REVIEW: NXT Takeover: Dallas


American Alpha def. The Revival to win the NXT Tag Team Championships

Adam: AA – 3.75/5 John: AA – 3.5/5 | Katelyn: AA – 3.75/5

  • Crowd clearly into this at the beginning
  • Nice little exchange early on between Gable and Dawson
  • Each team has a great section of offense, fans are super into this match
  • Really bad botch though from Dash and Dawson, Botchamania bay-bay!!!
  • Great tag breakups from Dash and Dawson
  • And after an exchange of pinfall attempts, Gable finally gets the pin with their double team finisher

Austin Aries def. Baron Corbin

Adam: Aries – 3.25/5 John: Corbin – 2.75/5 | Katelyn: Corbin – 3.25/5

  • God damn it, Austin you’re distracting Katelyn with the sparkly shorts!
  • Surprised the fans seem to be right down the middle between the two of them, I didn’t think there was much of a fanbase for Baron Corbin
  • Aries really selling Corbin’s offense, flopping around like a fish in the ring
  • Aries with the sudden win after a rollup from countering the End of Days

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Sami Zayn

Adam: Nakamura – 4.75/5 John: Nakamura – 5/5 | Katelyn: Nakamura – 4.75/5

  • Here we go, I’ve been waiting forever for this moment
  • The theme: FUCKING AMAZING!
  • The entrance: BADASS AS FUCK!!!
  • The look: Nothing’s changed, perfect!
  • Holy shit indeed
  • The style is the exact same, I’m shaking watching this match
  • