Week #9 – Winter Anime 2016

Week number nine is upon us with the Winter anime season. What’s in store this week?!

As always I’m live reacting (though typing it out to be posted later) to each episode I watch and going over what happens in each episode with the occasional quip and joke here and there. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, this entire article is full of them!

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across The Blue

So my internet conked out when I went to save my draft of this show review so I’ll make this quick. I hated this episode. A lot. Asuka is getting more and more annoying every episode. She suddenly can’t fly now and Misaki ends up being the one to basically help her get back on her feet. We also see that during Asuka’s childhood, a young boy who looks a lot like Masaya helped her out when she was a shy, weak girl. So after all the mental bullshit what does Asuka do (after spending the night with Misaki and making Mashiro super jelly) in response? Challenge Misaki to a match. Which she accepts for some reason even though she stated she’s quit FC. If she loses to Asuka, she’ll rejoin the team, which makes zero sense since Asuka’s pretty much the reason she wanted to quit, why would getting beaten by her make her rejoin? Then Misaki actually wins, BUT STILL FUCKING REJOINS!!! So the stakes were meaningless and they played the “friendship” and “fun” card while shoving implications down our throats. The logic in this series is seriously pissing me off now and I know it’s Episode 9, so I’m likely not going to drop this now, but for this show’s own good…

Episode Score – 2/5 ***ON NOTICE!!!***


All right, let’s see if I can follow this at all. So Hiiragi loses the battle that was left off last week, Azuma left alone. I still want to know why the fuck there’s an American and Russian team of Bubuki users that are attacking Japan. It’s the one thing I’m not happy about, I don’t like being left out of a major level battle without an explanation as to why. Azuma gets attacked as well, called a coward for not protecting anyone. He’s about to be finished when Epizo decides to take the remaining battle. Meanwhile, Shizuru is having fun with the twins and starts to take control of the battle, clearly not happy about the favour they got from her Sensei. They tell her that he called her not a human, but a stone, which sends her into shock a bit, but then snaps back into reality and snaps on them, royally whipping their asses, breaking the one girl’s Bubuki entirely. Back to Azuma and Epizo, once again Azuma is in a losing battle. This is another thing bugging me, he’s losing pretty much every battle he’s in, while the rest of the group is putting up a better fight. Mid-battle they strike together and see each other’s past, causing Epizo to back off and retreat, just like that. Back with Reoko and company, Zetsubi reveals she has the true heart of the headless Buranki and the kids who stole one, stole a fake. Their quest to rebuild Entei also continues. The main group is back on the train heading for Treasure Island once more. The train is now travelling underwater on their journey, Oubu keeping it from taking damage. Sigh, American stereotype team again and then incest Russian team. It’s bad, man. Leader of Russia team is a giant dickhead too. I was enjoying having villains I liked, now I’ve got idiots to watch. Back on the train an awakened Hiiragi reveals to Azuma that he planned to steal the heart from day one, refusing to be a hand or a foot, but has since changed his mind. The train arrives at the end destination. Russians are already back, trapping everyone but Shizuru as the twins go after her again, but once more she just takes control of the fight and destroys them again. Azuma emerges and in frustration tries to start his heart again but fails. Everyone lets him know he doesn’t have to take all their burdens alone, to allow them to carry equal portions. And then after a sob speech, of course it works, anime cliche if I ever did see one. A fully-formed Oubu now emerges. So of course Entei shows up and the episode ends. A couple good moments, but a couple frustrating ones, a decent episode.

