Character Spotlight: Akatsuki


Only in anime can you make a ninja one of the most adorable characters you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Akatsuki from the awesome virtual-reality video game MMORPG anime Log Horizon, is the main female character of the show, one who you could argue as being the best in battle in the main group. She’s a great example of a strong, female lead character without having to make sacrifices just to check off a couple more boxes to make the SJWs and extreme feminists happy.

Her first moments are super interesting, which is probably what got me so intrigued by her right off the bat. The first time we meet Akatsuki is while she’s still under her original male avatar, likely playing as such to avoid unwanted attention from male gamers, a common decision that many female gamers end up choosing. It’s nice to see the show put that subtle reference to real issues in there, without making too big a deal of it. But since everyone’s trapped in their avatars like it’s their real bodies, she asks Shiroe to give her a limited edition item that can change her avatar’s gender so she can, y’know…live like her own gender. I’m sure that was quite the experience for her for as long as it took to transfer over.


Once we get the real Akatsuki on screen, all hell breaks loose and the hilarity and pure beauty that is this little ninja girl arrives. With party member Naotsugu being a bit of a pervert, just hearing him start to talk about panties causes her out of pure instinct kick him in the face, followed by asking party leader Shiroe “My lord, may I kick this pervert in the face?” after already doing so. And this continues on through the entire series, even when she’s not there, Naotsugu often having things fall on him when he starts, calling it the Akatsuki Curse (which we see her sneeze after this, it’s so funny).

What’s interesting about her also is her speaking mannerisms. She’s very formal, rarely addresses Shiroe by his name, instead often replace that with “my lord”. It’s hard at first to tell if she’s just a hardcore roleplayer when it comes to her character, but at least with Shiroe it becomes more apparent (though I haven’t finished Season 2 to know if this is 100% true) that she likely talks how she does around him as a way to hide her feelings for him, regardless of the fact they’ve never met in person before. It’s a very interesting perspective on potential love through an MMORPG, something that often does happen (at least when both players know each other’s gender, of course) to people around the world while playing these games.

Akatsuki being "tortured" by Henrietta
Akatsuki being “tortured” by Henrietta

Of course, the crowning jewel of Akatsuki is her various facial expressions, something the show is fantastic for. Especially when under the torturous grasp of Crescent Moon Alliance member Henrietta, Akatsuki has her best moments when cowering in fear of this woman hugging her senseless, brushing her hair and dressing her up in various adorable outfits, something she absolutely despises the most. Perhaps it’s embarrassing to her, maybe she doesn’t see herself as a cute girl in real life, maybe she’s a tomboy and can’t stand pretty dresses and such. Whatever the reason, she hates it and any time she’s put into these situations, it’s memorable and hilarious to watch.


While Akatsuki is super adorable to watch and enjoy every moment she’s on screen, she’s not just that pretty face and figure. In fact, like I said at the beginning of this post, she’s probably the best fighter in Log Horizon as an assassin. With her lightning-fast movements, the ability to go invisible and hide herself from all scanning abilities and of course her many quick and deadly attacks, she’s a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, even with characters like Nyanta and Naotsugu who are no slouches in their own right.

And that’s probably my favourite thing about Akatsuki, the fact that not only is she this tiny, absolutely adorable girl who blushes constantly and is very proper, she can whip so much ass it never ceases to amaze me. She’s not designed specifically to be a badass, she’s not overly muscular with short hair and a deep voice, she’s just a badass no matter what she looks like. That’s what should be done, pretty girls can be tough too, we don’t have to stereotype what a badass tough girl looks like.


Akatsuki is one of my favourite anime girls of all time, one who demonstrates that it is possible to have a girl that can kick tons of ass and doesn’t have to compromise her looks or her personality to do it. She’s a tiny, beautiful yet badass assassin, that’s all there is to it and she succeeds with flying colours.

Seriously though, those facial expressions…

(left to right) Akatsuki, Shiroe, Naotsugu
(left to right) Akatsuki, Shiroe, Naotsugu

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