Week #12 – Winter Anime 2016

Week number eleven is upon us with the Winter anime season. What’s in store this week?!

As always I’m live reacting (though typing it out to be posted later) to each episode I watch and going over what happens in each episode with the occasional quip and joke here and there. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, this entire article is full of them!

NOTE: Some shows will not have finished their 12-episode run this week or will be running a 13th episode, there will be one more article to post the remainder of shows that are playing catch-up.

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across The Blue

All right let’s see Asuka somehow beat Saki. I will say this ahead of time, I’ll probably be complaining the majority of this episode. Asuka “annoys” Saki at the beginning of the match with the “let’s have fun!” kind of banter. Asuka takes the first point while Saki for the first time I think takes a shortcut. She keeps bringing out new moves to try and counter Saki’s birdcage before she can start it. Asuka gets another point on Saki with a back hit, but Saki uses the momentum to take the next buoy and bring it back to 2-1. She then gets real aggressive to get a hit on Asuka to tie it. Saki also notes Asuka’s different this match, she’s enjoying facing the Birdcage. Asuka avoids everything and hits Saki again to go up 3-1. So finally Saki turns off her balancer 100%. And now the match becomes a decimation once again, Saki immediately taking a point back and again to tie it. Then she just attacks Asuka head on over and over. The game ends in a tie, which means extra time for some reason. Why they don’t just make them go for the next point on a hit or something? Instead it’s 5 more agonizing minutes. Now by this logic, Asuka should lose, but she’ll somehow pull something out to beat her, which will likely make zero sense. Saki lets it slip a bit that she wishes she could’ve gone longer with Asuka without this break, eager to play her more. Asuka then asks to turn her balancer off and to piss me off more, she hasn’t practiced with it off since the one time she tried. Ugh, this is like watching WWE for me right now, they’re making up reasons and making Asuka look beyond good for what she should be just to win all the time. Apparently if they’re still tied they go to sudden death. Why not do it now? Of course Asuka flails and crashes immediately into the water. And then she suddenly masters how to fly. She takes the first point. Reiko says it perfectly: “It’s mind-boggling.”, because this makes zero sense she should not be able to do this without practicing. She takes another buoy, up 5-3. Aoi and others note the game is about to evolve now that there are two players who’ve mastered flying without balancers. Saki notes she’s feeling the same she did against Misaki. Then the two have a dogfight against each other, Saki starts enjoying herself. They go back and forth, having a fun match and Saki smiles for the first time. Irina even smiles, which isn’t good enough for me, her character still sucks. In the end, the last point goes to Asuka after nearly losing complete control. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Misaki hugs her, happy as hell…and they crash in the water. Irina tells Aoi she only wanted her approval, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! No one’s that fucking idiotic in trying to ruin a sport because they saw a specific match and then suddenly goes “Oh, I guess I was wrong.” just like that. Sigh, this should’ve been a fun episode, but again all the leaps in logic here, it’s too much. The series was still good, but man…Asuka’s written to be way too OP for what she should be.

