Week #6 – Winter Anime 2016

Week number six is upon us with the Winter anime season. What’s in store this week?!

We’re at the halfway point for most seasons, so start expecting shit to get real if it hasn’t already, expect the central conflicts to start appearing. And if the show listed is fan service, we’re getting closer and closer to the cliche swimsuit episodes!

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across The Blue

Round two of the tournament, Asuka is in overtime with her opponent and wins 8-6. Again, I don’t like the not seeing any of the matches. Also the statement made by her opponent really drives me nuts. “How is she having fun when this is a serious competition?”, STOP THAT SHIT RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!! And now we’re about to see Misaki get slaughtered by Kazunari before Asuka somehow beats him in the final round. He pretty much plays the match like she’s not even there, just going past her every time. Masaya though corrects her and she gets a point on him to cut the lead down to 3-1. But he starts to play the fighter game with her and starts to get on her, though she fights back as well. Again though he’s outsmarting her every time. Misaki suddenly hits an air kick turn of her own. The game ends but she only loses 5-3, a very formidable effort, certainly better than I expected. Asuka however is out of her element so Misaki pulls her aside and cools her down. And I misread the brackets, Asuka’s got Kazunari next. Now I’m gonna fight the result of this one because logically Kazunari should wipe the floor with her, but we all know that’s not what will happen. Madoka notes Asuka looks a little tired out, which could play a factor. Again, Kazunari starts off strong and then starts to bring everything he’s got on her right away. This really pisses off Misaki cause he’s using this all on Asuka so now she knows he took it easy on her. He’s up 4-0 now and Asuka starts to put up a fight, landing a point. She does air kick turn after air kick turn and keeps landing points, now 4-2. But she gets careless and in the process loses her earpiece to Masaya. But she lands another two points and ties the game. It’s then I’m convinced Kazunari will win but just barely. Then he starts to relentless attack her, getting the lead back. Clearly nearly losing to this rookie has royally pissed him off and he wins 6-4. I’m surprised he won in the end, considering how they’ve been overly selling Asuka as way too good. They still do this, but she loses to someone who should’ve beaten her easily. I’m not liking this part about the series, I don’t care how “gifted” Asuka is, someone relatively untrained should under no circumstance be at part with someone way experienced like this. But it was an okay episode regardless.

Episode Score – 3.5/5


Zetsubi vs Hiiragi. Can’t wait to watch his ass get kicked for a little. She absolutely toys with him, her power being time manipulation and easily deals with him. It’s when Akihito shows up, the equal to Shizuru. He’s also got Souya in tow, oh joy. Shizuru unlike Hiiragi is very strong. Her sniper skills are insane, her movement is unreal, she completely turns into a different person. The idiot meanwhile starts to stir after his easy defeat and we get a flashback to his origins. His Dad was a drunken loser and while it explains his attitude, it doesn’t make me change my mind that his a idiotic dickhead. He finally wakes up and we see the incredible battle going on between Shizuru and Akihito. No one knew Shizuru had this in her it seems. Meanwhile Shusuke’s looking for Reoko. For a moment she’s like a child then switches back, like it’s her version of sleepwalking. The battle continues in its stalemate form until Akihito says something that snaps Shizuru out of it. It’s then we see that Akihito is actually Shizuru’s uncle. As a child she thinks she’s not a normal living thing, calling herself a stone. Suddenly back to our battle, a giant Buranki approaches, but Shizuru’s still in her trance. The train strikes it and literally flips upside down. They all survive thanks to their Bubuki. Shizuru’s Bubuki stops working and she completely breaks down. Akihito clearly trying to use her and is managing to convince her to stop fighting with the rest of the kids. Hiiragi resumes his battle with Zetsubi and still takes some hits, still not touching her at all. He manages to piss her off and somehow solves her tricks and slaps the shit out of her, literally. Which is all he needed to do, apparently. He breaks her Bubuki and wins. Akihito admits defeat as well and tells Shizuru they all together need to buy time for Reoko to arrive and deal with this Buranki. He says this as Azuma is trying to hold it off and then is crushed into the ground by it. I didn’t like Shizuru at all before this episode. Holy shit she was awesome in this one!

