Character Spotlight: Tira


Never before has crazy looked so good.

For a brief period of time (before I discovered Guilty Gear basically), Soul Calibur was my favourite fighting game series. I only really spent a lot of time with two of their games however, both were PS2 copies, Soul Calibur II and III. When I first played SC2, I really liked the setting, the characters, the whole thing. And I thought there was no way anyone could take Talim off the pedestal for that game. But then the sequel came out and I was introduced to Tira.


Everything was so perfect (she’s never gotten prettier than the original SC3 form), the greenish/bluish hair, those violet eyes, the makeup, particularly the violet streak across her left cheek and nose. And of course, her torn up outfit just capped off a beautiful woman and gave her one hell of a sexy body. They could’ve made her a mute and she’d still be at the top of my list in terms of Soul Calibur girls. But then she spoke:

“Awww, you broke already? Oh well, I’m guess I’m done with you!”

That line has stood out with me forever since. That maniacal voice of hers, that cold yet crazy demeanor she has, I couldn’t forget it even if I wanted to. She’s the kind of girl that you know is nothing but trouble, but you convince yourself that you’re the one that’ll get to her. With a straight face, I can tell you the one time I actually dreamed about sleeping in a tent at night when she suddenly bursts in, looking like she’s about to cut me to pieces. But she stops and in the end, I have this gorgeous woman lying next to me. And because all my dreams are giant teases, of course I woke up before anything “fun” happened.


It’s not to say that in the later games she hasn’t been attractive at all, she’s certainly been kept beautiful over the course of the games, I mean come on, look at that body in the SC4 version of her above. You know a perfect ass when you see one. I just find though that in the later games they went in more of a Harley Quinn kind of direction with her, which don’t get me wrong I’m totally down for, but my favourite form of Tira will always been her SC3 form. She’s deadly, crazy, but yet she’s absolutely stunning. In the later versions, she’s a little more sexy than pretty and there’s something more charming to me about crazy and pretty than crazy and sexy.

In terms of her fighting style, by the time I stopped playing SC3, I’d gotten pretty good with Tira. I like her style in the sense that it’s a little more unpredictable, generally speaking my favourite characters in fighting games in terms of playability are the ones that are a little harder to telegraph. Some people like the hard-hitters like Nightmare, some like the quickdraw fighters like Raphael, but I go for the middle ground usually and focus on characters that are a little more unique. Except for Voldo, I can’t figure out his shit.


I think in terms of fighting game characters, Tira may just be my favourite female fighter of all-time and think about the games and girls she has to go through. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, Guilty Gear, there’s a ton out there and yet for me she stands out amongst the rest of them. She’s very unique looking, her ring blade weapon is awesome, as a fighting character she’s fun to use and slightly unpredictable which is up my alley. But most of all, she’s a beautiful girl in a game genre that is known to house some of the sexiest girls in all of video gaming. She’s over the top beautiful like the rest of them, but she doesn’t show it off the same way most of them do. Her chest isn’t over-exaggerated whether by size or physics, she doesn’t flirt with characters constantly and most importantly she’s not held back by any cliché female character tropes. She’s her own beast.

A sexy beast at that too.


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