Episode Score – 4/5 

Dagashi Kashi

I had this thought while going through the intro of this week’s episode. The longer this goes on, the more I think the show should’ve cut its length in half. The jokes and candy lessons have gotten stale (pun intended), likely because we get so much of it in a 24-minute burst. I don’t think there’s enough to this show to keep 12 half-hour episodes consistently entertaining. We start off with some weird Exorcist level of story with some boy we’ve never seen before. Dafuq? Oh, horror stories with the group. Well that was different. A typhoon is currently running so the four kids are keeping themselves entertained together. Saya’s a giant scaredy-cat and it’s adorable. God damn it the horror stories came from a dagashi too! I see Kokonotsu is like me, he pokes tons of holes in the logic of fictional stories. Some needs to give Saya a hug at this point as they go through a ton of other cliche stories. And then Yo scares the shit out of Saya when the power goes out. First sketch is over so we move onto the next one. It starts off with To as usual being dumb as mistaking something, which results in them playing with kendama, a Japanese toy similar to the ol’ ball in a cup. Saya arrives and as the two boys can’t do shit with the toy, Saya has zero trouble with it. It’s also not the first time To’s done this, which sends him into shock. The boys are alone together trying to figure out how to be popular with girls, though I don’t know why Kokonotsu wants that, he’s already got two of ’em wanting to see him every day and one’s actually legit in love with him. Then we have a cross-dressing representation of their roles where To as a schoolgirl is saved by a male Hotaru. I can’t unsee this. They have some fortune telling candy and it goes about as well as you’d expect with those two, dumb as fuck. Boys are dumb, trust me, I know. That sketch did nothing, it was dumb and boring. So a fun half and a shit half. Damn. The show was improving again and now it took a step back.

Episode Score – 3/5

Dimension W 

Kyouma quickly deduces that Loser must be someone who was also a survivor of the incident on the island. Loser than pulls up an energy shield and reveals he has number coils on his hands and legs, using them as weapons. When Kyouma demands to tell him what happened on the island, Loser gets pissed and claims the person who’d know the most is actually Kyouma himself, which in turn could mean Kyouma may have inadvertently caused the Dimensional collapse the island is suffering from, but I’m just speculating here. Then that orb suddenly appears between them and Kyouma remembers it from a long time ago, touching it and suddenly passing out. Loser leaves with Elizabeth and claims that “it’s looking for the key again” and Kyouma is the key to finding it. He awakens presumably in the past, a delusion of his time in Grendel. We see the past where Central Africa fell by anti-New Tesla factions, so we see more of Salva and Lwai. Salva in his own mind tells something not to come out, a split personality perhaps? Grendel shows up to clean up the mess with Salva single-handedly puts a stop to the entire rebellion. The name behind the one responsible, a weird aquamarine-haired male named Haruka Seameyer, a genius scientist who is connected to Dr. Yurizaki, of course. He sets a small Dimension-W bomb which is an insane weapon. We see as well that during an assassination attempt, Salva accidentally kills Lwai while killing the assassin, so we now are to assume Lwai is 100% artificial. We then see Yurizaki being questioned heavily about Haruka, which perhaps starts the train to everything else, including his family being killed. Haruka is clearly a maniacal vallian, enraged by New Tesla putting shackles on everything now that they’ve achieved their money-based goals. An interesting fade away places Loser as possibly one of the main scientists around New Tesla as well, one of few left that opposed Haruka. With him and Elizabeth back in the present, the stop at a vault door, claiming the place as his former workplace. They also find a spin dart on the floor, which Loser notes Kyouma is the only person he knows of that could use those. Becomes more likely he’s the reason for the disaster, again likely inadvertently. About to enter the epicenter of the disaster, Loser even admits he has zero idea what will happen. When they enter, there’s literally nothing there, it’s just endless black. Back in the past, we see the beginnings of the mission that would lead Grendel to Easter Island and the disaster ahead. Kyouma’s dreams start to intertwine with reality and he eventually awakens, or so we thought. He’s now in Salva’s own dreams and then falls out of it. And we see the orb’s source…is Haruka Seameyer. About to bring him back into the abyss again, his dead girlfriend’s memory saves him. Before he awakens though, Mira is the present finds the picture of him and his girlfriend. We see a flashback of her with Mary where she’s told her body was made in Miyabi’s form, she was the prototype of all of Yurizaki’s robots. As the episode ends, another giant robot appears and Mira is forced to fight alone. Decent episode.