Episode Score – 4.5/5 

Dagashi Kashi


Episode Score – 3.5/5

Dimension W 

We are introduced to a African Prince and owner of a major robotics company, of course he’s handsome and makes the girls swoon. Though it’s clear Salva’s a prick right from the start. With this other Prince seems to be the opposite. Well it is white hair versus dark hair. Back with Kyouma, he visits the grave of perhaps a former lover. Meanwhile, Mary and company are trying to figure out Mira’s origins, specifically why Dr. Yurizaki made her. They know she’s far too complex for them to understand, her brain specifically is beyond comprehension, perhaps like the human brain? When the white-haired prince approaches Kyouma mistaking him for a samurai (because he thinks Japan is still old Japan when it’s not), a royal guard I’m presuming appears with this crazy stand up mech, but Kyouma makes short work of it since the guy did piss him off just slightly. With more guards approaching, the prince leads him away. Salva kills the guard who failed to retrieve the other prince without question. I forgot the prince’s name so he finally tells it again, it’s Lwai. Now Kyouma has another annoyance following him, Mira’s gonna be pissed when she finds out! It appears this prince has a lot of power. He takes him to a clothing shop, where a friend of his owns it. While the prince tries out samurai clothes, Kyouma gets a new jacket from the owner. They seem close and then she mentioned Miyabi, the person whose grave he visited earlier. Perhaps she’s this woman’s sister or something? Lwai returns looking way too feminine than he already did. Oh Japan! Suddenly a woman who was with Salva appears to take Lwai back. As he leaves, he notes to his friend that he has an artificial body. Mira arrives just after Lwai leaves, lucky for Kyouma. Mira’s also in more punkish gear and looks fabulous in it. At Mary’s suddenly Lwai attacks the joint and destroys Mary’s main robot. We also then see Loser doing more searching for Numbers coils, noting he’s one away from achieving something. It seems Lwai did this as a challenge to all the Collectors out there, for what though is unclear. Meeting with Claire of New Tesla, Salva reveals his intent to hold a special event at Easter Island which appears to have something to do with Kyouma and his group from a past war. It also has to do with the challenge to Collectors. At the end it seems a young girl asks for his help, but that’s it, we get no explanations yet. Entertaining, but definitely not as special as the last few episodes have been.

