Anime Spotlight: Demon King Daimao

(left to right) Hiroshi, Fujiko, Korone, Akuto, Keena, Junko, Lily

Really cheesy, lots of awesome action sequences and a ton of sexual innuendo, Demon King Daimao is one of the initial anime shows that really got me into watching a lot more harem anime. It’s not like the show made me suddenly like ecchi content in anime, but it was far more enjoyable than a lot of the older shows were for me and allowed me to see the light that ecchi harem anime can be a little more than just panty shots.

Not that there’s a lot of them in Demon King Daimao or anything…

Korone’s ass

The premise of the show is that Akuto Sai goes to an academy for magicians and wizards, aiming to become essentially a High Priest. He was raised as an orphan in a church from a baby onwards, so it’s no surprise he wants to grow up and follow the teachings he was given and join the clergy. However, that dream takes a heavy hit when the show’s equivalent to Harry Potter’s sorting hat names his future occupation: Demon King. The complete opposite of his dream goal. He’s slated to basically become the next Satan. And thus begins his crazy journey.

The series revolves particularly around Akuto trying to do whatever he can to remove the Demon King moniker, but soon finds himself caught in a battle that a High Priest nor a Demon King can even ignore. The first half of the series for the most part though, is pure and utterly fantastic fan service.

Sai "running into Kena when she's invisible"
Akuto “running into Keena when she’s invisible”

There are four central girls centered around Akuto, I don’t include Lily honestly because she’s not around as much. But I love her nonetheless! Hell she’s second for me in the anime behind Korone. But the four central girls consist of Junko, the main girl of the show who Akuto first runs into. She’s hot-headed and the one girl out of the four that misunderstands everything that happens around her or to her that’s related to Akuto. Keena is the happy-go-lucky girl that occasionally crashes into shit. She can fly AND go invisible…except she has to be naked to be invisible. Which makes for a ton of different ways Akuto either sees her or even touches her during this process. There’s Fujiko who is the big-breasted scheming girl of the show who vies for Akuto’s attention. Her gimmick though is being extremely turned on whenever she sees or thinks about Akuto. And yes, it’s awkward to listen to. Finally there’s my favourite, Korone. She’s an android sent to guard/watch Akuto since being outed as the next Demon King. She spends the majority of the show trying to seduce Akuto (as ordered to) or to just tease him (by her own accord). She’s also got a major advantage over the rest of the girls by having the best drawn butt of all of them.

Each of the characters have something completely unique about them too beyond their personalities. They each fight differently as well, such as Junko with swords and Korone with various guns and crazy gadgets. Not to mention they each have a significantly different hair colour, so they’re easily distinguishable.

Akuto defending himself from Junko's wrath
Akuto defending himself from Junko’s wrath

While the series is all about fan service, they don’t shy away from having some pretty badass fights as well. Junko especially is made to be the female badass of the show, her sword skills are unparalleled and she constantly shows that throughout the series. Not to mention the tons of magic that’s also thrown around, it really does come off with the intensity of the later magic battles from something like the Harry Potter films, but in anime form of course. It’s a great addition to the show, where the story isn’t exactly that great, but the comedy and action sequences certain balance out the tons of fan service.

Korone can be evil though...
Korone can be evil though…

As a whole the series is greatly entertaining. There’s a ton of hilarious moments, the action scenes are intense and well put together, the characters are all unique and none them really come off annoying, at least me. Most importantly it’s super well drawn, both in sexual and non-sexual content. I like the artstyle when everything’s normal, but when it’s sexy time and we get various ecchi moments, they are perfectly drawn, if you have an attraction to women, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by them. Seriously, Korone’s butt, man!

Also there’s this little nugget…it’s a sea cucumber, so relax! Junko couldn’t though.

Can't get much more hentai than this without actually being hentai
Can’t get much more hentai than this without actually being hentai

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