Week #8 – Winter Anime 2016

Week number eight is upon us with the Winter anime season. What’s in store this week?!

As always I’m live reacting (though typing it out to be posted later) to each episode I watch and going over what happens in each episode with the occasional quip and joke here and there. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, this entire article is full of them!

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across The Blue

With everyone now aware of Misaki’s withdrawal from the FC club, they all find her already at school. Naturally, Mashiro is freaking out way too much. Misaki clearly doesn’t want to talk about it, trying to just pass it off as nothing special. Unlike all the girls, Masaya is leaving her alone for the time being, while the girls are going to way too excessive lengths to corner her. Finally the day ends and she gets away from them, well for the time being until Asuka catches her while flying. She tries her happy speech on Misaki but it doesn’t work, replying with “I can’t fly anymore.” and then telling Asuka it’s not fun for her anymore and that Asuka needs to worry about get better. Finally, Masaya tells the girls to lay off on her. Back at his house, we momentarily see a picture of him younger flying with who I assume is a younger Aoi. Misaki meanwhile heads out to do some shopping when she runs into Masaya. She asks him straight up why he’s the only one not saying a word to her since she quit, assuming she doesn’t mean anything to him. They end up eating dinner together, which momentarily makes me think how good a couple they might actually be. When leaving he finally answers her question, stating he understands exactly how she feels, as he also tried to leave FC. We get his backstory in FC finally, winning championships since he was little. He got invited to represent Japan in the World Cup and got extremely cold feet, spending more time worrying about losing than enjoying the game. So it became a chore more than a game for him and after beginning to lose he’d had enough. The next day an Avalon helicopter shows up, the girls from the winning team at the tournament showing up, suggesting a practice match against Saki. Her opponent? It was probably meant to challenge Aoi, but Asuka steps in. Again, if she doesn’t lose by a massive margin, I’m not leaving this episode happy. She should lose and lose badly. Irina clearly is the bad one, as Saki is just a puppet it seems. Misaki is also in attendance for this match, but hidden away. As usual, Saki gets the first point and then Asuka tries to hit her, but Saki deflects every one and puts her in the same direction. Once again, they’re deliberately controlling the match a certain way, trying to ruin the game. Saki could take another point, but instead just chases her, running the clock. The intent is clearly there to ruin the game. No matter what Asuka tries, it doesn’t work and then she loses her hairpin, which apparently is a big deal and apparently made her crash? But isn’t the shoes supposed to keep her from crashing? And then the episode ends with Asuka crying, the first time she’s not smiling. But really, a meh episode.

Episode Score – 3.5/5


Oh no, more kids. Then a new character lands in the frame and this once serious show just got weird. A fat musician named Epizo and he’s American. God damn it. I swear to god he’s like the American male version of Haruka from FLCL. Oh look, even more Bubuki wielders. Sweet Jesus I’m not going to keep up now. Also two sister fawning over their older brother, yay incest! ALSO ANOTHER GROUP OF USERS?! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! I’m not even learning names now. Now the original four from the intro start showing up. My brain hurts. Then Epizo goes mad and challenges Azuma, presumably the fifth member of this group and the heart wielder. One girl though from the American team is pretty much Juliet Starling with a battle axe. Also holy fuck the stereotypes of the entire American team is ridiculous. Fat slob, cheerleader, Mexican, two blacks. In all this commotion, Shizuru is doing nothing until the sisters show up. So the other team we’re seeing is Russian, sisters included. Shizuru is dodging them like it’s nothing until taking a hit and they challenge her as the geniuses of the their team. We get a moment with Souya tending to the injured Reoko who is currently in her child personality. Back to Shizuru and the sisters, she’s losing badly since she’s still weak from the last battle. The entire Japanese team is clearly outmatched right now, but why is America and Russia fighting them? During this battle, Azuma notes that Oubu’s heart has stopped beating. Um…this episode was awesome but I have no idea what’s going on.

