No Content This Week


Hey guys, this week has already turned out to be a massive void of time for me, work has intensified because we have inventory coming up (and I’m the centerpiece of the entire team for that) and now with me being sick off my ass, any time I’ve had left at home to post anything has been used to medicate myself to death and sleep.

So instead of trying to force out articles, I’m going to take the rest of the week off, so the weekly articles will be pushed to next week. I only have three more anime shows to watch for Week #10 so I might get that article out before the week ends, but that’s all I’ll get out this week, if anything.

I already had the week planned and I was stoked to write all these articles, so here’s what I had planned for this week and will now be next week’s articles:

Wed: Game Spotlight: The Movies
Thu: Character Spotlight: Kid (Chrono Cross)
Fri: Anime Spotlight: Trigun
Sun: Top 10 Metal Bands (My Personal Favourites)

I know, right? I’m planning to actually do a Top 10 again. That’s honestly been on hold for a while cause every weekend in the last little while I’ve been barely home, so it’s been hard to find enough time to do those ones. I really try my ass off to do a lot of these articles in advance, sometimes I have the entire Wed-Fri set done by Monday, other weeks I’m doing them that very day.

It’s slightly frustrating after being able to keep up with weekly posts for as long as I have so far that I’ve had to break out of that routine for one week. This is the best I’ve ever done when it comes to posting consistently, mainly because my other ventures were YouTube videos and podcasts, which admittedly is a lot more work and a lot more time has to be spent on them. Which I so look forward to when putting together the end of the Winter Anime podcast, that’ll likely be three hours alone just recording it, imagine how long it’ll take to put together.

Anyways, so yeah, I’m taking the rest of this week off to recover and hopefully get things going again back to normal next week.


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