Week #11 – Winter Anime 2016

Week number eleven is upon us with the Winter anime season. What’s in store this week?!

As always I’m live reacting (though typing it out to be posted later) to each episode I watch and going over what happens in each episode with the occasional quip and joke here and there. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, this entire article is full of them!

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across The Blue

The fall tournament has begun, starting off with Mashiro up aganst Rika. We see a bit from Saki and Irina again, stating the same shit they have been the whole time, blah blah blah our FC is superior, blah blah blah they’ll all have to admit it. They’re terrible villains because they’re bland, boring and are nothing more than a nuisance. There’s nothing to hate with them other than the fact they’re taking up time. Back to the match, the two girls have an epic battle and Mashiro manages to finally beat her teacher, 4-3. Meanwhile Asuka wins, Saki beats the ever-loving shit out of Reiko and gets Misaki next. Great, I get to watch Misaki struggle again. She’s at least optimistic, planning to win and face Asuka in the final. Again we get Irina’s coy bullshit and everyone’s done for the day. While Asuka’s in her match, Misaki (looking hot as ever while stretching) has some quick words with Kazunari. Asuka wins her semi-final 6-2, looking like the potential champion. The next match is up and I will say it right now, I will give this show Show of the Season if Misaki actually beats Saki, but that obviously won’t happen, because the stumbling goof Asuka has that right apparently. Saki immediate just stands there after getting the first point, holding up the match and demanding Misaki’s attention. So she does and pretty much has the goal of being a pain in Saki’s ass. It works to the point Saki acts on her own for a moment and Misaki finally hits her to tie it 1-1. Irina chews her up for this mistake and the match continues on. Saki within herself questions Misaki’s style of play, noting she wants to beat her in a dogfight and not by her Birdcage method. So Saki plays her own way and they have a back and forth, but Saki wins 3-2 while playing the “fun” style of FC. Misaki breaks down after the loss, while Irina is disgusted with this victory. A much better episode that I expected, they at least made Misaki seem like she could’ve won.

Episode Score – 4.5/5 


GOD DAMN IT, ANOTHER SET OF BUBUKI USERS?! Seems England’s involved now too. Migiwa confronts Souya, who tells the story of her stopping all the Buranki hearts on Earth, except Entei. The fight begins all over the island, the Russian leader plans to drop the entire island out of the sky and onto his homeland, claiming he’s inherited everything he needs from his parents, so they don’t even matter. Shizuru deals with the two boys quickly and Azuma arrives to deal with the dickhead. Hiiragi’s helping Migiwa with something and the topic of his father comes up and she explains that his birth caused his father to lose his powers, the Bubuki already choosing Hiiragi as its new master. Souya however is dealing with Kogane and Kinoa very well again. He’s about to kill Kogane when Shuusaku suddenly appears and takes the blow for some reason, only damaging his hand. Kogane stabs him in response, preferring to die rather than have his help. But he ignores her, even with the wound and attacks Souya. He claims Souya’s sneaking behind their backs for something else, their only objective was to capture Migiwa, but he claims Souya is working with the Americans and Russians. We get a little more background of his relationship with Reoko. Apparently she’s died twice, but continues to live regardless. She’s like Wolverine. The problem is though the more damage she takes, the less of her memories she has, to the point she’ll lose all sense of who she is, perhaps responsible for that insane side of her I love so much. She really is a sympathetic villain. So it appears Souya is trying to destroy everything for Reoko’s sake. Dissension begins to thrive in the Russian team, one of the sisters changing sides. So the leader nearly kills her by placing Rinzu in her throat so she can’t breathe. This sets off one of the boys, but Azuma comes in and removes the Rinzu just like that. Shizuru’s also there. The Russian is left with only one sister on his side, the other three Russians joining Azuma/Shizuru. He tries to attack and Azuma gives him a swift shot to the guy and Shizuru knocks the other sister out with ease. Souya and Shuusaku continue to fight and have an epic conclusion while falling into a pit, where Shuusaku somehow manages to pull out a victory, though he’s about to die anyway, his ammo runs out and Souya fatally wounds him. Shuusaku notes he’s now a father and claims the only reason he fought Kogane was to fully destroy her Bubuki and make her a normal girl for her own sake. Souya notes what I’ve assumed, which is his only goal is to keep Reoko from ever stepping into Entei again. Suddenly Entei emerges and has Migiwa, trying to burn her alive. Great episode, but man if Shuusaku is actually dead, I’m super sad. He was awesome.