Episode Score – 4/5 


Back again at Kayo’s home with Satoru and Sachiko with her. Her mother attacks Sachiko with a shovel immediately, cutting Sachiko’s forehead but nothing major. Kayo and Satoru combined manage to save her. She knocks down Kayo and is about to attack her when the Child Services show up. She tries to leave with Kayo, but her own mother shows up to try and calm her down. Then shit gets real heavy. It starts to look like Kayo’s mother is a victim of violence as well, driven mad by the abuse from her now ex-husband. Not that it’s any excuse for the violence she caused on Kayo, but damn shit got real very fast here! No one however is moved by this and it seems Kayo’s grandmother will become her new guardian. It makes me wonder if suicide will suddenly become an issue in this heart-wrenching show as well, Kayo’s mother is clearly fucked up in the head from all the spousal abuse and now losing the last thing she had in her life in Kayo, regardless of how she treated her by the end, it’ll be a tough road ahead for her. We’re now left wondering if Kayo is gone for good as she leaves with everyone else. The next day he’s out of it, likely due to the attachment to her now being taken away. Yashiro lets him know Kayo’s mother will likely not see her for years to come now. Now with Kayo out of the picture, his attention now diverts to Aya and Hiromi who are still likely to be on the killer’s list. He notes this will be very hard with Aya as she’s not as easy to approach. He follows Aya and plans out his moves, trying to walk Hiromi home with Aya as well. During his tailing of her, trying to study her schedule but Sachiko interrupts and Yashiro soon follows. He point blank asks Yashiro why he isn’t married, for some reason. I’m starting to lose my suspicions now of Yashiro, mainly because I’m starting to see Satoru possibly trying to use him as a way to help Sachiko as well, perhaps having a man in the house to protect her when he returns to the present, or maybe he just wants his mother to be happy again as well. But nothing comes of it yet so he resumes asking questions that can help him with Aya. He finds a glove compartment full of candy and begins to wonder again, but I think it’s too obvious they’re trying to pin it on him now. Seems Yashiro has a sugar dependency. The next day, Kenya asks to talk to him in private again. He knows even though he saved Kayo, something’s wrong. With Hiromi, they check out the bus and notice the footprints were careful to hide any evidence. The bus is nearly empty and Satoru now believes the killer is ready to strike. He reveals his second reason for saving Kayo, to save her from the killer. He has their support in this quest of his. He asks Kenya and Hiromi to join him somewhere and his friends follow them. Another unknown girl walks out and is given the mysterious and dangerous treatment as the episode ends. I don’t know what her significance is, so I’m taking zero note of it other than she’s a moody child. Another fantastic episode.

