearly don’t know what to do, given none of them are really stepping up as a leader to replace Manato. She’s not very cooperative and expects to be treated almost like a princess. Clearly Yume and Shihoru aren’t happy about it either, considering they just replaced him out of nowhere and didn’t even ask their opinions. Mary’s real trouble though when she’s even refusing to heal light wounds, saying they’re not serious enough to treat immediately. Another one of the guys who started with them shows up at the bar and approaches Haruhiro, giving him a single gold coin as a gift for Manato’s death, which he won’t accept. Ranta’s pissed cause they could’ve bought their official soldier badges with it, but to put a price on Manato’s life doesn’t sit well with Haruhiro. Afterwards, he visits Yume to apologize for his lack of communication with the girls since his death. She snaps on him and pushes him to the wall, saying that’s not even close to why the girls are upset with him. She’s upset that he’s taking all the burden for Manato’s death, while they were all responsible. They both share an emotional moment, crying together, really seeing Haruhiro grieve for the first time, letting his emotions all out. No more putting on a leader’s stoic face. He apologizes for the boys essentially shutting the girls out as they tried to look tough and deal with Manato’s death. It’s then we see for the first time a real tender moment between Haru and Yume, nothing major, just an embrace in the rain. Shihoru looks out a window with just a towel on and sees them, freaking out a bit. Haru thinks it’s because he saw her half-naked, while Yume seems to realize that perhaps she just got caught in a moment with the guy Shihoru likes as well. It’s tough to say, but that’s where I’m at currently.

♥ OFFICIAL YUME ASS SHOT COUNT! – 1 ♥ – It’s a grieving episode, wasn’t expecting even one.

Episode Score – 4/5 

Konosuba -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!-

Kazuma’s learned how to create water, so he can drink it. Meanwhile, Raratina’s got new shiny armor and gets turned on slightly by him not caring…and Megumin has a new staff that she rubbing…a little too much on. And as for Aqua…she earned basically no money because she didn’t get any cabbages, most of it was lettuce. That’s when Kazama reveals he made over a million gold from that quest, due to his high luck. So Aqua’s of course suddenly very nice to him, but after being refused more, she finds a way to “convince” him to lend her money. He finally gets out of the tracksuit and into proper adventurer clothes. He immediately suggests another frog quest which piss off Aqua and Megumin. Turns out there’s no low-level quests as a high-ranking dark being has scared off all the low-level monsters. He ends up going off with Megumin for “magic training” since she’s immobile after one shot. They find an abandoned castle which of course is her target, you know it’s going to be something important. Aqua’s busy working again and Raratina left for home. So he watches her training every day begin to notice where she’s at. After a while, he starts to wonder if they’re even capable of beating the end-boss. Suddenly, the leader of the Devil King’s army. Oh yeah, he was living in that abandoned castle. Told ya! He doesn’t take her seriously at all. So Aqua comes in to save the day! He sentences Megumin to death, but Raratina takes the spell. She’s to die in one week and suffer all throughout. So she’s going to climax every night. And she turns it into a sex thing with the evil Dullahan knight. He has no idea what the fuck she’s on about. He tells Megumin that she has to make it to his castle by week’s end to life the curse. Oh, Aqua just lifts the curse off immediately. LOL! What a ridiculous episode.

Episode Score – 5/5

Luck & Logic

Seems we’re getting some background on Asuha this episode. She disappears from the group and Yoshichika’s told the horrifying story of her being abandoned by her parents…in a fucking coin locker! And they pass it off like it’s nothing! So she goes out at night occasionally to put a letter in that same locker, thinking her parents will come for it. Yoshichika makes the mistake of listening to his father when asking for help cheering Asuha up, making a meal specifically meant for seducing lonely girls, so that doesn’t help the situation. Trying to apologize, she doesn’t really care much until he mentions his Over Trance two years ago, which really perks her interest. He notes he got lucky only losing his powers, he could’ve lost his memories and much more. A Foreigner appears to interrupt the moment as one always does and it’s time for a struggling fight because of Asuha for some reason. It talks and casts snake “tentacles” out of the ground, because Japan. For a brief moment after hitting their Trance limit, we get probably the best view of Valkyrie we’ve seen all season. Isn’t it crazy that she’s in the Top 10 for this season and we barely see much of her? Asuha goes invisible to sneak up on the Foreigner. She pays the price however for not following Yoshichika’s instructions and they have to retreat, Asuha getting hit with the snake Foreigner’s venom. Likely due to it, the power goes out over the entire city. So they have to act fast. Still in hospital, she seeks to end this alone, wanting to Over Trance. Not to kill the enemy, but to erase her memories so she can start anew. Yoshichika heads out to stop her as the Chief gives her permission to Over Trance. In the end they overcome the enemy, as you would expect. Decent episode.