Episode Score – 5/5 

Dagashi Kashi

It’s time for the summer festival, so it means yukata time for the girls. Until then however, Kokonotsu and Yo are setting up shop at the festival. He asks why they set up a shop that isn’t dagashi-related at the festival and oh shit Hotaru’s about to give us a lesson. God damn it! But before crazy things happen some woman gives him hell for what he makes since she makes the same. It’s an annual thing apparently. Now it’s festival time and Hotaru looks kind of like a circus lead. While die-cutting, Kokonotsu actually notes that when she’s not blabbering about dagashi over and over, she’s actually really pretty. Which is true, she’s gorgeous at times. Back at the shop, Saya finally shows up and damn does she look pretty. She’s clearly trying to get him alone and Yo notices too, sending him out with her. So while walking around the festival, they stop at a cotton candy stall and the moment Saya starts to ask questions about it, I know what’s coming. Turns out I was only half-right, Kokonotsu gave the lesson this time around. They have a great time together, very adorable the two of them. Then he has a Hotaru moment, failing at a game over and over again. We get another cute kid flashback between the two of them as well. But Hotaru has to break up the moment as to be expected. Just like last week, a cute episode, this time a little lighter on the candy lessons too.

Episode Score – 4/5

Dimension W 

The island is in complete ruin, an absolute mess likely due to the coils snapping dimensional rifts back and forth. Albert tells Kyouma as he and Mira leave that he won’t be able to save them this time, to which he laughs off and drives off. We get a little background on Salva, he was adopted by a King, becoming a Prince not by blood. He can recall the building of the New Tesla tower in his country. He also does not like how the King works with everyone rather than do everything himself. He also doesn’t like it when the King actually has a newborn son in Lwai. Back to the crashed ship, mostly everyone made it out, Lwai brings Salva and the girl with him out of the underwater wreck. Meanwhile, Elisabeth and Loser look over the ruins and note how one false step and they’ll die instantly due to the dimensional rifts that you can’t even see. Back with the main group, they see through a video that Salva was prepared for this even if he died during the exploration. He notes even Dr. Yurizaki couldn’t figure out this area. The reward’s 50 million dollars and that new possibilities can open from this world. Then a zombie-like man is in the basement and a robot suddenly attacks the building they’re all in. Another orb appears and it’s noted that it’s only interested in men, not going after Cassidy, the cowboy girl. Lasithi tells Lwai to go on without her and achieve Salva’s dream. So the orb didn’t affect her, she claims she took a hit that knocked her out. Back with Kyouma, they fight through a few guard robots, though just with an EMP grenade which also affects Mira and annoys her a little. She notes someone is fighting up ahead and it’s the siblings. Mira saves one from certain death and Kyouma deals with the robo, trying it up AT-AT style. They take the coil from the robot, but with it just being an old, normal one Kyouma tells her to throw it away with depresses her. They work together with the siblings to make their way into the main lab (presumably), while K.K. suddenly starts attacking other Collectors, claiming it’s for a “simple operation”. Kyouma reveals his intent to immediately destroy the coil as soon as he finds it. Driving through a tunnel, they are about to go into the nothingness. Turns out they won’t die immediately but they won’t last long. But they risk it, driving through and hoping for the best. It’s a notably tense situation, Kyouma feels everything draining from him. It looked like the girl of the siblings had died, but they all make it. There’s a ton of wreckage, Kyouma noting Grendel definitely went through here. So they’re close to his last memory, ground zero of the island. He’s clearly bothered now by this, the memories of the event and his love strong. And then Loser shows up as the episode ends. Loser to me will likely turn out to be a third surviving member of Grendel if my suspicions are correct, he’s tied too closely with Kyouma to not be. This episode was pretty good, though nothing to send it over the top.