Episode Score – 3.5/5 


We start with some backstory on Reoko. Like everyone else, she inherited the heart from her mother. She was also told at sixteen, she had three years left to live and would not see her 20th birthday. Then we see her with Migiwa during high school presumably. Teenage Reoko is fucking adorable. Migiwa told Reoko about a possibility of making her immortal using Entei. Later on, we see Reoko rampaging with Entei along with the rest of the villains. Alone, Migiwa takes Oubu and fights Entei herself. Horrifyingly so, Migiwa destroys Entei piece by piece, causing Reoko to feel every bit of that pain. Finally she crushes Entei’s heart which for some reason merges it into Reoko’s heart, presumably what causes her immortality, also explaining why she’s so gorgeous in presumably her late 30s, early 40s. Years later, Migiwa says goodbye to Reoko who’s imprisoned to go to the nest, also pregnant with Azuma. She leaves Earth to Reoko which rightfully pisses her off that she tells her this after imprisoning her for eight years already. She really turns into a sympathetic villain after all this. Reoko notes that as the world began to change due to the absence of the Buranki, so did she. She becomes more aggressive, furious with the myriad of Bubuki users (including children) being killed just because of that very fact. She also notes that Migiwa should’ve known that by removing the Buranki from Earth, she was allowing the human race to have zero fear in creating war once again. They begin to kill all those involved in the killing of Bubuki users. They go as far as killing the Prime Minister and substituting him with their own puppet. Back to the present, Reoko continues to exact her revenge on Migiwa when Azuma and company fight back with Oubu. Meanwhile, the villains are fighting a ton of presumably nuclear missiles trying to break apart the island to reduce the damage. Somehow, Migiwa overpowers Entei and leaps high into the air and deals with the missiles herself. She is knocked out of the sky and Oubu fails to catch her, however Azuma notes he can still hear her and presumes she’s still alive and decides to focus on saving Treasure Island now. He challenges Reoko’s desire to protect the country, as she’s ignoring the falling island. Azuma pleads to Reoko that his mother’s only trying to save both races, but she’s hearing none of it, her desire to kill all Buranki above all else. She plans to kill them all and then destroy Entei, effectively ending her own life as well. Then the big reveal, a girl is standing with the leader of the England team. It’s Azuma’s sister, Kaoruko. Suddenly, an older user shows up and takes out Souya, knocking him off the island. We’re also to presume the others are dying as well from the over-usage of their Bubuki, the missiles becoming overwhelming. Knocked out for a moment, Azuma sees Migiwa in his mind, asking him to save Reoko for her. Reoko with Entei is trying to stop the island from falling and Oubu joins her, but she doesn’t want any part of it. Or perhaps she’s helping it fall? I can’t tell. They manage to slow it down and send it into the ocean safely, sinking to the bottom. We see Kaoruko once more being super happy that her story is about to begin. I guess that’s Season 2 coming up whenever that happens. Everyone’s safe, including Reoko. A great show this season, can’t wait for the next one.

Episode Score – 5/5

Dagashi Kashi

The ulcer’s finally gone. The three of them (To’s not there cause he sucks) reminisce on how they all met, Saya learning finally the “legend” Hotaru told her back in the beginning of the series. They all hide together to watch Yo and his awesomeness while tending the store. Except it means Hotaru’s boobs are next to Kokonotsu’s face and Saya’s are against his arm. Perfect. So this awesomeness consists of Yo eating the store products without paying. It drives Hotaru mad, but only because it makes her crave Bottle Ramune. Saya then realizes if Hotaru gets what she wants, Kokonotsu will be in the town forever, which of course piques her interest. Hotaru finally reveals Shidare just planned to open their own dagashi shop and Yo was to be the manager. Also, what the fuck is with the girl that comes in with the young boy. Fuckin’ gold digger. Yo helps him along and of course the girl changes her tune. Sigh. We get a flashback of Saya winning over and over again with the same thing, except she won fair and square. The second half starts with Kokonotsu and Hotaru waiting forever for a train to show up. Of course we get sexual innuendo leading to a dagashi product. A bottle of ramune also has to bring up the indirect kiss cliche, since we were just partaking in sexual innuendo. The second half honestly was a whole lot of nothing other than Hotaru noting she wants an answer to the whole taking over the family shop thing sooner than later. Another meh, so sad.

Episode Score – 3/5

Dimension W 

There was no episode this week.