Episode Score – 3.5/5

Myriad Colors Phantom World

We’re finally getting back to a Koito-centered episode, perhaps they’ll finally group together? We start with Koito fighting a demon train, holy shit! She has zero problems handling it and we start to get a little more background on her. Seriously, the more I see of her the more I wonder if she has top 10 potential if there happens to be a moment we get her being far less serious. She’s got Naoto-level potential with me, as if the moment we see her in an embarrassing situation, she’ll be fan-fucking-tastic! She gets an easy task from the teacher relating to birdhouses which she seems far too eager to do. Cue a Disney singalong with birds? Not quite yet, but she approaches a rabbit hutching where that teddy bear girl is. It’s the first time we see her speaking in a non-mysterious style and she’s freaking adorable. So a tri-headed Phantom which appears like one head is Leomon/Gabumon, another is like Tentamon and the other is Agumon. And it’s blatantly obvious too, nice easter egg. Haruhiko ruins the fight and causes the Phantom to attack and render Koito’s abilities useless. Then the teddy bear gets gigantic and starts fighting. Okay, now shit’s getting fun! But the Phantom disappears. The girl’s name is finally given, Kurumi. She’s impressed and slightly creeped out Haruhiko immediately knows the background of her teddy bear, Albrecht. Meanwhile, Mai and Koito have a little spat, so the teacher puts a contest between them to defeat the Phantom in question. Haruhiko leaves the group to join Koito, feeling responsible for her losing her ability for the time being. So Mai suckers Kurumi into helping them. Koito is committed to doing this alone, but he insists on following until she goes home. Except he’s waiting for her in the early morning and her voice hasn’t fully returned. Mai’s clearly upset with Haruhiko, but I imagine it’s not because he’s not on their team, it’s more because he’s with Koito and not here. So Digimon Phantom shows up again and while Koito can sing, it’s not as strong. So little doggy summon gets called in and scares the Phantom off. And cue cliche stupid anime bullshit, Haruhiko let’s her walk for five seconds and loses her because of it. It’s revealed that Koito’s ability woke because the same kind of Phantom attacked in the same manner. She was so powerful though she had to leave school and even her parents, all of them afraid of her, thus explaining her shut-in attitude. She fights it again an when her ability had just returned, she gets gassed again to lose it once more. Haruhiko manages to save her before being killed and the rest show up as well to help. Together, they seal the Phantom, Haruhiko doing the drawing. Koito’s pissed that she didn’t finish it off, but the teacher realizes that the Phantom isn’t the same one from Koito’s past. So Koito walks home in the pouring rain with headphones on and the cord. Uh…Japan? Come on! For a brief moment we see that remote again from Episode 2 (I believe), Haruhiko still trying to fix it. And Koito’s waiting outside for him! She thanks him and apologizes for earlier. Another good episode.

Episode Score – 4/5 

Pandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn

So we start off with FULL FRONTAL NUDITY in the shower with Clarion and Nene. Except y’know they’re androids, so there’s nothing to actually look at, they’re more like Barbie dolls. This show has found a ton of ways to get out of censorship, I love it! They head out to the park, while Takumi secretly has two Gercoma units follow them in stealth mode. She just goes out to have fun using her powers to see what she’s capable of doing, showing off her juggling skills to the public. She admits though she doesn’t like that she can’t do all these things herself, she needs Clarion to do them. Clarion comforts her saying there’s nothing wrong with having power due to someone else. She’s approached by an old lady who thanks her for the performance and appreciates her for showing what artificial parts can do, the old lady showing an artificial hand. She gives her a piece of candy which is still suspicious to me at this point. NEWSGIRL! And she’s drunk too! Suddenly a network disturbance causes everything to shut down, including the old lady’s pacemaker one would assume from her collapse. Takumi even notes she doesn’t know how this is possible. The two are approached by a man mistaking them for robots who tells them when stuff like this has been happening robots have been getting stolen. The man is pretty large in size so I wonder if he’s part of this group of thieves. They come across two thieves stealing robots though and they all head after them. Clarion gets pissed and Robert (the guy they’re with) goes on about them not being just robots. Robert’s clearly got something going on too, his right eye goes red and he exudes superhuman speed and strength. After leaving Robert they finally find the old lady, still alive. Using the Pandora Device after Clarion convinces her it’s okay to use it to help achieve her own goals. Using the two Gercomas, they get her to a hospital. She notes after leaving she got praised for the first time being a cyborg. We end with seeing Robert talking to a commanding officer, as he’s a police officer. Something shady’s going on and Robert seems like the good guy getting shafted with work that he doesn’t want to partake in. A fun episode, but nothing too special.