Episode Score – 4/5 


Seeing this fire, Satoru blindly rushed in to find Airi, who’s somehow still barely alive and during the carraige outside slips her cell phone into his pocket. The manager comes back to help and tells Satoru to go out the back, telling him not to get involved with Airi any further, likely for her own safety. He sees the text on Airi’s phone that was supposedly from him, so she slipped him the phone so the cops wouldn’t think he started the fire. The situation has clearly become worse, he now needs to desperately find the killer first before the police find him. He calls the number back and talks with the killer for the first time, we see his face, I’m unsure who it’s supposed to be though. They’re to meet up the following day at a coffee shop. Turns out it wasn’t the killer after all (maybe), but rather the man who worked with Satoru’s mother when she was a reporter. He admits he is positive as well that Satoru didn’t commit any of the crimes that have happened lately, though once again evidence is not on his side. He tells Satoru that his mother called Sawada, the reporter friend just before her death, claiming she knew who the murderer was, but never told him as they were to meet the next day. He then talks about Kayo’s death, she died from freezing in the garage after being beaten by her family. However her body was apparently hidden by Jun and not her parents and proof matched this. Satoru still believe Jun had nothing to do with it, but a stranger case also happens. Apparently before the three abductions and murders, another set happened in another town, the culprit there also denying any wrongdoing, a strange connection to say the least. They both come to the conclusion that Kayo’s death and Sachiko’s death are related and this man is an evil genius at covering his tracks while framing others. We move to the hospital where Airi is healing up. She gets out of her room and overhears I assume investigators now penciling her in as an accomplice to Sachiko’s death. Everyone’s got it all wrong, her family, friends, everyone. It’s becoming clear that the person responsible for all these murders has to be someone of some standing, able to get police, reporters, essentially everyone to go in the directions he wants (assuming it’s a guy), to the point even Airi is now unable to becoming a witness for Satoru without being implicated as well. We end our little run with her with someone touching her shoulder, though I’m convinced it’s nothing to worry about. Back with Sawada, Satoru notes he doesn’t understand why Airi was targeted by the murderer when she knows nothing about the mystery, she’d merely be a girl on Satoru’s side, but evidence would easily trump any testimony she’d give. So he deduces that Airi was already a target ahead of time. Figuring he was able to find the work schedule for Satoru and Airi, it must be someone who can get behind the counter to see it, so it certainly reduces suspects. Sawada leaves for the hospital, to which I am now immediately assuming before I watch any further he’s about to die. He tells Satoru there’s a report on the murders when he was a kid on the computer for him to look at as he leaves. It notes that Jun possibly thinks his father is the killer, which would partially explain Jun’s denial of everything, since he loves his father dearly. It’s also noted that Kayo was seen with Jun several times and that Satoru’s testimony was blatantly ignored, while the other student who said he/she had seen Kayo with Jun was used a lot. He sees a list of five suspects, two of them being Jun and his father, but doesn’t know the other three. Satoru also learns that to cover his tracks, the murderer killed Hiromi who was a feminine-looking boy to break connections, effectively erasing him name from the list of suspects. The report also says there was a ton of pedophilia material in Jun’s possession which Satoru knows isn’t true as he’d seen the perverted things in Jun’s room and all were high school girls and up. With a list of suspect before Hiromi’s death, Satoru is positive the real killer is among the names in there. When Sawada goes to meet Airi, instead her mother is in the hospital bed. The fuck?! We get a flashback of Airi explaining to her mother was actually happened, so her mother takes the spot for her and Airi is long gone, though it appears someone has been tailing her. He gets a call from Airi, but now I’m worried. They’re to meet up at the bridge again but Airi isn’t showing up until she finally makes it. He lets it slip that he thought it was a trap, which Airi laughs off. Airi tells him that there’s a councilman that she thinks is suspicious, but his name was not on the suspect list. He reveals to her he’s been writing a manga where the story is an off-shoot of what he’s really going through. Too bad, because the cops find them and arrest him. And on the way, he once again comes face to face with the killer. Assuming he’s about to kill Airi for good, we see a blue butterfly fly along a black and white screen. I think Revival’s kicking in again for next week’s episode. Damn there was a lot to go through this episode and now my brain hurts.

