Character Spotlight: Ramlethal Valentine


Never has a girl with such little personality (not that it’s her fault) been so goddamn beautiful. Ramlethal Valentine is a recent addition to the long-standing Guilty Gear fighting game franchise, appearing in the most recently release, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-.

Generally speaking when a girl emerges with zero personality, it’s a moniker we give the character because he/she is devoid of any likeable qualities, but may or not may be at least a little bit attractive (see Lightning from FFXIII). Ramlethal however is a different case where her lack of personality actually works in her favour and makes her a far more interesting character. And well…she’s attractive as fuck!


She already comes in with an unfair advantage. One of the sexiest things in anime for me are darker-skinned girls with light hair. It’s something that you know doesn’t work well at all in real life a lot of the time, but in anime it works just about every time and Ramlethal is no exception. She’s also at a perfect point where she’s built to be very strong and athletic, but not so far in that direction that she becomes too far on the muscle side. In fact, one would argue she’s directed more to the thin and pretty side, yet she still retains the look of a girl who’s in perfect shape for a battle. Now granted, she has an extra advantage by wearing little clothing if you don’t count her cloak as without it she’s basically wearing shorts and a strap around her chest that covers up her breasts. So she’s got some sex appeal for sure.

What really makes her go over the top for me is oddly enough her lack of personality, which in itself adds to a personality that makes her so interesting to me. While I’m not an expert on Guilty Gear lore, Ramlethal is essentially a creation of the Backyard, another dimension in the Guilty Gear universe. She’s created with the intent to have no personality, to just take orders and do them without question. However we see through one of her “sisters” Elphelt, the Valentines are not always forever devoid of all personality. As the game’s story mode progresses, we see a little bit of Ramlethal come out. But aside from her smile at the end, there are things she does that the Valentines generally aren’t supposed to do. Instead of being 100% honest since they have no emotions to give them the thought of lying, she’ll actually play dumb to hide information and try to bluff her way out of things. So as we see towards the end, she’s not as robotic as her voice first makes us assume.

Ramlethal with Sin and the magehound who bites her. Classic scene.
Ramlethal with Sin and the magehound who bites her. Classic scene.

And oddly enough, it’s that almost robotic voice that really makes her attractive to me. Erin Fitzgerald (who also does Persona 4’s Chie, so hell yeah!) does a fantastic job with taking the presumably personality-less Ramlethal and giving her a voice that manages to uphold that perception, yet break it at the same time. It’s a voice that sounds threatening, yet cute, uncaring, yet serene. It’s quite the accomplishment.

Like I’ve also said before, that essence of danger also makes her more interesting. A lot of villains get extra special attention from daydreaming guys and girls because of the idea of getting them alone and seeing that softer, sexier side of them that you know (because you tell yourself that, not because it’s fact) they have and supress. Ramlethal for me is no exception, I’m well aware that the odds are if I get too close to her she’ll slice me in half, but the idea of getting close to her and seeing the side of her she only lets out when she’s comfortable (or in this case fully develops that side) is a huge part of the fantasy with a character like her.


Ramlethal Valentine. You don’t want to fuck with her. I suppose I’ll start from the bottom and work my way up from there then. She seems like she could use a good, long…hug. What? What did you think I was gonna say?

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