Episode Score – 5/5 *SHOW OF THE WEEK*

Dagashi Kashi

At night, To has the unfortunate task of dealing with Hotaru alone as she asks for help. You know it’ll be something stupid. Kokonotsu visits Saya and notes Hotaru hasn’t been to the shop in TWO DAYS, OH MY GOD!!! So they go to Hotaru’s house…well if that what you want to call it. It’s huge! She’s home and wearing a mask for some reason. Apparently seeing Kokonotsu makes her faint…what the hell is going on here?! In her room now, they both note how…not dagashi filled it is. Now I wonder if this has to do with the pop rocks and the mouth ulcer. They have a grab bag of dagashi and she runs away scared from it. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!!! So Kokonotsu tries one more thing, a dagashi lesson! And that’s enough to at least make her responsive. She doesn’t take any, so he keeps trying other flavours but again doesn’t work, but it’s clearly torturing her. Saya comforts her and gets her to explain what happened and she starts balling. I was right! It’s the ulcer. But also for another reason which we continue to wait for. We finally get to where she meets up with To and it turns out he told her to refrain from eating dagashi until the ulcer heals, giving her the reason that perhaps the dagashi will taste even better because she hasn’t had it in a while. Then she snaps and starts going after the dagashi Kokonotsu brought, clearly in withdrawal. She takes some medicine finally, though it turns out she made the medicine using fruit and cola. She’s been using dagashi drinks as medicine, so they leave her be to her suffering. A little funny at times, but the show has really lost it’s former glory for sure.

Episode Score – 3/5

Dimension W 

With Chrysler suddenly falling, Loser has his fifth Numbers coil. Back with Lwai, it turns out he’s home this whole time and controls these many robots remotely. Everyone’s back together, Salva has woken up. Near the door to whatever it is with Adrastea, Salva makes it clear he’s after the Genesis coil. Mira notes the coil Yurizaki was making in that apparently isn’t the same and that she knows nothing of this Genesis coil, but Salva notes the word is literally taken out of everything, so no one would find it. Then when Cassidy rushes for the door, an army of robots attack, only a few of them make it in the door, Salva, Lasithi, Kyouma, Mira. Kyouma notes the whole time Yurizaki must have been trying to get Mira to go to this place for the coil inside, but for why we do not know. Waiting inside though are Loser and Elizabeth. Loser admits the reason for the tragedy was the transporter going haywire, the two running it was his wife and Haruka. Salva calls him Julian Tyler, a survivor from that day. Everything was transported into the void that day, but the transporter remained. Loser uses his Numbers shows them all a flashback of that day. Yurizaki believed that life and Dimension W have to be connected somehow, as life is the only one that cannot move freely between it. Genesis is known as the coil that controls everything, five Numbers were created for it. But the development was deemed too dangerous and was stopped. Haruka believes however that Yurizaki had completed it and was taking everything from him. We see then Haruka forced Julian’s wife, Sophia into using the transporter as testing. Many had to die to test this, Julian would be the final test. His arms are snapped by the robots holding him and he slowly kills all the scientists in a horrifying scene of insanity. Haruka finally talks to them directly, but through a projection. He’s in Adastrea, somehow alive elsewhere. We see Sophia saying she’ll bury Genesis and essentially tried to kill herself along with Haruka, successfully teleporting Julian beforehand. However Kyouma stopped everything when he stole Genesis from the two and fell through a Gate, taking Haruka’s right arm with him. Hence why he was the only known survivor. Julian asks for Sophia and shows her, fully deformed Dimension W victim, a massive robotic entity now. What a sickening episode. Good though.