Episode Score – 4.5/5 


Sigh, I’m ready again Erased. Who went into the bus? It’s looks like it was just Kenya but whoever it was slams a bag on the bus and leaves. Once again Sachiko knows he’s up to something and asks him point blank, but he won’t quite tell her. Visiting Kayo, he tells her he expects to only have this carry on for a couple more days. While eating food Sachiko gave him for lunch knowing he’d give it to Kayo, he leaves her a nice note so she knows someone older is aware. After wards, we see a girl named Aya Nakanishi who I imagine (cause I can’t remember) is the third victim. The teacher pulls him asides and asks if anything’s up and reveals he’s called Child Services. I’m gonna say it right now, because my conspiracy brain is working as I type this (all these posts have been live recalls and reactions), I’m getting more suspicious that the teacher is the killer. In this case, I wonder if he’s saying this just to have Satoru bring her back home. Though he and two people do show up. Entering the home, Yashiro (the teacher) investigates, not finding anything. Satoru is watching them as well, definitely covering all bases. Revisiting Kayo, he says this should be resolved tomorrow and finally be separated from her family. She finally gives him his birthday present also, a new pair of gloves. This moment really hits Satoru hard, because he thinks he’s finally succeeded, though I’m not convinced just yet. Then Kayo suddenly asks him to stay the night with her which even catches him off guard after everything that’s happened. She says it’s because of the man last night so they open the bag, revealing rope, tape, gloves, boots and a mask. That’s when he puts two and two together with Aya being a victim as well. The killer actually was right next to Kayo and the killer didn’t know! Satoru now knows that while he’s changed possibly Kayo’s fate permanently, Aya and possibly Hiromi are not safe yet, the order may have just been changed. Now shit’s gotten real, they can’t stay in the bus now, but Kayo is not 100% safe, they are in the killer’s world right now. So Satoru has to implement Plan B, which is simply bringing her to his home. She is super proud when all her suspicions are true and her son did the right thing helping Kayo out. It’s clear she was always a step ahead of him even, planning to make enough food for him and many guests. Kay gives back the lunch box and perhaps a response to the note. Meanwhile Sachiko calls Yashiro to tell him that Kayo is with her now, which now immediately worries me due to my own suspicions. He does have eyes similar to the colour of the killer’s. She questions the future of Kayo’s well-being to which he says he has an idea, but we don’t know what. He also calls someone else about her, but again we don’t know. Sachiko takes Kayo is for a bath. Huh, wasn’t expecting nudity in this show. They meld together right away, almost like a mother and daughter. I imagine if things go as well as they can, she’ll be living with them, but there’s too much going on for me to assume the best possible case. Cue a moment that may be the only time I laugh during this show. Sachiko is sleeping in the middle of them and asks if she’s in the way, to which Satoru actually says yes and Kayo blushes brightly and says no. He gets a playful smack for his troubles. Well they survived the morning. Kayo sees maybe her first real breakfast in a long time and that hits her hard. Went from laughing to nearly crying here, folks. It’s this moment I don’t want to see anything bad happen to her again which makes me think otherwise. Her mother has a fit in her room before she’s at the door along with Satoru and Sachiko. The first cliffhanger I’m okay with. Wow, the emotions in this episode, especially the last two minutes. I nearly cried for the first time watching anime since Your Lie in April. Goddamn. Nothing’s beating this episode this week, not a chance.

Episode Score – 5/5 *SHOW OF THE WEEK*

GATE – Season 2

I’m watching this right after Erased, so this’ll be a tough act to follow. But if any show can get me right back into smiling, it’s GATE. The Ministry of Defence is now aware of Zolzal’s new reign or terror so to speak. They’re all under orders now to not rescue any prisoners for the time being, until the moment is right, they don’t want to play their hand so soon. Pina meanwhile is is rough shape mentally and Sherry is suddenly attacked by people on behalf of Zolzal because of the new law where they can arrest anyone. Her parents have her and a Marquess escape in an underground escape route and she sees their family has burned the house down along with them in sacrifice for her. The enemy decides to cause more trouble in the town to draw out the Marquess. Tyuule also sends out that disgusting foot licker Bouro to cause more trouble. While getting food, Sherry learns that the major diplomats are safe with Pina and her knights and intends to seek asylum there. Bouro is on their tail though, killing innocents along the way. They walk right into the Jade Palace but are stopped at the border there to Japan. When Sugiwara however learns Sherry is one of the two seeking asylum, he nearly caves in but doesn’t give in. The Cleaners show up at that moment and drag the two of them away. Sugiwara finally snaps and demands her release, claiming their intent to be married when she turns sixteen, whether it’s true or not. At the very least, Sherry is safe. A battle between the Cleaners and Pina’s knights begin. Not too big an episode unfortunately.