Episode Score – N/A


Still upset Kayo and Satoru won’t be together. Apparently when he touched Kayo’s baby’s hand, his memories returned. So he was acting the whole time in front of Yashiro until the moment was right. Also just realized something. This new future completely pushes Airi out of the picture, does it not? Although does he know who she is still? Cause his time travelling memories should still be intact, right? Perhaps we’ll see her at the end meeting him for the first time once more. Turns out after he went into a coma, Misato and others started a fund for him. Kenya and Hiromi reveal they’ve also been hunting down his attacker since as well. Satoru answers my question about Airi and does remember him. Back with Yashiro we see how Satoru was foiling him and remembers what he said about seeing his future. Satoru is aware as soon as he says how, Yashiro will kill him. He also knows that he’s carrying a cell phone talking with someone. He’s also aware the statute of limitations has passed on Satoru’s attempted murder. He also tells Satoru that he’s rigged Kumi’s IV to kill her and Satoru once again will be framed for a murder he didn’t commit and will “jump off a roof” to prevent his incarceration. He tells Satoru if he talks he may save Kumi, but doesn’t guarantee it. He texts Sachiko to say his last words for Satoru and we see a flashback of her realizing he has his memories back. Satoru admits to Yashiro he dropped his guard on him back in the past because he viewed him as the father he never had, his father leaving him at birth. He claims he’s won over Yashiro, preventing all the murders he planned to make. He also knows there’s a reason for Yashiro never finishing him off over the 15 years he was in a coma, claiming Satoru is Yashiro’s reason to live. He then goes to kill himself but Yashiro stops him, proving once more that Yashiro will not kill him now. We see more flashbacks off Yashiro meeting him, perhaps nearly killing him a couple times. Satoru tells him that he doesn’t hate him at all in this life and Yashiro finally lets him go, falling to his death and then jumps off himself. Or he would have if Satoru didn’t have an emergency fall cushion underneath, his friends helping him. Yashiro is still up top, laughing as he’s lost once more and is arrested. In the future, Satoru is back to his normal life as a manga artist. He notes Revival has never happened since. He’s travelling to Hokkaido to see his friends once more, seeing everyone, including Jun before his school friends. Another girl shows up and we presume it’s an older Airi. Kenya shows him the school along with other memorable places, taking place in the year 2010 now. Walking around he sees his old boss and stops at the underpass, reading an old story he wrote as a kid. That butterfly shows up again and a woman stands ahead of him. It’s Airi. So who was the other woman? Maybe it was Misato, only other guess I have. Makes sense now after rewinding and looking at the group photo, there’s three girls, should be Kayo, Aya and Misato. But yeah, Airi shows up. A beautiful ending to a fucking phenomenal anime.

Episode Score – 5/5 ***SHOW OF THE WEEK***

GATE – Season 2

Last episode here for Season 2, I’m curious how Itami will deal with this, not to mention how Season 3 will be set up, there’s clearly more to this than can be condensed into one episode, we still don’t even truly know what Tyuule and those above her are up to. Itami talks with his commanding officer about what he intends to do, though he’s given his old crew to join him on this mission. It’s great to see them all back together. Itami sets things up and mentions that the Emperor is still alive and will need treatment as they’re extracting him out as well as Pina. Shino looks ready to punch something again, probably wants Round 2 with Zolzal. Disguised as a servant he gets some hard work before even getting to the palace. Oh the cart he’s pulling? It has an LAV in it. Poor bastard. They enter the palace while Pina’s dragged to the throne room. She’s questioned for why the Rose Knights left with the SDF, laughing her ass off at their stupidity for thinking they’d stay to be tried for treason as well. They all progress into the palace while Zolzal tells her he doesn’t intend to kill her until after dealing with the SDF, claiming he has a giant ogre in his services. Rory though doesn’t like waiting anymore and comes in with Lelei and Itami. With scare tactics (aka Rory) he has all the men stand down and Zolzal frantically calls in for the ogre. You know Rory’s happy to fight this one after being left out of the Fire Dragon battle. They kill it easily, just Rory and Lelei. Zolzal demands a fight and Itami shoots one shot near him, scaring the shit out of him. He tells him to stop the assassins and to leave them be, otherwise the next bullet will be in his head. They leave the palace which makes me wonder what’s left. They have the Emperor and is stable and begin to extract everyone else and leave. Pina’s amazed by all this, especially with the fact they rescued her father as well. Though Itami admits their primary objective was her, which shocks her too. Speaking of the emperor, he wakes up, hearing the plans the Japanese government have. Pina pleads with her father to tell him to stop Zolzal but he even admits that time is long gone and understands Japan’s plan is the only way now. He tells her that she will be the crown princess against Zolzal, a civil war will be coming and they need a strong leader and she’s that leader. Meanwhile, Zolzal flees the capital, haunted my Itami’s pistol. Tyuule is broken herself, convinced she accomplished her goal of destroying the Empire, yet it’s hard to tell if she’s truly evil or not. Pina’s ceremony commences ten days later. Turns out some dating has been going on. Bozes is pregnant and others are dating as well. We see Itami skipped out to go back home and pick up more manga, because of course he is. Oh and the three girls followed him there. Oh and his ex-wife finds him too. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised how fast they won in the final, but it was still a bit anti-climatic. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t smiling the whole way through though!

