Anime Spotlight: Blue Submarine No. 6


Like the Nel Character Spotlight from yesterday, this one will also be short. But this has a lot to do with the fact that it’s only a 4-episode OVA and honestly without spoiling the majority of the series, this will have to be short.

But if you’re looking for a sci-fi anime that doesn’t take too much of your time yet has a couple interesting characters and a pretty good story, Blue Submarine No. 6 is right up your alley.

A lot like Gargantia, this anime takes place on a water-flooded Earth, though in this one there is still some land left. The flooding is caused by a scientist by the name of Zorndyke who also creates a hybrid race of half-animal, half-humans. His end goal is to have this race take over the entire planet, which the human race ain’t gonna take lying down. His plan though is to cause a polar switch and essentially wipe out most life on Earth. The title of the series is named for the submarine that we ride with most of the show, as the humans fight for their own existence.

There’s a few interesting character to note in Hayami who’s your typical tough military man. Kino however is an interesting case, being very similar, but instead is a small-framed 18-year old girl with super short red hair. Her looks alone make her very unique for anime (though this is from 1999-2000), but her attitude is also unique because unlike most anime badass girls, she’s not over-sexualized, nor over-exaggerated. The most intriguing character however, is Mutio.


A member of this hybrid race, she’s however saved from certain death by Hayami and while she can’t speak a lick of Japanese, the two of them share a brief but curious relationship whenever they see each other. It comes off very realistic, they’re both super curious about each other, frightened of each other at first, possibly going for a kill initially, but eventually realize neither wants to kill the other unless they absolutely have to. It’s a very realistic representation of what would happen if a human came into contact with alien, though it’s arguable we’d just shoot ’em on sight, cause y’know…’MERICA!

The story ends off sort of ho-hum, but altogether for a 4-ep short anime series, it’s pretty interesting. I’d suggest checking it out, I believe it’s still on Crunchyroll.

And come on, you say no to this face.


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