Episode Score – 4/5 


All right, here we go. We start with Yashiro going over some horrifying stuff, seriously dude. Was not happy to start off this episode. His reasoning for killing is absolutely insane, shocking though considering how you can’t justify what makes a serial killer kill. He claims he sees a “spider web line” attached to only those he’s to kill. The intro sequence is creep, because Satoru is no longer in it. That’s horrifyingly detailed from the staff here. It’s as if he never existed, hence the title. Sachiko has seemingly moved on, this perhaps years later. They really hammer home that he’s actually gone. We finally see it’s 2003…and Satoru’s alive?! He was in a coma for 15 years and now the title really comes into play, I imagine. Sachiko spent a ton of time daily keeping his body able so when he finally woke up, he could be mobile. Sure enough, when he’s asked his last memory, he can’t remember exact details. Also his narrative voice is no longer his adult self, it’s his child self, he’s completely flip-flopped. He has visitors, Kenya and Hiromi, who looks like a boy now, maybe too much, it’s kind of disappointing. They’re likely told to specifically not mention the past to make the transition easier for Satoru. Now I await the moment we see Kayo again. Sure enough, not long after she appears, with a baby no less. Now I’m really disappointed. He remembers her instantly though. Hiromi’s apparently the father, come on, man! That’s disappointing! She feels guilty about her happiness, because she feels that she’s the reason for his near-death. This is becoming a sad ending after everything, it makes you wonder if there is a happy ending for him besides still being alive. The doctor is speaking with a Director of sorts and I’m immediately convinced it’s Yashiro keeping an eye on him. Kenya visits again after Satoru continues to progress, the reporter friend of Sachiko is with him. Clearly the two men are working together, perhaps on nabbing this killer. Satoru shares a moment with another patient while Yashiro (though we don’t see him, but the voice is there) deals with paparazzi. Then he actually approaches him, re-introducing himself. Satoru has no idea who he really is though. He’s become a politician, clearly a smart power backup for him. It’s like he’s watching Satoru until he’s back to normal, as if he’s no longer worthy of death at this point. Then I begin to suspect Kumi is his next target and it becomes more apparent that he’s trying to frame Satoru once more for another murder. But it looks worse for Satoru as he leads him in a wheelchair up to the rooftop. The pure sadistic side of Yashiro is haunting as all hell. Suddenly, Satoru reveals his memories have returned and the “spider web line” has re-attached to him. Wow that was chilling.

Episode Score – 5/5

GATE – Season 2

The mission has begun, the intention is to blitz the capital and protect those at the Jade Palace, preserving the chance for peace. Back in prison, Pina continues to suffer alone. Meanwhile, the big guns are being deployed and the mission is underway. They quickly deal with “anti-air” units and begin their charge into the capital, easily killing whatever is in their way. My favourite moments are these, when the military just easily deals with whatever this world has. A ton of paratroopers drop and Zolzal is completely dumbfounded as to what’s happening. He doesn’t even have time to think. Tyuule shows up to calm him down, but more or less wants him to remain where he is, likely as a sacrifice for whatever reason. Some of the older cast that we haven’t seen much of start to appear, notably Shino. Finally we see the gang driving hell’a fast towards the capital, obviously to get to Pina, but also to help out his friends and ensure they don’t die as well. It’s then that I have an interesting thought. Will the Pied Piper use any of the SDF forces against each other? They finally reach the Jade Palace and eliminated everything left there. They take on the wounded and help the Rose Knights reach Italica. Zolzal is notified of how much is lost and intends to fight till the end, which won’t be much longer at this rate. Bozes and Beefeater try to reach Pina but are attacked immediately and have to retreat. They lead the cavalry right to the SDF and again, they fuck ’em up until they have to leave. Bozes pleads with the SDF to help, but it’s too far for the SDF to commit to. Little do they know Itami is already on this task. Wow, the main cast was in this entire episode less than a minute.

Episode Score – 4/5

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

The episode begins with a flashback of Mary with her friends leading up to that fateful day with Death Spots. It’s clear this is in her mind while the real Death Spots is going on right this moment, she’s trying to go back to happy times instead of facing her fear. They finally go down a level to the one where Mary and her friends had the encounter, just trying to escape. In a rest area she finds her old staff. They also find zombified forms of Mary’s friends, because of course we need that drama. But Mary just walks right up to them and is very calm about it. She demands she stays in the front to deal with them herself. Mary goes right through the firewall and dispels the undead magic from the mage, leaving the warrior and thief to go. Slowly but surely the group works together to get the other two. There’s a moment of silence and reflection upon the dead, an emphasis on ash, hence the title of the show. They also reflect on how much stronger they need to be. Too late though, Death Spots suddenly shows up and badass metal music starts playing. The group know they have to run but it becomes harder and harder as more enemies add onto the load. During all this Ranta saves Haruhiro and ends up falling a long way to the bottom. They have to leave him, Haruhiro pissed that he’s being unlike Ranta and being noble for once. But he has to put the best first and they have to leave anyways without him, regardless of his chances, no noble rescue plan here. Haruhiro notes that the enemies at this point aren’t even the kobolds, but their weakness. And that’s how the episode ends as Ranta continues to fight alone. Decent episode, music was awesome, a bit of a touching moment with Mary too.

