Quickie: The Dumb Fight Between Fire Emblem Fans


I could’ve given this article a better title, but honestly this one fits so well.

There’s a real war going on between Fire Emblems fans, new and old about the setting which people play on. From my point of view it’s the hardcore faithful Fire Emblem fans getting a bit too pissy about people playing the newer games on the Casual difficulty so permadeath doesn’t become something for those players to worry about. However, the Casual side isn’t exactly responding well and providing just as much bullshit responses as the Classic side is.

So from someone who’s played on both sides of this debate, let me give my thoughts on which setting you should be playing Fire Emblem on…



Why is this a fucking debate between people?! It’s a difficulty setting! Who gives a shit?! What? Are we gonna start having fights over playing a game on ‘Normal’ instead of ‘Insane’?! Come on guys, you can’t be serious here!

As someone who’s played the original GBA releases in North America, the Classic difficulty is quite harrowing to those who aren’t perhaps that great with strategy games like this, myself included. I was so happy later down the line to be able to play this game on an emulator where I can save states and load them faster rather than turning off my GBA and turning it back on, waiting another two minutes to load back in. Permadeath is an exhilarating way to play the game though, it’s really great when you manage to successfully finish a chapter without anyone dying. And it offers one hell of a challenge to those who are into that sort of thing.

But come on folks, you know if Fire Emblem was to continue out here in the West, a Casual level of difficulty was required and the sales have shown that this kind of difficulty was needed to bring in more players. Sorry you’re a little butthurt that other people get to play the game you love so much but play it a little differently? Are we not being a little selfish here or what? For those like myself who aren’t great at this kind of challenging strategic gameplay, the Casual setting is fantastic for those who still love the universe and want to get deep into it. Is the new Phoenix level of difficulty where units actually come back to battle in the same mission a little too much? I don’t know, but if that option makes more people feel safer in playing this game, why not? It’s not like you don’t have to play with that setting.


Which frustrates me even more when you realize the hardcore players have a game specifically tailored for them in Conquest, while Birthright is a little more in favour of the casual and new players. And again, YOU CAN PLAY THE GAME ON THE CLASSIC SETTING IF YOU WANT! No one’s making you play the Casual difficulty. It’s purely a bunch of self-centered egotistical dumbasses who think the game should only be the type of game they want it to be. I’ve got news for you shitheads, with Fates selling faster and more copies than any Fire Emblem game before it, you’re not going to get your way. The games will continue to adopt a Casual setting along with the Classic setting, like it or not.

Why are we shaming either side for preferring one difficulty setting over the other? It’s a matter of preference. So if that’s the case, why don’t we fight about what’s hotter, blondes? Brunettes? White? Black? Blue eyes? Brown eyes?

Like come on, you’re all being ridiculous. Cut that shit out right now! Can we all just not enjoy Camilla and be done with it?!


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