Johnny Gargano/Drew Galloway (w/Kota Ibushi) def. Anthony Nese and Caleb Konley – Evolve Tag Team Championships

  • Feed immediately for this show sucked, stopping at very short intervals
  • Galloway catching Konley’s suicide dive was awesome
  • Then the stream died, I don’t know who won until half an hour later checking Twitter

Score: Huh?/5

(No Contest) Matt Riddle vs Timothy Thatcher – Evolve Championship

  • It’s weird seeing a UFC kind of match happening in pro wrestling
  • Which also means to me (I don’t care for MMA) this was relatively boring to watch
  • Massive number of Fujiwara Armbars and Cross Armbreakers between these two
  • Match ends with Riddle breaking Thatcher’s arm and is declared a no contest? Why is that a no contest?

Score: 2/5

Marty Scurll def. Fred Yehi

  • First time seeing Marty Scurll, he’s like a steampunk Penguin, I like him
  • He’s a good heel, a lot of real dirty moves, like he’s actually trying to hurt his opponents
  • Them damaging each other’s hands, feet, fingers, toes, it was entertaining
  • How long has it been since I watched someone win with a chicken wing?

Score: 3/5

Sami Callihan def. Ethan Page

  • Always weird seeing someone I know wrestling on TV (went to college with Ethan)
  • It’s great to see Sami hitting his stride again now out of NXT and the shitty Solomon Crowe gimmick
  • Geez, Sami gets red as fuck during a match!
  • Liger Bomb into a submission, interesting combination from Sami
  • I love the sadistic smile Sami had when the crowd started cheering “Fuck him up, Sami, fuck him up!”
  • Always love Ethan’s jumping Diamond Cutter from the apron
  • Weird with a match ending with a running forearm, but a good match nonetheless

Score: 3/5

TJ Perkins def. Ricochet

  • “He’s like a Puma!”, funny exchange with Ricochet (aka Prince Puma, don’t tell anyone, it’s our little secret) and the fans
  • Ricochet never ceases to impress me with his agility
  • Little bit of mudhole stompin’ from Ricochet, nice Texas callout
  • The People’s Moonsault…awesome
  • Lot of really good leg-based submission holds from Perkins
  • Great submission sequence from Perkins to win the match, that was a fun watch
  • Nice little addition promo for TJ Perkins being in the Global Cruiserweight Series

Score: 3.75/5

Zack Sabre Jr. def Will Ospreay

  • I noticed after about five minutes I didn’t write anything yet cause I was paying so much attention to the match, they’re mesmerizing
  • Both men are going to be incredible talents in the future, I wasn’t aware Opsreay’s only 22!
  • Sabre’s submissions never cease to amaze me
  • Ospreay’s reactions to the submissions as well are fantastic!
  • A nice thing about not-WWE shows, people do RKOs aka Diamond Cutters
  • A second-rope Phoenix Splash?!!!
  • Shooting Star into a submission?!
  • Stream starts to lag at the worst times, the match seems about to end
  • And with one of the sickest submissions I’ve ever seen, Sabre wins

Score: 5/5

Chris Hero/Tommy End vs Drew Gulak/Tracy Williams

  • I know he can still move well and wrestles like one of the best, but man Hero looks unhealthy to me
  • A ton of hard hits, holy shit
  • The double knee spot with Hero/End looked brutal
  • The stomp/piledriver combo was awesome
  • Gulak wins with the Dragon Sleeper

Score: 3.5/5

Overall Score: 3.75/5

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