Episode Score – 5/5 *SHOW OF THE WEEK*

GATE – Season 2

So as he’s about to be suspended, Itami is given all sorts of commendations, for saving the kidnapped woman, for defeating the dragon and now he has a new mission instead, to go wherever he likes in the Special Region and look for useful resources. Ideally, it’s because he’s so well-loved by the people of the Special Region, so no one would bat an eyelash if he was walking around. He doesn’t take it happily though, as this means no break for him. HOLY SHIT, LELEI’S DRIVING?! Apparently they’ve all been getting trained and it sounds like Rory was driving like it was that driver’s training episode of Dragonball Z. So their current path is heading to the city of Rondel. At some point too, they’re to hit another city where a Temple of Hardy is so Rory can tell off her potential marriage partner. Rondel is a breathtakingly beautiful city, looks like a JRPG major city for sure. They get treated a little better too because they’re with Rory. Well, except Itami who’s looked at as Rory’s servant. Rondel is an academy city so in the meantime Lelei is aiming to reach Master status, which is the equivalent of a university-level professor. Also the clothes she wears for this occasion really help her blossom a bit more, she looks gorgeous. They meet with a old woman who’s way too damn cheerful, it’s painful. She’s a Grand Master and notes that while Lelei’s extremely young to apply for Mastership, her qualifications are certainly high enough. She asks if someone named Arpeggio is around, but is not, I guess will see this person later. And we see Arpeggio and uh…she’s fucking crazy. And a bitch. And Lelei’s sister who isn’t accomplishing shit but hangs around with rich men. Greaaaaaaaaaat. Meanwhile, to show off their strength, the JDF are taking the head of the fire dragon and flying it to the Empire capital as if to say “Don’t fuck with us!”. Then we see Pina and Kouji at a party and she notes the young girl, Sherry from the beginning of the season in totally in love with her. He tries to brush it off with the “She’s 12!” ‘excuse’ but Pina’s having none of it. Yaaaaaay. So she follows him everywhere and even reveals her desire to marry him. And then she plays her trump card, pointing out no one wants to introduce themselves to him, showing that they clearly fear Japan when peace talks are about to start. So she tells him that she can be of use to him during this process, of course she gets to be close to him too. Zolzal is there as well and is pissed about the peace talks and the failed the assassination. Tyuule however notes as he leaves that he’s just being controlled anyways. It seems like he intends to start something during the meeting, noting he intentionally didn’t fight back against Shino at the beginning of the season. The fire dragon’s head appears with no note of who brought it, a perfect bargaining chip for Kouji. But Pina breaks the ice, having a girl note exactly who it was, the five of them. Though hearing Lelei is technically an imperial citizen brings a slight happiness to the King and intends to reward Lelei when she’s brought forth eventually. They’re about to drink as the King gives a toast and that’s when I realize what’s about to happen. The King’s drink is poisoned. Zolzal realizes what’s been done, knowing he’s next in line and grins. An episode not as exciting as last week, but we’re setting up for our main villains now, which is something last season lacked for sure.

Episode Score – 4/5

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

With everyone at least calming down a bit now, we start off with Shihoru apologizing to Haruhiro for the misunderstanding earlier in the night, assuming he and Yume were together. That of course piques Ranta’s interest, to which I wish I could’ve punched him halfway there. Yume says exactly what happened and of course that sets Ranta off. After settling things down again, they start to talk about Mary. They all admit it’s been both ways, she hasn’t been friendly to them at all, but they haven’t done any better with her either. She is pretty, she just needs to drop the bitch attitude. They start to try and talk with her but she remains distant. Though she starts to push them forward in battle and they succeed to kill a few goblins again. She also finally heals them, at least Mogzo. Ranta can suck a dick for all she cares still. Haruhiro talks with Mary, mentioning how different her strategy as a priest differs from Manato’s. Again, she remains very distant. All together in the tavern for the first time, they see Mary there as well, but again, distant. They see her talking with a very high-ranked soldier, which really confuses everyone as they assume she’s on the same level they are. Alone, Haruhiro ponders what Manato left him with, admitting he’s not sure he wants to even be the leader. Back to the fights, he starts to see how he needs to learn and adapt with everyone else’s fighting style along with their needs and begins to reflect that, telling Mogzo to buy even a cheap helmet so he doesn’t fight so cautiously. He tries to talk with her again and offers her to eat with them, but she refuses, albeit this time around she’s not as cold. He decides to talk with the man who they saw with her in the tavern, looking to learn more about her. Through another soldier they learn that Mary’s past experiences she was the polar opposite, happy. But the sheer amount of pressure and work she was put under in her past group overwhelmed her and her group kept putting more on her the better things went. Because of their overconfidence, only he and Mary survived a boss battle because they overdid her and she lost all her magic. And experiencing not just one but three deaths of friends completely destroyed her. They all thought losing Manato was heavy, she lost three in one fell swoop. Heavy episode to say the least. But most importantly…


