REVIEW: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice [Non-Spoiler]

I had zero intention in watching this movie when I saw the first trailer. But my ticket was handed to me for the midnight release, so I was forcefully dragged into my local Cineplex to watch the Batman and the Superman have a little kiddie scrap. I sat down in my seat with zero expectations going in, so when that first scene began and the two-hour journey began, I was going in with the idea that as long as I wasn’t bored out of my mind, the movie was a success.

It’s a shame it took over an hour to pull itself out of the failure state before sending it right back down at the end.


I told everyone not to worry about Ben Affleck playing Batman and his performance confirmed to me what I already knew: Ben was taking this role seriously and went out of his way to make sure he did not fuck it up. While some people will be a little put off by this version of Batman for the various reasons that differentiates himself from all the other film Batmans throughout history, Ben pulls it off very well. There was no point in the movie where I was put off by him in the suit, he jacked up for this role. But most importantly, his Bruce Wayne is probably my favourite of all-time. He plays the part as strong as you could hope for, and then some.


There isn’t a whole lot of good I can really talk about without spoiling the movie for anyone, but at the very least I can say with a straight face that the action sequences are fantastic. The batmobile section is intense, the final battle is very good and the all-important faceoff between Batman and Superman was a very good fight, about what you’d expect from such a battle. Superman can whip his ass whenever he chooses to, Batman clearly planned out this fight a ton to prepare for essentially a battle with a god. It was handled very well and at the very least, any time a fight was going on, it was entertaining.

Jesse Eisenberg also shines in this movie, but again spoilers are in the way of me really talking too in-depth on his Lex Luthor performance, but at the very least, I can tell you any screen time he had, he made the most of it and is a very memorable character in this film.


The first hour of the movie is extremely boring, consisting of a ton of filler, nonsensical drivel and absolute shitload of pretentious bullshit. Once again, DC continues to prove that they do not understand how to write a superhero movie in this modern day in order to compete with the overall entertainment value that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer all moviegoers. I don’t know why DC and Warner Bros. continue to look at all these fantastic licenses and decide they need to be Oscar-levels of serious. “We’re talking about superheroes, damn it! Time to show our serious faces.”. THAT’S NOT HOW SUPERHEROES WORK, GUYS!!! Sure, the Batman universe can be very dark, there are a ton of moments within the DC universe that can be classified as darker moments, but the fans watching these movies have been waiting for these their entire lives to varying numbers of years. They don’t want this mega-movie they’ve been waiting for to be a massive depression waiting to happen! Why do you think Avengers did so well? It wasn’t just a collection of all their favourite superheroes together for the first time, it was a film that took that concept and made it impossible for you not to smile. Batman vs Superman takes three major DC heroes, puts them together and makes you hate yourself for enjoying those three.


Without spoiling the ending, this movie pretty much blows it load before Justice League even happens. Seriously, I have no idea how you can go much further than what you already have. It’s very clear that DC is rushing to catch up to Marvel and the price is being paid here with this movie suffering exponentially and in turn making the future movies, including Justice League not nearly as appealing as it should have been now.


The section will be blank because anything I really want to put here are full of spoilers. So if you want to see what I feel goes in this category, check out my spoiler discussion after you watch the movie.

I wasn’t excited for this movie one bit and all watching it has done is remind me why I’m not interested at all in DC movies. Unless I’m dragged into another one, I have zero interest in Justice League, Wonder Woman and even Suicide Squad at this point. I cannot trust DC and Warner Bros. with superhero movies right now, they took what could’ve been a really fun, intense film and turned it into a two-hour confusing and pretentious mess.

If you want to hear the specifics for why I feel this way, check out the spoiler version of my review here to learn more!



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