♥ OFFICIAL YUME ASS SHOT COUNT! – 0 (there was quite the crotch shot though) ♥ 

Episode Score – 3.5/5 

Konosuba -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!-

The Destroyer draws near and the only reason Kazuma wants to take it down is so he doesn’t lose the house. WHAT THE FUCK, THE DESTROYER LOOKS LIKE IT CAME OUT OF THAT SHITTY WILL SMITH WILD WILD WEST MOVIE!!! Super happy to see Chris back into the fold for a moment here. Turns out even though they’re complete idiots, the three girls are everything they really need, Aqua to break the barrier, Megumin’s Explosion magic and…Raratina for…sexual innuendo, I guess? Wiz also shows up to help. She finally says her real name, which on Crunchyroll is translated to Lalatina, which if that’s the real name, I’ve been trusting MyAnimeList’s spelling this entire time. So I’m going with the one I watch. Lalatina (while clearly for her fetishes) wants to be the one to protect everyone and take all the damage…and apparently does not like being called by her real name. The Destroyer shows up and even Megumin is scared of this one. Aqua fires a heavy spell and actually breaks the barrier. Megumin won’t fire until Kazuma has to call her magic pathetic and that pisses her off, so you know she’s casting the heaviest Explosion spell she’s ever casted. Wiz casts it as well and they simultaneously hit it…and it runs right into Lalatina, missing by inches. Poor girl. Unfortunately, it doesn’t destroy…the well…Destroyer. It instead turns on its self-destruct which is even worse. But of course, Lalatina has to stick around for this one. An explosion that could level an entire city, of course she’s down. The collective group of the entire city charges the Destroyer aiming to find the control room and turn off the sequence. They find a lone skeleton with a diary next to it…and it shows he’s a total idiot. That’s really all there is to him. Thinking she’s about to kiss him, Wiz drains Kazuma to get enough magic to teleport the Destroyer’s core somewhere else. They are forced to randomly teleport it, which Kazuma takes responsibility for, claiming he has very high luck. So you know something bad’s about to happen and force them out of the house to pay another debt, or something like that. Or perhaps it blows up the house. But the Destroyer will still explode, so Kazuma tries to drain magic from Aqua to transfer to Wiz for one more Explosion, but Aqua’s holy energy would cause the undead Wiz to vanish, so that’s not an option. Suddenly (on an adventurer’s back) Megumin appears for a SECOND EXPLOSION SPELL?!!! INCONCIEVABLE!!! Makes sense as Kazuma drains Aqua though to give her enough energy to do it twice. Oh shit the eye patch came off, shit’s gotten real! The Destroyer is gone and the house lives, damn! Kazuma admits he’s grown because of all this, calling this perhaps his tutorial. Knights show up and apparently Kazuma’s luck caused that core to destroy a major player’s mansion instead. So he’s under arrest as the episode ends. Fun episode.

Episode Score – 4.5/5 

Luck & Logic

It’s now become super bad, the city is in pure chaos and the entire country is the same, so no help is coming. So I wonder how they’ll manage to overthrow a powerful opponent that took out all of them at once? Let’s see what you’ve got anime logic. They’re all separated to deal with the number of Foreigners. Yoshichika has Olga alone for now. Yukari attacks with her ass apparently. The others are basically keeping pace. Eventually though, they all defeat their opponents while Yoshichika still struggles with Olga. With only Veronica joining him, he takes a massive gamble, a form that takes a ton more logic than the rest. It makes you believe he will Over Trance next week to end things. With Yoshichika at his limit, Veronica ends up taking a serious blow. ALCA learns every other branch has lost, they are literally the only hope now, having to close the gate that Lucifer guards. Seeing his family once more it becomes more apparent to me that he’s going to Over Trance and sure enough he pulls Athena aside to talk about something. Then tells the Director whatever it is. Sure enough, he asks permission to Over Trance, which gives him a lance with his shield and makes him look like a woman now. So Olga Over Trances as well. The entire city plunges into Paradox Sickness because of this and the final battle begins next week! Not bad, but too cliche.