Episode Score – 3.5/5

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Another round against the goblins, the group sets out once more. This time though, it’s different: They’re going after the goblins that killed Manato. The sniper goes down first, then another after an quick skirmish. They head into a building and take down two more, heading upstairs. More crossbows nearly end a few of them and a big goblin stands in their way. This is the first real battle scene we’re seeing in this show and it comes off real, not over the top. Yume takes a speak to the shoulder, OH NOW I’M PISSED OFF!!! KILL ‘EM DEAD!!! Haruhiro struggles with the goblin on his own but with Mary’s help takes it down but doesn’t kill it yet. They all persevere and work together, killing almost all of them, leaving the last one that ran off. When it looks like it’s all over, Mary suddenly takes a shot in the back as well. However it seems they got lucky this time and it didn’t hit anything major. Haruhiro snaps and deals with the fucker who shot Mary and likely killed Manato as well as take his dagger. It’s a struggle, but a bittersweet ending when he kills it finally and reclaims his lost weapon. It’s over, they’ve won. Mary is alive and well and looks pretty in whatever she’s wearing when they’re all at Manato’s grave. Haruhiro reflects on his memory and notes how they all failed to notice how much they missed due to letting Manato take all their burdens, wishing he could’ve changed things and had more time to know him properly. He shows at the graveyard they all have their badges now finally. He admits they could’ve had them a long time ago but wanted to finish everything first otherwise it would’ve been wrong. It now makes sense why they were killing nothing but goblins the whole time. They were studying them, learning everything they could so when approaching that group that killed Manato, there would be no surprises, nothing stopping them. They leave a set of badges on his grave, buying one for him as well. They all slowly leave one by one, the last ones are Yume and Shihoru, Haruhiro leaving with Mary. She smiles for the first time while talking with Haruhiro. She notes he doesn’t seem happy even though they avenged Manato’s death. She’s also been calling him Hal lately which he finally pays attention to. Haruhiro tells her as well how hard it must’ve been for her losing three friends instead of them just losing one. And they part ways. A really good episode, great battles and a ton of emotion as the show’s been known for.


Episode Score – 5/5 

Konosuba -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!-

Because of Aqua and the flood, Kazuma’s livelihood is even worse now with the majority of their reward money going to the remaining debt. Aqua continues to be the worst character around as she always does. Raratina wants to take on white wolves because of…things…*shudder*, but Kazuma refuses. Megumin wants to take on a monster that can one-shot them, so Kazuma refuses. A quest comes to kill Snow Sprites for 100,000 eris a pop and according to Megumin each kill brings spring a half day closer AND they’re easy kills, so Kazuma is way into that idea. Though he gets suspicious when Raratina gets all blushily excited about it. Raratina also wears no armor and just goes out in snow gear, clearly to balance out the potential damage, though the cold is apparently enough for her. Explosion applies real quick, but she only gets eight. Turns out though killing enough Snow Sprites summons summons the Winter Shogun, a powerful monster. Explains the high reward count. Raratina is way too happy about this. Attempting to apologize to the Winter Shogun, he kills Kazuma who’s back in the afterlife with a new goddess, Eris. He’s told he’ll be reincarnated again back to Japan, but after giving his entire story in the parallel world he realizes how much he secretly enjoyed (and because Aqua intevenes), he ends up going back instead of home. He gets a loving hug from Megumin and Raratina as he wakes up and Aqua continues to be annoying. As things are back to normal, Kazuma reflects on how he really liked Eris compared to Aqua and after being with Aqua for five more minutes, he immediately regrets going back to them. It was an okay episode, nowhere near as entertaining as last week.