Episode Score – 5/5

GATE – Season 2

So the battle between the Cleaners and Knights begin. It’s not even a fair fight, the Cleaners are slaughtered before they even have a chance to attack. The request is made again to save their citizens but Japan’s highest in charge still refuse, saying that if they do this, they’ll be forced into an all-out war with the Empire and he claims they don’t have enough firepower to completely win a war with the Empire. HOW?!!! THEY KILLED 50,000 SOLDIERS IN THE BEGINNING WITHOUT LOSING A SINGLE SOLDIER!!! Kouji tries to hide Sherry from the horrors of war, but she demands to see it, looking strong. The Marquess also returns now part of Japan and declares himself to be her guardian and Kouji’s potential father-in-law. The Cleaners finally retreat and th Knights are victorious, seemingly only losing a few men altogether. We see a new character in the journalist Kazunari who is clearly anti-SDF. He makes a great comment on how journalism truly is. When asked by the girl the SDF saved from Empire capture early in the season as to why they’re only negative and how it’s not objective, he says there is no such thing as objective journalism and it’s not their responsibility to give the people someone to trust. What a great comment. It’s merely a business. Kazunari’s goal is simple, to show how much money the SDF is wasting from taxpayers. Finally back with Itami and company, they continue to run from the assassins. Knowing they’re approaching Itami is ready, telling a girl to not open her eyes. Are the assassins about to open the Ark or something and he doesn’t want her face to melt off? She opens her eyes anyway and gets flashbanged. Turns out the assassins were just the inn servants tricked into attacking them. The old Knight mentions the Pied Piper, a man how can trick anyone into turning into assassins. Of course during a long conversation Itami teaches the term “chuunibyo” to the youngest of the group in Lelei. The following morning the group is met with a huge crowd as they know they’re the ones now who killed the Fire Dragon. It’s become obvious these stories are why they’re being hunted. The notoriety of being a hero is great to some and a hindrance to others and Itami takes note of that. Someone doesn’t want the attention shifted from them onto Lelei who’s being touted as a hero. He notes as well that someone didn’t want this story to get out. We’re back at the Empire and Zolzal and Tyuule and of course we have to see Pina bathing again. Pina wants to return to the Jade Palace but gets summoned to Zolzal instead. An army filled with Pina’s own soldiers are sent to attack the Jade Palace. She’s told to tell her Knights to stand down and tries to leave, but Zolzal won’t let her leave. The entire situation from all sides has become a political battle. But finally, Japan gets permission to strike, willing to accept the consequences. I have a feeling that by the end of everything, this will lead to the SDF being amost completely pulled out of the Special Region, leaving Itami stranded and fighting on his own. Either way, things are really getting interesting (and frustrating) now.

Episode Score – 4.5/5

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

For perhaps the first time, the group decides to take the day off, noting after some heavy closure it was probably the best thing to do, give them some time to recuperate. It’s just him and Moguzo, Ranta left early in the morning and the girls haven’t shown their faces yet. Just taking a walk, he runs into Shihoru feeding the birds, a memory for her with Manato if you remember early on. And as he walks alone again, another of Grimgar’s musical montages. He runs into Mary and sits with her for a while. While Ranta’s relaxing, he gets a good view of Yume rock climbing, lucky bastard. This montage is becoming a giant waste of time though, seems like filler. The commercial break image had Barbara on there which now gets my hopes up. We’ve only seen her once and I really want to see more of her and that has less to do with her gigantic breasts, full truth. At the tavern, the group hears of a goblin problem in another area and Haruhiro decides to go after it. But then when Moguzo suggests they go elsewhere, he brings up the Cyrene Mine, which gets everyone’s attention, as it’s a new area and likely tougher. It’s also the place Mary lost her friends, at least that’s the feeling of it as she walks out. Haruhiro goes after her and finds her, apologizing for not thinking when suggesting the mines. It’s so bad for her she knows she won’t be able to stay calm in there, but is determined to overcome her fears of the place. With the way she poses at the end of the scene, it comes off to me almost as if she’s starting to either let herself go with Haruhiro and company now, or it’s even more than that, and perhaps she’s even falling for him. YES! BARBARA!!! She’s training him harder now and whips his ass! I swear, she’s like an ass-kicking sexier version of Velma from Scooby-Doo, it’s weird. The rap music in the background while they have idle conversation whilst she’s breaking his body is even weirder. The episode ends as the group prepares for the mines the next day. The episode wasn’t that great, especially in the first half, t’was boring as fuck! But Barbara alone fixes it a little bit.