Episode Score – 3.5/5

Myriad Colors Phantom World

I want to note that we’re at Episode 11 and that remote has never come into play. Together the group briefly talks about their childhood again, which of course is a prelude to what will likely be the theme of the episode. Haruhiko comes across an old box filled with treasures from his childhood, bringing back old memories. Then the following morning, he awakens as his younger self. He goes to school, I think, but likely his old school and not his current school. Kurumi finds him and when he speaks his name, this really confuses her. Kurumi slowly deduces with all the stuff he has that it’s definitely Haruhiko’s. With the group again, he doesn’t know any of them and is flustered as hell with everything going on. In hopes to return him to normal they have him resume his normal high school life, even as this child form. So Mai decides to take care of him until things go back to normal and it’s hilarious. She’s like a mother who can’t deal with her child. It’s also kind of implied she likes Haruhiko so even though it’s his child form and he has no knowledge of her, she still has a hard time with this because she’s possibly in love with him, so anything she does with him, especially since they’re alone sort of gets to her. Ruru tries to use a dirty magazine to get him back to normal but unfortunately that cliche isn’t gonna work here. Over time, he starts to deal with the situation and it gets to the point his childhood fear of thunder activates. Mai helps him with that, noting he’s always had to endure everything on his own. It’s then he reveals maybe for the first time to Mai his parents’ history, Dad travels all the time and Mom left him. The next day she plays with him but suddenly she feels something strange occur within her, but ignores it for now. Perhaps she’s next? Turns out it was more a sensing of a Phantom as it emerges from the sandbox. Hey there, Mr. Sandman. Mai goes to fight but something weakens her and she can’t finish her attack. Even as a child, Haruhiko wants to fight and takes a hard hit in response. With Mai nearly finished off, Haruhiko manages to go back to normal…except his clothes rip and he’s left in some very tight underwear. CTHULHU!!! I freaking love it. Imagine Mai’s face when she sees sexy Haruhiko. Back home, he notes he doesn’t remember any of the child moments, which essentially leaves everyone mystified as to how this all happened. The only idea he has is from reading that essay he wrote as a child that was in that box. Mai reads it and tears up, knowing he made this entire essay up, as his parents were not around then either. That was a cute episode.

Episode Score – 4.5/5 

Pandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn

Nene gets deeper in the base already, or so we think. Why is she in a room reminiscent of the FF7 bara scene? Then she finds where all those stolen robots where kept. She ends up being shut down when running into the Colonel, but Bunny reactivates her. She was tossed out for failing one too many times, seems she had good intentions all along, was just trying to protect her friends. She’s built a handheld terminal to hack into the system and Nene has to travel through it to hack into the system, like a mini-game. Nearly about to be dropped into molten something, she gets to the end and after a very elaborate “I can do new things” scene, she shuts down the death trap. Also turns out that terminal Bunny made never should’ve worked in the first place, so Nene did this all herself without even realizing it. Newsgirl!!! And back to Nene and Bunny. She gives Nene the blade she lost in battle, Bunny keeping it safe. The Americans continue to decrypt deeper into BUER’s systems, while tiny BUER is still on the Colonel’s jacket without him knowing. Takumi meanwhile sets up her own plan to help out while tiny BUER even leaps into action. But all that can be done is prevent BUER from firing again. He finds Nene sneaking around and reveals his master plan, to use it to destroy nations he deems unworthy of survival without infringing on world treaties. He mentions world peace and Nene fights his perception of world peace which he laughs off and then the giant android shows up with an arm of Clarion. THOU HATH INVOKED THE THIRTEEN COMMANDMENT, THOUGH SHALL NOT STRIKE DOWN NENE!!! Clarion shows up and gets a big hug for her troubles. After a mushy speech (and ignoring the Colonel this whole time), Nene uses the Pandora Device and it’s time to fight! Or it would be but the episode’s over! Damn it! Nothing much happened though, so a meh episode.