Episode Score – 5/5

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Still running from Death Spots, we’re left to assume that Ranta is dead, his helmet alone and bloodied-oh wait there he is! He summons a demon and it’s weird and tiny…and kind of funny. The main group’s priority is to get out alive and then save Ranta. Even Yume who hates him with a fiery passion doesn’t want him to be lost in all this. Ranta trying to be stealthy fails and the entire pack is called and the group knows it’s him causing the disturbance. He has a moment where he wishes he’d touched Yume’s “flat-chest” which is hilarious and Death Spots finds him. Ranta can barely move when Yume shoots an arrow in Death’s eye and the others begin to fight off the smaller enemies. The group manages to escape, but we know Death Spots has to die for this to end. Ranta lets it slip that he wanted to see them all again so of course Yume teases him till he calls her flat-chest again. Haruhiro notes he’s unsure if he’s truly cut out to be their leader, but at this point things are going so smoothly that he doesn’t want to change the status quo and risk anything further. Mary says something that worries me though, she only has enough for one more Cure. That’s very specific. I want to think they’re all surviving, now I wonder if Mary is about to go. And cue the badass music as Death Spots emerges. It gets bad, Shihoru’s drained, Moguzo’s sword gets broken in half. Haruhiro takes the fight to him and tells the rest to leave him, pulling Death down a cliff with him. He lies on the bottom watching Mary crying and Ranta yelling at him not to die like an idiot. However, his arm’s broken and Death is very much alive. With one arm, he manages to get to his feet and attempts to fight, wishing Mary to return and Dispel him too. Then suddenly something seems to unlock in Haruhiro, a new ability that slows it all down and he can make the easy killshot, actually having Death’s own blade kill him. Well there’s that one Cure spell, that’s a pleasant surprise. He wakes up after passing out, Mary at his bedside. They’re finally with a bit of money now and everyone’s in high spirits for the first time since their arrival. Haruhiro visits Manato’s grave one more time to recollect his entire journey and that’s how our story ends. There has to be a Season 2, after all we still don’t have an explanation for how the (now five) six of them and the others were suddenly brought to Grimgar. But a great series nonetheless. Oh and most importantly…

♥ OFFICIAL YUME ASS SHOT COUNT! – 3 (one took up half the screen this week, what a way to end the series!) ♥ 

Episode Score – 4.5/5 

Konosuba -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!-

So apparently this show’s season is only 10 episodes. Huh. Well that was a strange way to end the series. I imagine with the Devil King still alive there must be a second season (so long as someone’s willing to air it, keep that in mind) coming.

