Anime Spotlight: World Conquest Zvezda Plot


I’m not even sure if wacky is enough to describe World Conquest Zvezda Plot. I mean, how do you describe a show that’s an over-the-top action comedy featuring badass characters and a couple funny useless ones in ridiculous situations using ridiculous weapons and wearing ridiculous outfits while having perhaps just a little too much sex appeal.

Oh wait, that’s just anime.

Kate Hoshimiya
Kate Hoshimiya

The basic premise of the show (if the word ‘basic’ can even apply to this one) is that young runaway Asuta while fleeing from home runs into ‘young’ girl Kate who at first just seems like a very eccentric young girl at best. And then she blurts out her plans to conquer the entire world, a cute claim to fame from a child…except she’s actually trying to accomplish that, with a small army and by army I mean like…five other people along with her. And because he’s heard too much, Asuta finds himself roped into the world domination plans of the evil faction, Zvezda.

And this small group is what makes the show so damn entertaining, the cast of characters is all over the place. You have Kate of course who looks like she’s eight years old at best (turns out she’s actually immortal) and dresses normally until she’s in battle and then looks like she should be in a hentai feature rather than this show. You have Itsuka who’s the sexy badass samurai girl with an eyepatch (not sure how you can do much better than that) who’s a bit temperamental. You have Natasha (who’s sexy as hell and that’s not just because she’s really in her underwear and a coat the entire series) who is the scientist of the group and because Japan, is often commanding giant  octopus/squid monsters over the course of the series. You have Goro who’s basically the giant badass motherfucker who wields giant gatling guns like a boss. You have Yasu who’s the lazy, dumbass running joke of the entire team, basically fodder for all the damage. And you have Roboko who’s a robot girl who’s programmed to act like a high school girl, which even includes her blushing madly over the tiniest of things. Asuta himself is your average male protagonist, he’s merely the representation of you the viewer being caught in this crazy anime.

Asuta and Natasha
Asuta and Natasha

The one thing about the show that might be slightly off-putting for those who aren’t too familiar with the less mainstream anime shows (not that they aren’t over-the-top with tons of sex appeal either) or those who really just have boring standards with their content, is the sex appeal the show does have and that does include the way they dress Kate, who again is designed like she’s around eight years old. Now granted if she truly is immortal and has been alive for over a thousand years, than fine, we get that she’s old enough mentally to distinguish herself as a woman rather than a little girl. But to the average viewer, what does this looks like? More like an eight year old girl being designed as eye candy and that will definitely rub a few people the wrong way.

In my case it doesn’t bother me at all, mainly because I already have Itsuka and Natasha to divert my attention, but most of all, I’m mature enough and have enough common sense and morals to look at girl who looks the way Kate does when she’s in her battle attire and not think “Oh my God! They’re trying to make me look at her in a sexual way!”. It’s really not that difficult to do so, not being a pedophile makes it real easy. But is Kate’s attire designed perhaps to be a little too sexual? Yes and no. Yes, because she’s wearing that a lot during the series, but also no, because really is her outfit that far off from the swimwear some younger girls will wear? It’s not by much. And most importantly, the anime is ridiculously over-the-top and not realistic at all, to take any of this that seriously would be a waste of anyone’s time because this show is pure fiction, there’s no resemblance of realism at all in this show.

Kate and Dva (Asuta)
Kate and Dva (Asuta)

And that’s what I enjoy the most about this series, the pure absurdity of it. It has everything, crazy giant monsters, super cute tiny creatures, gigantic weapons, over-the-top action sequences, ridiculous weapons (like an umbrella fending off a katana), ridiculous outfits, silly facial expressions, completely random dialogue and plot devices, anything you love about the “super random” types of anime, it’s all here.

The story itself isn’t a crazy engaging one, not that it’s intending to be one. Like I said, this is a super random level of anime, it’s not meant to have an epic storyline that brings you to the edge of your seat at the end of every episode (that’s what Erased is for) and it’s not meant to be a story you’ll cry about or want to see the villain get their comeuppance. Your job when watching a show like this is to sit down and prepare to laugh your ass off. And that’s what I did.

Komadori and Asuta - Yeah, this totally happened.
Komadori and Asuta – Yeah, this totally happened.

So if you’re looking for an absolutely random, over-the-top action comedy that as most Japanese productions are, don’t shy away from a little sexual humor and sex appeal, this is a show I highly suggest you take a look at.

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