Episode Score – 3.5/5 

Luck & Logic

So this Ash guy was at some precinct or something and now it seems to be taken over by a Foreigner. Veronica has turned in a letter of resignation, likely having to do with her visit to Ash. He was her trainer and lost his personality due to the same Foreigner currently taking over the precinct. Yoshichika is sent out after Veronica along with Yukari. Meanwhile Veronica is approaching the taken over area and enters, people still there. They tell her they moved Ash (which likely triggered the Foreigner) because they finally found Ash’s lost Logic cards. After a rocky journey, Yoshichika and Yukari reach the lab, but find out Veronica has already left to kill the Foreigner. She tells it that he meant more to her than her own life and attacks it head on. Suddenly, the men from the lab start preventing Yoshichika from reaching Veronica. They fall deeper into the lab, hearing the fight above them and then fall into a trap room, a ton of dead somethings in there, can’t tell if it’s humans or Foreigners. Seems they were doing experiments related to Trancing and Over Trancing with Foreigners likely far too powerful for any human to handle. I love how Yukari and Quetzie are the comedy duo now of the show. They also crash into the lab where Yoshichika and Athena are. Flying to the top where Veronica is fighting the Foreigner with Ash there as well in a casket-like bed, Yukari aims to find his Logic Cards while Yoshichika aims to protect Veronica. She goes all-out to kill it, but Yoshichika stops her, telling her the Foreigner is the victim and not Ash. That the experiment broke the Foreigner’s mind. Her attacks cause the structure to collapse, she cradles Ash’s bed while the man in charge grins thinking all the evidence of their experiments are now gone. Yoshichika continues to try and stop her, but she ain’t listening. She flashbacks to how Ash essentially saved her life and is about to kick the Foreigner off a cliff, when Yoshichika stops her at the last minute. Yukari finds one card and gives it to the Foreigner. Orlov, the man responsible is also arrested. Veronica still believes she should reign, but everyone convinces her to stick around. An okay episode, nothing too special though.

Episode Score -3/5

Myriad Colors Phantom World

They start by bringing up hot springs. You have my attention. The usual intro happens and it gets a little weird. Ruru’s bathing in a teapot and doesn’t look half bad…problem is Haruhiko starts drinking the water…ugh. So the start of the episode sees it being stupid hot outside, makes it pretty obvious right away that the Phantom will be hot springs related and just like that one randomly has appeared in the middle of the school. And it’s inhabited by tiny pink monkeys and one GIANT FUCKING MONKEY! And he ain’t letting anyone in. So everyone starts taking turns defeating the monkey but the monkey is Goku-levels of strong so nothing’s working. Even the swimsuit wearing ladies couldn’t do it and they even get licked in their defeat. It seems the monkeys like their women though so of course Mai’s up next. Too bad she slips on a banana peel and gets licked for her troubles. Haruhiko casts his dog summon but it thinks it’s a bath. Kurumi throws Albrecht in and it bursts trying to suck all the water out. Koito finally jumps in but even she does nothing. They come up with a plan similar to a Trojan horse where Haruhiko gets to have his hands on Mai’s hips the whole time. The giant monkey approaches it and all seems well until the tiny monkeys jump on top and their cover is blown, Mai getting a second lick. This episode should have a Mai ass shot counter. I’ll take this episode easily though as for the first time we get to see Koito’s figure a lot better as everyone’s wearing their school-issued swimsuit because of the heat. And damn is she pretty. So knowing how much he likes women, they have Reina try to entice him. Ruru gives her a spank for confidence and trying to get her to show herself off more. This is turning out to be a really bad hentai show, oh god. But she’s not hot enough, gee I wonder who’s going to have to do it? The have Koito try as well which would work for me, but she can’t be sexy. Mai is not happy that they’re coming back to her a third time. Oh and because of science, Haruhiko has to paint Mai’s ass red to further entice the giant monkey. Sigh. Of course they make it sexual, way too sexual. It starts to work but the monkeys find the red paint and Mai trips over it. HOLY SHIT HARUHIKO SUMMONS THE CUTEST CTHULHU EVER!!! Also he’s holding Mai princess-style and actually looking impressive for once, so of course she’s suddenly totally into him. After Haruhiko’s red painted ass somehow finishes the job and he’s beautified, he’s taken away to another world with his new husband, the giant pink monkey. *sniff* What a wonderful moment!!! Pretty entertaining episode to say the least.