Episode Score – Eh?/5 

Luck & Logic

And now for the overly cliche final battle. With everyone enduring Paradox Sickness, it’s literally up to only Yoshichika and Athena to defeat Olga and Lucifer. Athena then during all this creates a Paradox Zone of her own to protect the rest of the group. I still can’t get over how stupid he looks in his Over Trance form. Olga believes Yoshichika expects a cliched miracle to have him win, that’s what I expect too. After taking a heavy hit, the others leave to help, because the power of friendship defeats all! Not cliche at all. When Olga refuses to fight the others, just wanting to beat Yoshichika, Lucifer takes over his body and intends to destroy them all. Veronica however takes the major blow. It’s then Lucifer tells Olga that he could’ve used anyone in his position, which really pisses off Olga with his pride and all. Olga fights Lucifer himself and demands that it remain a fight between him and Yoshichika. So it has to end in a fistfight. They both admit they wanted to fight alongside each other all along as they fight. Olga actually looks like he’s about to win when Olga’s Over Trance limits out and Yoshichika is forced to protect them both by sacrificing his own Logic, all his cards leaving his body. Athena wakes up a week later with all the Foreigners stopped and the Gate sealed, no thanks to Olga, back on the right path, though with bombs surrounding him courtesy of Veronica. Lucifer is in prison, ironically enough with Paradox Sickness, Olga keeping his card as a reminder to keep getting stronger so he has to never need such power again. Yoshichika is fine, but his memories of Athena are completely gone because of the missing Logic card that holds it. Athena’s lost card prevents her from feeling sorrow, which is an odd one for her to have. We get a flashback of each of them promising to find each other’s missing cards after the fight, which now means Athena has to do it first so he remembers. It looks like all the goddesses were to leave, but they all find reasons excuses to stick around. Even Quetzie, just cause Yukari would die of crying too much if he did. The duos all go their separate ways, the more important one being that Artemis becomes Mana’s guardian. Leaving the care of ALCA, Athena finds Yoshichika in the place they first met. Turns out he’s been escaping because of a feeling he needed to find their missing cards. And he does find Athena’s card, meaning she immediately tears up. A stupidly cliche ending to a meh at best anime. The show is all design, not as much story. Could’ve been worse though.

Episode Score – 3.5/5

Myriad Colors Phantom World

So I’m aware this series now will be 13 episodes, so either this one’s wrapping up next week or it’s a fanservice episode next week. Either way, let’s get to it! The question once more is raised about the origins of Phantoms, perhaps deriving from the human subconscious. They also break the fourth wall by inserting fairy tales into the mix, saying they can’t be copyright material, so they’re fair game. Love it! A set of Phantoms shows up and the crew is getting so much better together that they have no issues dealing with them now. They now have the highest grades in their Phantom class. Also they’re going to the beach at some point! Perhaps Episode 13? And Koito’s looking at that remote. I’m slightly annoyed that it’s just popping up for no reason now. She notes it’s a remote for that factory’s servers, shocking. Also, Koito has fans and can’t deal with it, it’s so funny to watch. Haruhiko’s jealous. So a black coat Carmen Sandiego Phantom shows up and just starts attacking various Phantom hunters. Cool! The next day the class is informed that this Phantom is known as Enigma, they do not know that it looks like Carmen Sandiego but they do know that it’s capable of taking away the users’ powers. The Beach Angels are next to lose their powers to Enigma and does it by kissing. Oh my. BRING IN CTHULHU!!! He seals Enigma in the book…or thought he did, but it dissipates from the pages. Summer break arrives, but Enigma hasn’t shown up again since. Haruhiko at home gets a phone call…and it’s Mom. The meeting is bittersweet for him, he doesn’t understand why she’s seeing him all of a sudden. She claims she thought he wouldn’t forgive her if she’d come sooner, so she waited. The meeting is short and she leaves, but he chases after her before she’s gone, not letting this get away from him. So she starts living with him at home. It’s around this point I’m starting to suspect this woman has something to do with Enigma, the coincidence is too perfect to ignore. Ruru notes this as well, but Haruhiko denies it, claiming she looks perfectly human and knows his childhood enough. Meanwhile, the group is fighting a sunflower Phantom. Huh. That looks easy and it is. They note Haruhiko hasn’t been around since his Mom returned, which they half understand, but it’s not like him to ignore this either. Koito thinks she might be a Phantom, but the aura is different from anything she’s felt before. They all visit the house and she knows (I think) too much about them, like he told her everything about them. Then the daughter-in-law discussion comes up and he freaks out. The three of them half-confess and then Kurumi does too, but I’m gonna ignore her for obvious reasons. She ends it by saying they can marry him anytime. Mai leaves the table to get a phone call from the teacher saying Haruhiko’s mother is actually missing. And then Enigma strikes, everyone now knowing. She notes how interesting Haruhiko is with his abilities and goes to take them. She grabs him and kisses him, taking his abilities and reverts back to Carmen Sandiego, leaving. Ruru also collapses, not moving at all. And that’s the episode. I’m going to make the guess here. Ruru is a Phantom derived from Haruhiko’s childhood and I’ll go one step further. She’s the materialization of a mixture between his mother and the fairy tales he read as a child. One more episode to go! Assuming it ends with the beach too. YAY!