Episode Score – 3.5/5 

Konosuba -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!-

It’s a cold winter day, Aqua pawned off her coat and is desperate once again to the point she tries to burn his tracksuit. Kazuma knows he has to get rid of this debt fast, for his own sake. You made the choice to stay, moron! Although it did mean being around Megumin more, I guess I can understand it. They go to a place where Aqua immediately recognizes the woman owning the shop. I’m unsure if she hates this woman or is just jealous the girl has gigantic tits. Knowing anime, it’s both. The woman is Wiz, a lich who sends spirits to Heaven, except the group put her out of that spot and now she owns a cafe. He’s here to ask her to teach him a skill. Out of the blue she reveals she’s one of the Devil King’s captains like the Dullahan. Though her role was simply keeping up a barrier and did not fight at all. Aqua thinks she’ll get a reward for killing her but Kazuma stops her. She reveals they have to defeat the remaining Captains to break the barrier of the Devil King’s castle. Turns out she cares nothing for the Dullahan as he’d roll his head under her skirt constantly. She aims to teach Kazuma a skill, but has to use it on someone to show him. So she decides to teach him a Drain skill after smacking the shit out of Aqua to get her to stop fucking around. The group takes a quest to exorcise a manor and the reward is to actually live in it. Gee, how bad is this place going to be. They leave Aqua behind as she’s telling the story of the home…the entire day. He trusts Aqua will actually do her job given this place could be her home potentially. She exorcises a number of ghosts as she’s upset someone drank her alcohol. But the big one has yet to surface. It’s a ton of ghost dolls, oh dear. He hides in Megumin’s room which is actually Aqua’s room, she’s also seen the dolls. Bathroom jokes occur and I’m suddenly less interested in Megumin, oh dear. Now she’s running around with no pants or panties on. Oh double dear. She nearly snaps and starts to cast Explosion but Kazuma puts a stop to that. They exorcise all the demons and find out why this all happened. Remember Wiz, the lich? She was in a graveyard sending all the ghosts to Heaven but someone freed her from it and put a barrier up to stop the ghosts from hanging out there, so they moved to the house. Guess who put up the barrier? So he tells her to refuse the special reward of the home. Huh? But they’re in the home…what was the reward in question? Huh. Ah well, episode’s over. Decent episode.

Episode Score – 4/5 

Luck & Logic

This episode’s starting to look like Olga may be finally getting his Covenanter as we get a lot of him early on. The five so far though are starting to work together real well, so progress is finally being made. After all, we’re pretty much through all the single-character episodes here. However, my suspicions are whether Olga is friend or foe. Part of me wonders if Lucifer will become his Covenanter. Yoshichika tries to cheer him up, but the brooding prick is not having any of it. One Foreigner piques his interest, but is clearly leading him on to let it out. Speaking of Lucifer, he just suddenly shows up at the headquarters. He says he wants to enter a Convenant with someone at ALCA. Gee, that sounds like something I just thought of at the beginning of the episode. He states he’d like to clear his reputation, though the creepy music says otherwise. Olga of course puts his name forward, but the Director refuses to allow Lucifer in so soon. Only makes it more obvious Olga will betray them to immediately Covenant with Lucifer. Olga’s pissed, but the Director explains that it’s not that he doesn’t want him to Covenant, just not with Lucifer who is as dangerous as he is. He walks out and goes into the training room to vent and is getting his ass kicked. He’s saved by a new staff member at ALCA in Miki who seems to take a brief liking in him. He returns to that imprisoned Foreigner and after getting built up again, he lets it out. It Trance jacks with Olga and is running rampant immediately. It calls out Veronica, clearly it wants revenge against her for likely being the one who defeated it. The same battle occurs like in the training simulator so far, but it’s clear this will be much harder. Or not, it pretty much goes the exact same. It’s now worse for Olga, he has Paradox Sickness and can’t login as a Logicalist, his Logic Card is gone. They all note that it’s weird Lucifer knew when the Director was in so they assume there’s a mole in ALCA, Miki being the likely suspect in my eyes since she’s new. Speaking of Miki, she goes to the hospital to see him when he reveals he didn’t open the door, someone else did while he was there. It’s more obvious Miki’s the mole as she’s feeding him false information, saying they wanted to stop looking for his Logic Card immediately as the kids are currently out there looking for them anyway. And then Lucifer shows up and she does bow to him, what a shocker. Lucifer has his Card. And the final battle starts next week for what should be three episodes.