Episode Score – 4/5 

Konosuba -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!-

I swear, Aqua is the most unattractive attractive girl in anime and she’s a thin girl with a decent bust and apparently wears no underwear, yet she’s still this bad! In crippling debt, she’s desperate to take on a quest to gain money, but everything’s high-level because of the Dullahan from last week. But she finds a quest where apparently they don’t have to kill anything and all that needs to be done is to purify a water source. A great fit for Aqua, right? Let’s see how this gets totally fucked up! *sigh* The intro keeps reminding me how much I miss Chris. Kazuma thinks of a strategy to accomplish the mission which involves putting Aqua in a cage in the lake, so the gators can’t get at her. During the wait, he notes Megumin is awfully calm today, which she gets all offended by. They also talk about how none of them apparently go to the bathroom. Uh…okay? Then the gators attack, yet she refuses to go because she wants the money that badly. She finally manages to purify the lake though she’s long fucked up in the head now. We actually see another high schooler in Kyouya who was thrown into this world, except he’s actually accomplished something, unlike Kazuma. Turns out he promised Aqua he’d save the world for her. So when he finds her still in the cage, he freaks the fuck out and tries to free her. Apparently being reminded she was a goddess, something she somehow forgot about through her trauma. Kyouya is furious when he learns Kazuma dragged her into this world. He tries to tempt all the girls to join his party, even offering to buy them the best equipment, but all they want to do is hit him, or in Megumin’s case, blow him up. So Kyouya challenges him to a duel, so Kazuma immediately steals the cursed sword from him. When the two girls with him get mad for stealing his sword, he threatens to use his Steal ability on them, specifically for their panties, which pisses off Aqua and Megumin, yet Raratina of course enjoys it. Back at the Adventurer’s Guild, Aqua is freaking out because her reward was only a third of what was offered, because of the cage being broken. Kyouya approaches again after learning of his panty stealing antics. So Aqua punches him and makes him pay for the cage repairs since he broke it, though makes him pay more than the repair fee, of course. When asking for his sword back, Kazuma reveals he sold it and Kyouya runs off, likely to be a recurring nuisance later on. As the episode ends, the Dullahan returns, pissed off no one came to the castle, since Aqua cured the curse. Not a bad episode, but a little too much Aqua crying this week.

Episode Score – 4/5

Luck & Logic

Seems like a Yukari episode this week. This could be boring, she’s the least interesting to me. We see how caring and dependable she is, helping the team out with even the little things. The building is blacked out due to Quezacoatl (spelling’s probably way off), one of the first enemies defeated and one Olga’s been trying to recruit as his logicalist. Goddamn every time I see Valkyrie I love her more and more and she’s not even that important. Yukari talks with Artemis a bit about Mana, which she tells Yukari that’s she’s extremely perceptive. We then see them trying to get Olga and Yukari to trance with Athena, both failing though at least Yukari touched Athena. Understanding how it works for the other successful pairs she tries to figure out how it will work for her as well. Tricking the guard, Quezacoatl escapes and starts to wreak havoc in the building, tying up Yukaru. It’s about to eat Yukari when she offers it the food she was about to bring the others. He seems to take an interest in her, while the others plan to blow the floor underneath them, which could kill Yukari, as Yoshichika is charged with saving her when this happens. It appears that the Foreigners may be attacking humans just because they’re working with Gods, rather than revering them, interesting. Just when it seems things are about to get bad, the floor blows and Yoshichika just manages to save Yukari. Though Quezacoatl is not happy and he joins Veronica in the fight. Suddenly, Yukari protects him from what’s probably a killing blow. He’s perplexed as to why she protected him and her reasoning is even dumber, but he relinquishes his form and goes back to normal. He then offers to be her Trance partner. It works, but it’s weird…she looks like a mascot with her outfit. I will admit their relationship might be entertaining. But this episode was really meh at best.