Episode Score – 4.5/5 

Pandora in the Crimson Shell Ghost Urn

Claring already starts off in badass mode, saying that losing an arm isn’t even a handicap for her. Fear is commanded to kill them both but Clarion suddenly separates into copies thanks to whatever Nene’s ability is this time. Both Takumi and the Colonel think they’ve fully hacked BUER at the same time. Together, the two beat Fear while the Colonel is about to activate BUER. They do this by Nene keeping its attention and Clarion beats it with a Plasma Cat Punch. Yup. BUER however is activated. But instead of destroying the world…Buer transmits naughty pictures worldwide…of Nene and Clarion? Now tiny BUER is pissed. All the Colonel broke into was BUER’s personal naughty folder. So apparently BUER decides to destroy the world now because of it. Oh and Uzal’s been alive this whole time. She says the only way to stop this particular rampage is for Clarion to cause it to self-destruct, which means both her and BUER will be fully destroyed. Of course, Nene refuses and Clarion tries to talk her out of it. But of course there just happens to be a second way after she just said there was only one way. Clarion actually refuses Uzal for the first time which shocks her, but Nene talks her out of it anyway. Apparently Nene has to do it alone and the Colonel tries to get in her way too, except he ends of helping her more than stopping her. She approaches tiny BUER from the inside and comforts him. It still fires though, presumably killing the Colonel and Nene in the blast wave. Except of course not! Robert arrests the Colonel, now their own police department. And Nene is reunited with Clarion. The whole base however is to be destroyed for good the time and everyone makes their escape, except the Colonel who likely (this time) is killed in the collapse. Bunny and company are still being worked to the bone though, so that’s kind of sad. Newsgirl still can’t get her name out and the two girls finally go shopping together. BUER is still active at the bottom of the ocean which brings a possibility of a second season, but I’m unsure if it’ll see one, honestly. Either way, it was a fun series to watch, boring at times but pretty good and fucking cute as hell.

Episode Score – 4/5

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

Kota has to be explained immediately that everything’s real, but before he can ask anymore questions, Itsuki and Aika are long gone to go save Rina. They scavenge the world, trying to find out any information on her location until finding what looks like a nest and Rina’s trapped inside. She’s been turned into a Darker-hybrid and fires at the group. They’re saved by a male adventurer, presumably an accomplice of the group. Waking up (naked of course), Itsuki is told by the leader that the Dark Falz chose her as its vessel. They tell Itsuki to stay out of this one, but of course he wants in when it has to do with Rina. Forced back to Earth, he reminisces about her, the festival still going on. To help her however he can, he asks the council to cover for him and do the best they can until he brings her back. Kota pulls him aside and they finally have a chat about what’s been happening. He offers to help Itsuki, but he refuses it. So he has to be told the ol’ cliche of letting others help him. You know the whole crew will be joining up at the end, probably next week for the final episode. Kota goes right to his computer as Itsuki leaves, so you know he’s contacting them all. An emergency quest is brought up, Rina being the reason for it. She is where the Dark Falz is buried and the intention is to merge with it. He’s told what likely means they’ll kill Rina first to protect the race, but we all know that ain’t happening. Another woman is brought in, told to do something only she can do. I don’t like how these random new characters are being brought in so late. Oh, looks like the group is here an episode early. They all know he’s in love too and tease him about Rina before they all go to battle. Oh, this random girl is the idol of the game. After a brief fight it’s turned into a Kingdom Hearts 2 1000+ battle with one big fucker in the middle. He nearly gets killed (again) and is saved by Mika. Together, they defeat the massive Darker. The land cracks and rises, separating Itsuki and Aika from the rest, so they have to go in alone to save Rina. The final form of the Dark Falz awaits them. One more to go.