Episode Score – 3/5

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

It’s the day before the festival and Itsuki is sleepy as fuck. Even worse, Aika takes responsibility for him “getting no sleep last night” which of course sets Rina off and the first name basis the two are on doesn’t help with her either. Once again, the two of them are fighting more Darkers. But when Rina’s told the two of them are disappearing together, she thinks much more is up. So Aika finally gets put in her maid uniform and it’s admittedly a bit too much for her. Rina pulls her aside to ask about things between her and Itsuki and of course Aika says things so vaguely that Rina can only make that false assumption that they’re together, especially when she tells Rina to give them some distance, really meaning to not get involved with their fights, but you know she thinks it means “Fuck off, bitch, he’s mine!”. As everyone leaves for the night, Rina’s office computer looks to about to have a Darker spawn. After a little more fighting, we turn back to a bathing Rina thinking things over, clearly bothered by Itsuki being “taken”. Back at the fight, the two are getting overwhelmed when finally help comes from another new member, Matoi. The day of the festival has arrived and lots of familiar faces are around. Masaya meeting the real Orga-Cats is hilarious, but we’re not allowed too much time to enjoy things as it seems a darker is about to interrupt things. Aika rushes out and Kota follows, a bad sign. Before that though, Rina actually hearing straight from Itsuki that he and Aika are not actually dating, which makes Rina super happy. He finally asks a curious question, why did she select him for VP? Too late, a Darker shows up. Itsuki refuses to transform with Rina there so he takes too many hits and Rina suddenly ends up activating her own powers and transforms into her human form, not SORO. Kota finds them all like this and Rina is taken into a portal by a Darker. Decent episode.

Episode Score – 4/5

Prince of Stride: Alternative

Tomorrow is the semi-final match with Saisei. Cause y’know, gotta beat your rivals before Riku overcomes Tomoe. Honestly, I would’ve had them deal with Tomoe and Kakyoin first before getting Saisei, having the whole “We love this sport for fun!” kind of ending to the series with the final race. But I suppose Japan loves their forced emotional value. Everyone’s set to go, the order is Hozumi, Kyousuke, Heath, Riku, Takeru. So the race starts, Hozumi starts off very well, keeping the lead for most of the section but is just behind at the end. Kyousuke is up now and runs roughshot past his opponent, taking the lead and as they reach Heath, they’re pretty much side by side. Heath makes a huge gamble and it pays off, taking the lead this time, but just barely. Riku with his moment of clarity is ready to go and hopefully have his actual first good section. They skip his entrance, so we’re halfway with him, fighting for the lead. Reiji from Saisei claims he’s going to win it for them, but will he? That’s not in the story, man! Takeru makes the final approach and we’re sprinting to the finish. Apparently those two and Nana were together in Stride as kids? Why didn’t this come up before all this?! Reiji and Takeru are literally side by side going into the final moments and Takeru wins by inches. And Honan’s awarded a song by the Saisei boy band to close out the show. Another great race episode, only one more to go!

Episode Score – 4.5/5


Immediately Theodor gets thanked for essentially killing his sister to prove his loyalty, which pisses off everyone around him. Katia comforts him and he finally breaks down, crying with everything he has left. He reveals Lise told him where they’re keeping Irisdina, but the 666 are busy dealing with the Werewolf battallion. They do a good job until they realize it’s only part of the battallion and Beatrix is one of them. Lily, a newer girl is killed while Anett cannot save her. She snaps and attacks Beatrix but takes a heavy hit for her troubles. Gretel also takes a damaging blow and crashes to the ground. The Werewolf go all the way to the rebel base and destroy it easily. We get to see more of Circe’s ass that she can wipe herself as they prepare themselves. Meanwhile, Sylvia and the guy I can’t remember his name of defend what’s left of the base, discovering eventually that the captain has died and the general is injured. Gretel is still alive, saved by Axmann. The leader of the Stasi after being questioned by Beatrix is revealed to be a KGB agent and she’s immediately apprehended. Gretel with Axmann finds the Stasi Files, a massive library. He has a briefcase of CDs with copies of everything he needs and then will blow up the rest. It looks like Beatrix is about to be killed when suddenly we see the guns had been turned on the Stasi leader. Axmann during the destruction of the library claims she will be the one to lead the country. He’s about to kill Gretel when the rebels strike again. She’s about to kill Axmann when a soldier fires on her, wounding her in the side, it’s unclear if she’s dying. Theodor is given a new, improved unit to fight Beatrix with, now the leader of the 666 until Irisdina’s recovery. Another good episode as we head to the very end.

Episode Score – 4/5

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