Episode Score – 3/5

Myriad Colors Phantom World

D’awww, little baby Mai, Koito and Reina! Looks like this week will be centered around Kurumi, makes sense she’s the only one left. Side note, I finally decided to freeze frame the point where Koito’s in that censored state in the intro. If she looks like that for real, holy fuck she’s gonna move up the list when the inevitable swimsuit episode happens! Anyways, it seems Kurumi is a little torn after Mai mentioned last episode they’ll be counting on her again later down the road. Clearly she doesn’t think she’s capable of doing anything. When Haruhiko finds Kurumi and tries to help her when she’s about to fall, apparently grabbing her triggers something (probably related to Albrecht) and they fall into a portal. She lands smoothly, Haruhiko of course does not, but he survives, cause anime logic. However, she drops Albrecht during the fall. Then they’re approached by tiny stuffed bears and call her a princess, trying to take her away when a white knight version of Albrecht saves her. The world they’re in is like a Hanzel and Gretel type of world, it’s weird as shit. The claim seems to be that she’s from this world, but it’s likely a dream world Kurumi thought of with Albrecht. It’s clear that Kurumi has very little interaction with anyone, she’s completely shy and nervous around anyone. Haruhiko deduces the same thing as I did, thinking it’s Kurumi’s dream world. During this explanation, sweet jesus they give Ruru’s ass a temporary upgrade. Even funnier to me, it looks like Kurumi’s staring directly at it, it’s so weird. Asking her a few questions, she has a gigantic love of bears, Kuma being a key piece of everything she likes, even her last name has Kuma in it (which is Japanese for ‘bear’). Before we can finish the lovely chat, an enemy force appears, Prince Salmon is the evil-doer at the top of the totem pole. And yes, because his name is Salmon, he has a giant fish as a hat. I love you, Japan. After escaping the Prince, she reveals Albrecht has been with her since she was a baby and has seen no reason to part with him still. Then uh…a giant Bearizord shows up. Instead of running, Kurumi decides to confront it, a euphemism for her finding the courage to fight. CUE MAGICAL GIRL SEQUENCE!!! And she defeats Prince Salmon and they return to reality, where she’s ready to join the group. A cute episode, nothing too special, but a good watch.

Episode Score – 4/5 

Pandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn

We’re introduced to the CDF for the first time, essentially the police that Robert’s a part of. Meanwhile Nene (and maybe Clarion) are going in for maintenance. Another network issue occurs which causes a little girl’s cat to walk into the hospital when animals aren’t allowed, this will certainly be a part of the episode. I’m assuming the cat is robotic of some sort. During the maintenance she learns that they intend to stop her ability to have the strength she does and make her more like a normal girl. This little girl has an artificial leg and chases her cat around. During this, she accidentally lets BUER out of his cage that Clarion left him in during maintenance. So he “helps” her try to find the cat. Back at Uzal’s lair, the people trying to break in and starting to succeed. The cat continues to elude the girl and BUER but after meeting up with Nene and Clarion, the old lady from last week (I believe) is the one who finds it. Then the girl falls, rips her dress and throws a tantrum. Sigh…so Nene uses the Pandora device to super-sew it up. Trying to bring the girl home afterwards, they’re blocked by CDF tape, the entire camp has been moved. Clarion knows something is up and the villain shows up during this process, though of course they don’t know that, except Clarion. And for some reason she’s not telling Nene. Another meh episode, this week has been really light on good episodes.