Episode Score – 4.5/5

Prince of Stride: Alternative

The final race is here. And unlike AOKANA, I don’t mind the underdogs winning this one because they’ll actually make it look plausible. It’s the last bit of training and it’s interesting to see Nana struggling to figure out the lineup to run with in this last race. The lineup will be Riku, Kyousuke, Hozumi, Heath and then Takeru to finish it off. Which is weird cause I figured they’d have Riku end it outrunning Tomoe. Oh never mind, Takeru wants them to have Riku last because he’d be facing Tomoe. Riku this time isn’t afraid of this challenge and wants to take his brother on. They all reminisce about the entire season and train with the order they have prepared. The day of the race is here, the Saisei team comes by to wish them good luck. I find this match is really not about Honan vs Kakyoin though, it’s really four stage and then Riku vs Tomoe. The show didn’t do a good job at all of setting up the entire team like how they did with Saisei. A long wait for them to get ready and it’s time to go, Riku confronting Tomoe beforehand. Heath is starting the race, obviously not as fast to start so Honan starts behind, but not too much. Kyousuke catches up and I’m to assume they’re leading into the third leg, the majority of this race is Riku talking to Tomoe during it all. Hozumi keeps the lead and Takeru’s up. He manages to keep the lead but just barely into the final leg. A little more reminiscence and it’s time to go. He’s behind Tomoe to start but begins to gain speed. Then we suddenly go into the future, not knowing the result of the race. Finally we see in a magazine cover that they did win. Really? You couldn’t show the celebration?! That’s fucking dumb! Sigh. It was a good run though…pun intended.

Episode Score – 4/5


In the city, the 666 begin their fight against the remainder of the Werewolf Battalion. Theodor has a tough fight ahead of him against Beatrix. She tells her reasoning for joining the Stasi is because she believes the only way to fight the BETA successfully is as one, forcing everyone against the BETA like robots and that she feels East Germany needs to be a sacrifice for the rest of the world so humankind can survive. During the battle, Katia (now Ursula) is making a speech to all of Germany, interrupting all transmissions. She reveals that Irisdina told her that her father was killed because of his plans to thwart the Stasi and destroy them. During all this, Anett takes a heavy hit and crashes. Nearly to be killed, Sylvia takes the blow instead and is killed. FUCKING KILL BEATRIX DEAD!!! Walther (finally learned his name) self-destructs his own ship to damage Beatrix and Theodor goes into to finish her off, but she’s still more than capable. The final standoff has arrived. In the streets however, crowds are gathering in anti-Stasi rallies and start attacking the Stasi. Anett, still able to fight rejoins and goes for the prison to get Irisdina, while Theodor is in charge of dealing with Beatrix. Too bad Axmann got there first. He takes her away and tells her that together they can unify Germany, which she reveals she already knows he’s been talking with the CIA. Finding the empty prison, Anett hears from rebels that they’ve seen Irisdina out in the city. Irisdina fights back and the rebels approach as well. The two have quite the battle (she’s in handcuffs still) and they both get a pistol and fire at each other. Before the result, we’re back to Theodor and Beatrix’s battle. Finally, Theodor lands a good hit and they both crash into a building below. She gives her last words and then dies. Meanwhile, the base defending all of East Berlin is about to die when Circe and her forces suddenly appear to deal with the BETA. Anett then comes on the comms and tells him that Irisdina is dying, Axmann already dead, but she’s critically wounded. So Theodor takes her in his mech to see the city one last time. I feel like in the time this all happened, she could’ve possibly gotten medical attention, but oh well. It’s sad that another potential romantic relationship is being snuffed, because Japan loves everyone being single. Sigh. It’s one thing I hate about anime, they are almost anti-relationship. Three months later anyway, the walls are slowly being removed and the revolution is over. It’s a bittersweet ending, but it is a war-based anime, it ain’t all puppies and rainbows. So realistically the only survivors of the 666 are Theodor, Katia, Anett and Gretel. I’m shocked Anett made it honestly. A slow start of an anime, but in the end it was a great watch.

Episode Score – 4/5

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