Episode Score – 4/5

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

Itsuki begins to start reporting on his interactions with NPCs while Aika seems to be trying to get closer to him all of a sudden. He and Kota note as well how over-talented Aika is for a high school girl, both physically and mentally. Rina takes Itsuki to another school to get equipment for their upcoming festival, while of course Aika follows them way too closely. I don’t know how Rina thinks Itsuki and Aika are dating, this section really made girls (particularly Rina) look very stupid and easily jealous. The longer Aika’s around, the more suspicious I get that she’s actually a NPC from the game somehow out in real life. Finally reaching the other school’s campus, they get the list of equipment and stare at a few students. That was all. They then go to a nearby mall looking for Aika again, cause now Rina’s really interested in figuring out what she’s doing around here. For a moment, that bird mascot from the game appears on Aika’s shoulder, then disappears. Apparently Aika smiling makes Rina weak in the knees, what the fuck? So of course to help Aika out, they go clothes shopping, CUE THE SHOPPING MONTAGE, YEAH!!! During their time, Aika displays her seemingly inhuman abilities while getting a balloon down for a lost girl. There’s a brief moment after all this that it starts to look like Itsuki and Rina have known each other a long time ago, which perhaps explains Rina’s interest in him. So a huge change happens. Because both Itsuki and Aika play PSO2 with their own names, Rina for the time being discards SORO and plays her original character, Rina, which also looks like her. And, uh…it makes her look far hotter now. Also we see Aika’s a summoner and that bird mascot is a summon. During the battle, Aika shows the same jumping ability. They try to party with her, but she refuses, saying “I don’t have time for your games.”. Decent episode, but nothing special hitting me this week other than Rina actually looking hot for once. Her normal look is too bland and normal.

Episode Score – 3.5/5

Prince of Stride: Alternative

We see Kyousuke had done something to injure Heath’s foot when he left the Stride Club and the injury still lingers as he’s taping up his foot today, the reason unbeknownst to Riku. They hear back from Ayumu in the hospital saying he broke his clavicle and some other injuries, but is in good spirits. Hozumi’s clearly bothered by the events. They all note they’ll have to withdraw if they don’t find a replacement for Ayumu. Trying to find someone, they come across Kyousuke while Hozumi convides into Heath that Ayumu was so important to them as he was the only one who joined and wasn’t even interested, blaming Kyousuke for the club’s downfall. After being asked by Riku, he admits he doesn’t have the “right” to participate anymore. The learn of the KGB (KuGa Berserk) incident where Kyousuke got into a fight during a match. Hozumi finds them and tells them that they can find anyone except Kyousuke to join, running off. Heath explains Ayumu joining was the only reason the Stride Club even exists, so Hozumi feels responsible for Ayumu getting injured since he begged him to join. Seeing Hozumi, he explains what happened between Kyousuke and Heath, to which Heath appears to admit he actually tried to protect the club and didn’t hurt his leg. He tells the true story in secret, saying it’d be really bad if the true story got out. At a race, they get tricked by the opposing relationer and in the process the opposing runner stomps on Heath’s leg, breaking it. The other members don’t believe he got hurt and one of them kicks his leg, to which Kyousuke fights the both of them. So he took the fall, citing if the school knew the club was fighting internally, they’d shut the whole program down. Hozumi’s upset and Riku snaps telling them to decide right now whether to let Kyousuke back in or not and to stop dwelling over it. So Heath meets up with Kyousuke alone to re-connect with him. He doesn’t answer Heath’s offer to return and rides off. At the last possible moment, Kyousuke appears. Good episode, you know as well either in this next race or if they face the school they lost to in the KGB incident, Heath’s gonna re-aggravate his injury, it’s pretty obvious.

Episode Score – 4/5

Schwarzes Marken

Landing at a West Germany camp, the 666 are not exactly being treated nicely, as one would expect. They’re called a terrorist state after all. The 51st West battalion’s Kirhe is not exactly nice to them, blaming them for injuries they suffered during the battle, because they were caught in the artillery fire. And then Anett snaps on her, CATFIGHT!!! At least until Katia…sort of breaks it up. A West Major solves the problem…by touching their asses? Uh…okay? Later, Theodore meets with Irisdina where she tells him she aims to rebuild the trust between the East and West. Asking him about Lise, Theodore at this point doesn’t think there’s anything wrong. Another mission comes up and the 666 are pretty much being slated as decoys in the battle. Sylvia is positive there’s something up, while Gretel doesn’t care as her only concern is the East’s reputation. The mission works perfectly to the point the 666 aren’t even needed. Theodore notes just how much stronger the West is in both tactics and strength, understanding why they do not like the East at all. They’re weak. During the 51st’s attack, they discover a whole other army of BETA are approaching elsewhere and will be overwhelmed soon. So Irisdina commands them all to join the fight, despite Gretel telling her otherwise because they’re disobeying orders and would be asking the West’s help, whilst helping them. Their Major tells them no, telling Gretel to strip Irisdina of her leadership, but refuses, especially when hearing the carnage going on outside. Badass music plays and it’s time to whip some BETA ass! Everything goes well, except a gigantic “Fort-class” BETA shows up. Irisdina takes a serious hit and crashes, though her TSF doesn’t explode, so her survival is possible. Theodore takes a hit as well, but they manage to destroy all the Laser-classes they were initially dealing with. Theodore can’t believe they got out alive, it turning out Katia convinced the West to help. Though it’s unclear at the end if Irisdina is still among them. Really good episode, shame it went up against the amazing GATE episode this week, otherwise it probably would’ve won.

Episode Score – 5/5

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