Episode Score – 3/5

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation


Episode Score – 3.5/5

Prince of Stride: Alternative

So with Kyousuke back in the fold, it’s time to get things going. Nana notes that the team is together just like in the videos she saw again. The opposing school pisses them off a little bit, saying Ayumu should race so they’d have an easier win. Nana has a moment of doubt when the opposing team puts some different ideas in her head, but Ayumu calms her down. The race starts and Riku goes off fast but is killing himself and loses ground quickly. Clearly as the race is going on the opposing team is going to fuck with them the entire way. He manages to hang tough and gets Heath in the game. He makes up ground and Kyousuke’s ready to go. Trying to trick Nana into getting Heath to slow down, using last year’s incident as fodder, Heath realizes what’s going on and speeds up instead to make a smooth transition for Kyousuke to run. Taking a moment away from the race we get a flashback to him seeing Ayumu in the hospital. Ayumu asks him to take his spot but let’s him know he’ll be back to take his spot again. Back to the race, Kyousuke loses ground but being cheered on by Ayumu gets him going and he starts to pull away, or so I thought but he’s still behind. Which leaves the hardest part, Hozumi having to pair with Kyousuke at the end. Hozumi has a crazy hard battle with his opponent while Nana has to deal with the opposing Relationer not shutting the fuck up. With the last left, Takeru flat out destroys the last leg and wins it for Honan. More photo montages for Heath’s sister comes in and Kyousuke’s a boss with them. Pretty good episode.

Episode Score – 4.5/5

Schwarzes Marken

Debriefing everyone, Irisdina shows that for once the 666 and East Germany showed their worth to the rest of the world in their last mission. Chillin’ on a boat with Lise, we get a flashback of him with Irisdina and Gretel admitting his feelings and beliefs on what Lise is. They reveal during this that a massive BETA hive that’s more than double the entire army they dealt with in that multi-country mission has activated in Belarus. To make matters worse, the Stasi are gaining control after a series of arrests, meaning they could potentially shut down the 666th if they wanted to. And on cue, the Stasi show up. Heinze, the man who interrogated Theodor three years ago shows up and immediately arrests Irisdina essentially for slander. He then turns his attention to Lise and even puts forward the rumor of her being a Stasi spy as well, which Theodor does not want to hear. Heinze notes that perhaps he should wonder if someone sold out to help him be released, pointing at Lise. He then leaves with Irisdina in tow. A few of the 666 talk amongst themselves and wonder if the USSR will be helping with this. Gretel notes the USSR are Stasi territory but Katia also notes if the Stasi and the USSR are connected, with the current military situation, the USSR would’ve already shown up. It’s then Gretel wonders if the Stasi have straight up dropped the USSR. And then Irisdina’s back! Wow that was fast, unless we jumped a lot of time in five seconds. Irisdina reveals that there’s a massive power struggle within the Stasi and an outside faction that’s connected to the KGB are slowly pulling the USSR out of connection with the Stasi. It could potentially start a civil war in East Germany which would destroy everything with the BETA being able to overpower an already weakened East German line. So Irisdina sends Theodor and Gretel to Berlin to gain some cooperators. During their travels, Theodor rushes Gretel away as he sees they’re being followed. Turns out it’s nothing to worry about, as they’re picked up by a very high ranking officer. He reveals the Stasi’s plan to attack from within when the strongest are on the front lines. They want full political power and care nothing about the BETA situation. Gretel sends Theodor back to the 666 while she stays in Berlin. Back at base, Lise has gone away from her innocent figure on Katia, finding her necklace and noting Katia’s affiliation with the West. She’s also aware that Irisdina and Theodor are planning something and Katia’s involved as well. And then she just disappears. Back with Irisdina, Theodor reports their work so far in Berlin. She notes that Katia is that man’s daughter so they have an extra chip to play as well in this fight. Lise meets with him after and we start to see the game she’s playing. She clearly knows a little bit too much and is switching between serious and cute. Then suddenly Sylvia approaches and points a gun at her, arresting her for being a spy, both her and Thi-Rang noting she’s acting exactly as Stasi spies do. Anett and Katia also appear to confirm their suspicions. Lise runs off crying and Katia tells him she asked about what Irisdina’s planning, but he still runs off after her. He looks in her room and she hugs him from behind…uh…naked. Oh for fuck’s sake…

Episode Score – 3.5/5

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