Episode Score – 4/5

Myriad Colors Phantom World

Seems like this week’s gonna have some samurai stuff! So a girl from the drama club wants the group to act a script she’s created, hence the samurai stuff. Of course since the other girls are lacking, she has to have massive tits that rival Mai’s. Kurumi and Koito even get dragged in and she embarrasses Koito a bit by calling her cute. I wouldn’t say that…she’s hot, not cute! Koito notes there’s definitely a Phantom lurking in the building so she’s only there because of that, though Haruhiko calls her out on it, saying he’s sure she’s just worried about them, to which she blushes. Turns out this drama girl is a drama Nazi as she turns into a bloody dictator as the director. Something seems off with Koito though after the first day. They rehearse and rehearse and it’s time to participate in a competition. Koito notices something with the Drama girl before they go on. Phantom is clearly showing up during the performance and they’ll adapt to it. Sure enough the stage becomes real. They attack the Phantom and it disperses for the time being, but it fucks up the entire script. The girl reveals she’s a Phantom herself. Hottest Phantom yet! Sorry, Ruru. So they turn their real conversations into a real play. As they continue it happens again, the transformation of herself and the set. Mai notes as the hostage of the play, it’s all she’s been doing since the monkey. This time however, the audience is also integrated into the world. They know now that it’s more serious than before. They note though they likely just have to continue the play and no one’s in super serious danger. Together they complete the play and everything reverts to normal. Thankfully the Phantom is still around, I like her. Probably won’t see her again, but oh well! A fun episode, really enjoyed this one. Action scenes were awesome, the addition of a new, pretty girl (albeit for one episode likely) was also welcome.

Episode Score – 5/5 *SHOW OF THE WEEK*

Pandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn

It’s clear these men are indeed after BUER and have managed to penetrate one security barrier. But it caused BUER to fire in response, which in turn caused the fire. Nene and Clarion are in for repairs and-OH MY GOD CLARION YOUR EAR!!! Everything’s fixed though and Clarion once again is adorable in her cold ways. Nene wants to help Clarion find something she wants, not happy it’s only Clarion helping her and not vice-versa. Even Clarion undressing her is adorable, I never get bored with the white figure Clarion takes a lot of the show. Oh hey Newsgirl! Oh hey giant robot! …GIANT ROBOT?!!! Oh shit, Clarion’s driving right into Uzal’s base in it. She knows BUER must’ve been behind the fire. They’re blocked by a door now and OH MY GOD CLARION’S ROBOT HAS A GIANT PENIS-I MEAN BEAM CANNON!!! We get a flashback of Clarion asking for Takumi’s help, a video from Uzal confirms that this was a contingency plan for when BUER goes berserk, of course it causing the fire activated this. Takumi notes she’s known that the American army have been snooping around on the island but didn’t take note of it until now. She agrees to help so long as Clarion has a zero kill count along the entire way, saying she’ll lose the right to be around Nene if she fails. So the Gercommas are treating any injuries the soldiers face along the way as well. Oh hey, Bunny girl is with the Americans, Clarion ignores her completely though until she fires on her. Then she’s pissed and the fight’s over immediately. That invisible thing shows up now and offers an actual fight for Clarion, taking down parts of the robot piece by piece. Clarion is now fighting alone. Finally, a really good episode again!

