The Yoga Pants Conundrum


Yoga pants. If you’re attracted to women, you want to give the person who thought of this article of clothing either a hug, handshake, high five, maybe even a kiss? For any man or woman attracted to those of the female gender, yoga pants since becoming popular since well really the beginning of this decade. It’s no longer become an article of clothing used for a exercising and sports, it’s now a normal everyday life piece of clothing girls and women will wear in the comfort of their own home and in public, whichever they choose.

But if you’re a woman, you’re not 100% happy with what yoga pants has “done to our culture” when it comes to how women are looked at in public while wearing these almost skin-tight pants.


I’m sure when yoga pants were introduced to the public, they were meant to be thin, flexible and form-fitting comfortable attire for women when exercising and doing, well…I don’t know…yoga! It makes perfect sense, yoga is a ton of stretching, so wearing something that won’t droop over or make you trip over yourself seems like the smart thing to do. But as time has passed, it seems like more and more women and young girls are using the pants as normal, everyday wear. Why? Again, because it’s comfortable.

I imagine a lot of girls like yoga pants the same way I prefer tighter underwear like boxer-briefs and briefs over loose boxers. It hugs onto you and allows you to move a little more freely. And honestly, it just looks so much better than loose clothing. It’s that reason that the majority of my jeans are not baggy and why most of my wardrobe isn’t excessively loose clothing that just hangs off of you.


So moving onto the issue that we really have to talk about when it comes to yoga pants: people who stare at women/girls who wear these types of pants. Now this might be an unpopular opinion, but this is what I have to say to anyone who has a problem with people who take a glance: Grow the fuck up! Because when I think of these people, all I hear is a childish voice saying “Nyah! Don’t look at me!”. What the hell is your problem with people who know what they’re attracted to and look at it? It is a basic human instinct, it’s not something we choose to do, it’s something we are hard-wired since birth to be like. Stop acting like it’s a switch we can just turn on and off, anyone who can apparently keep themselves from doing it has either spent an eternity training their eyes not to wander, or they’re not attracted to you!

Oh, and to all the women out there who disagree with me, please don’t act like you’re innocent either in all this. Tell me with a straight face that you have never stared at a guy before because he was wearing a tight shirt and you could see his muscles. Hell, tell me you’ve never stared at a guy’s ass either, I know plenty of girls who I’ve overheard talking about how cute a butt a guy had. And it saddens me as well that these same (possibly) feminists who give men shit for anything related to staring at a woman’s figure also fawned over the leaked photos of Justin Bieber’s penis. You can’t have it both ways, folks!


I love how so many people act like the opposite never happens. Do you really think men never get stared at by women? Do you really think women never talk about how hot a guy is when he’s walking by? You’re in a completely different if you world if you believe that to be true. The difference between both sides is that men likely do this more often, I’m going to act like it’s the other way around, I truly do believe men do it more often. But at the same time, there isn’t a massive gap between the two because I’m positive that women severely downplay their “transgressions” so-to-speak. Men are constantly attacked because it’s them and only them that are advertised as such. Men do not ever attack women for staring at them, in fact we encourage it. Not because we want your attention, ladies, oh no. But it’s because we honestly don’t give a shit. You wanna stare at us? Go on right ahead, it doesn’t bother us in the slightest.

We also need to just accept the fact that women and their bodies are structured to be a lot more beautiful to the average human being out there, regardless of gender. Cause let’s be honest, people, unless you straight up don’t find women attractive at all, they’re just inherently more beautiful than men are. I already mentioned this inmy Swimsuit vs Underwear article and my response to Anita Sarkeesian’s “Strategic Butt Coverings” video, women are defined so much more than men. Aside from breasts, women just have far more defined and well, sexier butts than men. I’ve already gone through how I’m positive there are women who do stare at men’s butts as well, but at the same time, you put the average male ass next to an average female ass, the female is going to win every time, women just have better butts than guys.


So is it all that surprising that when women wear something as tight-fitting as yoga pants are and not wear anything over top, that their ass is going to be out in full view for every interested pair of eyes out there? Honestly, I’ve seen girls in yoga pants where it legitimately looks like they’re not wearing pants, it’s just body paint made to look like pants. If you’re choosing of your own volition to wear something that tight that basically makes your lower half look like you’re naked, you shouldn’t ever be surprised if guys who are inherently attracted to women and the female ass is one of the best pieces of the female body to look at, they decide to take a peek.

Now this is not to say this means women should just have to accept every single person who decides to take a look-see. Of course, there are people out there who take it too far, follow girls around to ogle at their firm behinds, get too close, make some very disgusting comments, I’m not giving any of that shit a free pass, let me make that clear. But the guys (and girls) who glance and do the old turn around, spare them your feminist drivel. We’re not being creepy, we’re not being misogynistic, we’re not being perverted, we’re being normally human beings. It’s not a choice, we are hard-wired to be like this, we know what we’re attracted to, of course we’re going to take a look at something we’re interested in.

You got a problem with it? Take it up with the man upstairs if you believe in God. He’s the one who created you to look this way and the one who created us to react this way. Otherwise, believe in the science of the human body and mind and understand that if you have any level of a decent looking butt and you’re sporting a pair of yoga pants, people are gonna look.

Geez, just take the compliment that we think you’re attractive. If one of us goes over the line and even goes as far as copping a feel, then you have my full permission to rip them a new asshole.

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