Character Spotlight: Kid


One of the first female characters I can remember having a crush on was this beauty from the original PlayStation JRPG epic from Squaresoft (Square Enix), Chrono Cross. Kid for me is a great example of a female character early on in gaming that wasn’t too sexualized, is very strong and also very memorable, primarily for her speech.

I remember the first time I saw that FMV where we see her standing on a cliff, my teenage self got lost for a moment. She’s absolutely stunning, a tomboyish figure (always a plus for me), a really cool outfit, she just looks damn perfect. Then you get your first hit of that Australian-like accent in the text and you know you’re dealing with a girl that’s going to be a little different than the usual quiet, shy girl, the badass girl who doesn’t speak much, or the flirty girl that won’t shut up. For me, she was a whole new breed.


In the game, Kid was a party member I kept at all times I could. If she was out, it was the only time someone else got brought into the #2 spot, otherwise it was a constant rotation of #3s. The second she was back from whatever kept her out of the party, she went right back in, no questions asked. In terms of battle, she wasn’t exactly the best party member to put in there, there were a number of other characters I could’ve used that would’ve probably been a better choice, but I was clearly biased towards her, there was nothing stopping me from putting this blonde bombshell into the forefront of my game. Everywhere I went, she was coming with me.

I won’t spoil a whole lot of her history, cause it’s a bit complicated so unless you know your Chrono lore, it makes zero sense to everyone else. But the idea that she had a whole lot to do with the entire history of Chrono Trigger was super interesting to me, especially when I replayed the game at an older age and understood half the shit going, I was clueless when I was younger playing this game. The game makes her important beyond the game she’s in, the story wrote her to be an integral part of the entire series’ lore, just like they do with the main character, Serge. That’s super cool to me.

fan art by Soumakyo
fan art by Soumakyo

Kid’s one of those characters that makes me wish the game got a complete remake, like Final Fantasy VII is getting. I would love nothing more than to see this beauty in full 1080p graphics, but most importantly, hearing her voice for the first time. To hear that accent would be the best thing ever, you know she’d be a total badass awesome girl in a game if it was released today. But I won’t lie, seeing that body in today’s graphics would still be off the charts hot. I mean, come on! Look at how good she looks in those FMVs! And that’s from the original PlayStation, we’re three more generations past that! She looked that good then! The outfit doesn’t reveal much either, the skirt doesn’t allow you to see anything underneath, so you’re left dreaming, but her upper half is just so perfect. She looks super well-toned with her stomach and chest and the cut up tanktop she has just completes it, it doesn’t even bother you that she’s got another layer on top preventing you from seeing her shoulders.

I absolutely adore Kid. She’s beautiful, has a phenomenal personality, isn’t just a pretty face in a game where there’s so many other characters that could’ve taken her spot otherwise. But most of all, she’s important to the entirety of not just Chrono Cross, but the entire Chrono series. She’s not just a cool character in a game, she’s the cool character in a game and a series.

And don’t tell her otherwise, or else she’ll kick yer arse so hard, you’ll kiss the moons!

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