Episode Score – 4.5/5 

Pandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn

Shopping with Clarion and Nene and we have a creepy fucking old man in Janus North talking about how the Herme’s department store will go deep into the future. Then Newsgirl leaps out of the mascot outfit and interrogates him before getting tased once again before uttering her name. She’s got a nice butt. Along the way, North walks into the same elevator as the girls, noting how advanced they are. Another freaking network disturbance, sheesh! Even Sony’s Playstation servers aren’t this bad. They’re stuck in the elevator and North has to shit. No joke. It’s like he’ll die. Finally getting out and crisis averted, the place is actually on fire. Well that escalated even further. Managing to escape the blaze, they save North and his assistant. However, there’s a tiny boy now where they once were. Clarion fights it and this sight seems to bring up a horrible memory of Nene’s fully human past. Nene runs off without Clarion. Robert finds North and the woman, finding out the two who saved them are Nene and Clarion and are still in there. Getting to the boy, Nene takes a huge risk, giving the boy a ton of her oxygen reserves and is about to pass out when Clarion arrives and saves both of them. They run into Newsgirl and give her the boy and disappear. Clarion rushes back with Nene in her arms and actually half-smiles for the first time. But she’s taken some heavy damage herself, insisting on going on though, Nene being top priority. Takumi and the robots finally make it to them. And once again we end at the base with no explanation. Though I’m starting to assume the network disturbances are because of what they’re doing down there. Another decent episode.

Episode Score – 4/5

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

Mika (finally got her name) is still very jealous Rina spends all her time now with Itsuki and decides to let off some steam in PSO2. Seems an enemy in her game is leaking into the real world as well. During this time, Aika is with Rina and Itsuki and runs towards where this Darker had shown up. At a massive school meeting, Mika is not around at all, no one’s seen here. The meeting plans an afterparty from their big school festival, likely being a mass-PSO2 party. But the other clubs don’t want any part of it, not wanting extra work essentially. It’s now apparent Mika has just disappeared completely, likely into the game itself. Alone with Itsuki, Rina admits she is trying to do this event because she once fell into the opposition once and was left out, wanting to atone for her last mistake. It becomes clearer and clearer Aika is of the game world as she knows more than everyone else does. Opening Mika’s room, Rina discovers Aika in there, having broken in. Rina also finds evidence that Mika was trying to get closer to her. Aika then runs off with Mika’s gamepad. Rina realizes she’d been neglecting Mika for a while now, fearing she ran away because of her. Itsuki suggests seeing if they can find Mika online, trying to find someone who knows her. Rina’s also losing the desire to plan the afterparty as well, which Itsuki tries to break her out of. Another set of players tell them that she’s not the only case of this happening. The Samurai and his wife claim they saw Mika in her school uniform, thinking it was a costume. They find her trapped in some sort of cocoon surrounded by extremely tough enemies. Surrounded, Rina takes the enemies while Itsuki aims to break the cocoon, but Aika does the hard work, freeing Mika. She takes a hit and finally reveals it is here under that mask. Seeing Rina about to be finished off, Itsuki snaps and kills everything in his path, transforming into something different momentarily, like extra armor. There’s also someone else with Aika, but no idea who it is. The next day, they refuse to believe it was her in the game, but she miraculously shows up to school, though has no idea what happened to her. But she’s taken a hit in the same spot she did in-game. Aika also denies involvement. Something is definitely a-foot, folks!