Episode Score – 5/5

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

Itsuki’s taken it upon himself to follow Aika as much as he can to try and figure out what’s going on with her after what happened with Mika. He tell Rina about the cut on Mika that matches what happened in game, but she passes it off as nothing and keeps him focused on planning the after party. But he continues to follow Aika and does the worst job sneaking around ever and fails to make any ground. Meanwhile, Rina uses the biggest cliche in the book to get the remaining club presidents to commit to the afterparty, looking cute and begging. Sigh. We see Aika on the phone with someone who tells her another person’s gone missing and it’s noted it’s happening more frequently now. A friend in game asks how long it took for that girl to come back and it’s because someone in her neighbourhood has also gone missing, not to mention staff have also disappeared from a Fan Festa. The next day, Itsuki resumes his tailing of Aika. Oh hey Sonic mascot outfit, what are you doing here in a SEGA-sponsored anime? She catches him again, noting how bad he is at it. They’re headed to the place where the girl went missing but Silver pulls him away from her. Getting back Rina is pissed as he missed a meeting for the after party. In-game he’s told where Aika is and she’s fighting a dragon. Well shit. Itsuki aims to help but Aika doesn’t need it, essentially Masenko-ing the dragon dead…or almost. Itsuki tries to help and takes a major hit. He’s about to lose when he transforms again and slices the dragon in half. He demands Aika tell him what she is and calls herself a guardian and also points out Itsuki’s transformation. He tries to get more out of her but she vanishes. He rushes towards the girls’ dorm before she leaves again, but the security guard puts him into custody. Then girls outside mention how she’s disappeared. Itsuki now also feels pain from the hit he took in game and then a Darker emerges from his handheld. He’s about to be killed when Aika emerges from it as well. Suddenly Itsuki is able to command his weapon in the real world and transforms into his character, awakening as Aika calls it. It’s not his default form either, it’s his transformed form. Now things are getting interesting!

Episode Score – 4.5/5

Prince of Stride: Alternative

Tomoe is happy to see Riku back in Stride, but Riku walks off before they can really talk. He’s clearly uninterested right now, which Takeru gives him hell for. Nana’s also in a rut with her Dad being a part of the Kakyoin team as well. The teacher notes though their time was actually really good compared to the other two teams in the tournament and they still have a ton of growth potential. In practice, Riku is back to his old self, failing and holding up. Takeru however is as well, getting too over-zealous in winning that he’s paying zero attention to Riku when he runs. Nana flashbacks to her conversation with her father after the race, again he tries to pull her away from Honan. She’s also hiding this away from everyone. Riku and Takeru collide again, Nana now takes responsibility but everyone’s at each other’s heads about it. Takeru doesn’t understand that Riku’s looking at him the same way he looks at Tomoe, someone better than him who thinks all Riku has to do is work harder, as if Riku hasn’t done that already. Later in the day, Nana admits she doesn’t know what else she can do to improve as a Relationer. So they all go to the beach. This is anime, the beach fixes everything. Oh wait, it’s just a pool. They train there as a way to work together and have some fun, well that lasts only so long before it turns into a Free! episode and they start racing in the pool. They make Riku and Takeru race each other, but Takeru refuses as he can’t swim. So they play volleyball instead. Riku and Takeru show they’re actually far more physically fit than they all thought, it’s really just mental with those two. Then they take on a Man vs Food level of snow cone challenge, Nana tries her best but brain freeze sucks, so Riku and Takeru help out. They all try to do it alone at first and someone finish it. Somehow that mends some fences and then breaks some stomachs. Nana afterwards calls her Dad and tells him she’s staying, wanting to beat him in the end. Good episode.

Episode Score – 4.5/5


So I lost my progress on this one as well along with AOKANA, so like that one I’ll make this quick. The main Stasi group leave to deal with BETA, leaving Lise behind to guard everyone. Theodor/Katia/Gretel meet up with Heinze Axmann to work together. The catch: He wants a spot in the new government and in turn access to the Stasi Files which is like a super secret library full of classified information on anything. They attack the base together and find everyone except Irisdina before they have to leave. We got foreshadowing of Thi-Rang potentially dying and she does after firing an RPG at the Theodor/Lise scuffle. This sets off Theodor who looked at Thi-Rang as a big sister (there was a moment of fake incest) and he snaps on Lise, nearly killing her but stopping as the Werewolves return from the BETA battle. Everyone leaves the base, including Anett, Sylvia and the guy pilot who’s name I can’t remember. Lise is clearly fucked up in the head, already mentioned her possible split personalities before. She is clearly also jealous of Irisdina taking Theodor’s full attention now. But for killing Thi-Rang for almost no reason at all, Theodor seemingly has denounced her as his sister. Was a great episode.

Episode Score – 4.5/5

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