Episode Score – 4/5

Prince of Stride: Alternative

It’s clear Tomoe, Riku’s brother is coming back and will be facing them soon, calling up Kyousuke to say hello and saying he’s back in Japan and will see him soon enough. It’s time for the final tournament, only four school participate, Honan, Saisei and Tsubakimachi and Kakyoin, two schools we haven’t seen. Betcha Tomoe’s showing up with Kakyoin, since that’s Honan’s opponent for a time trial to set up the actual matches. Nana gets a call from her father, also returning to Japan from overseas. He tells her to transfer to another school to be close to him, though she notes how she’s already pretty attached to Honan. Riku asks about the situation, but nothing significant comes out of it. On the flight to the tournament they meet with a student from Kakyoin, Toya is his name. He’s the relationer of the team yet hasn’t even met the team yet. So uh…Hozumi has a really weird yet funny kung-fu nostalgia moment beforehand that was quite entertaining to say the least, flipping from Bruce Lee to Drunken Master. The first trial, Saisei wins convincingly against Tsubakimachi. Seeing the teams for the second match, the coach of Kakyoin is a legend in Stride, which happens to be Nana’s father. She had no idea. Of course as expected, the final member the announce…Tomoe Yagami. Riku is shocked and lost from this news. It’s clear that Honan’s losing this one and getting the lowest seed. I don’t like though how the first time we see Tomoe, he comes off very normal, this should be a bigger deal. The race starts, Riku in the first leg. Kakyoin is good, damn good. Already way behind, Hozumi is next. And again, they’re way behind. Every leg, they catch up but Kakyoin suddenly they accelerate way faster than anyone should be able to. Takeru doesn’t fare well either and Kyosuke is left with a massive gap between him and Tomoe. They lose terribly and Riku is shot down hard by his brother’s sheer talent. Honan lost by just shy of ten seconds. Nana watches on as his dad looks at her, almost disappointed. We see how he left her with her grandparents to pursue his career in Stride, just up and leaving her. Tomoe takes a passive, but heavy shot at Kyousuke, basically saying even though they ran together, they never should have as he and Heath was never on Tomoe’s level. The entire team is crushed, Riku walks out on a meeting though Takeru tries to stop him, only making it worse. Riku is absolutely pissed off with everything, wanting to be as good as Tomoe but once again finds himself behind him. We learn he quit Stride long before even getting into it with Honan due to never being able to get past his brother, always in his shadow. The episode ends with Tomoe approaching Riku, they’re first meeting since god knows how long. A tough episode, Honan really got their shit pushed in this week. But intense to say the least.

Episode Score – 4/5


GOD DAMN IT! I HATE POST-CREDIT STUFF IN ANIME! So after I turned off the anime, Lise indeed is a spy and takes Irisdina captive with a gun to the head. Katia is in a mech with Theodor as it happens. Yeah, no happy incest Lise anymore. Obviously, Theodor is heartbroken after all this time. By Irisdina’s order, he flees with Katia. Clearly the Stasi have already quickly gone through the ranks and taken over all of East Germany so it’s already really bad. It worth noting that Berlin is in seriously danger of falling now which would only make the West’s relationship with the East even worse. Back at base, Lise officially is welcomed back into the Stasi battalion she was in, now in charge of interrogations. Though Beatrix wants Irisdina all to herself. The remaining forces are being split up, presumably to die in battles they can’t handle. Lise meanwhile is viciously interrogating Thi-Rang, it’s not pretty. Lise looks to have split personalities, she has her “onii-chan!” side and then her sadistic Stasi side. Finally back with Theodor and Katia, they hide in an abandoned building. During this time, Katia finds a book on what really happened with her father, how he was a hero and not a blacklisted name. But it’s not long they’re found and chased down by the Stasi. Suddenly told to get down, their attackers defeated, Gretel leading a charge. She was found by a rebel group and has been helping them out not long after the Stasi takeover. Theodor has not spoken a word since fleeing, clearly distraught by all this. Anett has the distinction of hearing Thi-Rang’s excessive beatings and is a horrifying thought. The resistance plans to get into the base and free the 666 prisoners. Again, this entire time, not a single word from Theodor. It really means something to have your main character completely fade into the background. For political reasons as well, other remnants of East Germany want nothing to do with this war now, knowing it’s pointless otherwise. Katia however comes forward with a possibility. Her father. Hearing his name, Theodor stirs up and Katia reveals her real name is Ursula and is indeed Strachwitz’s daughter, who is considered a massive war hero to all of East Germany. When fact checks reveal she is indeed her father’s daughter, Theodor comes back into the fray, offering the idea of Katia being a bridge between West and East Germany. A plot thickening episode to say the least!

Episode Score – 4.5/5

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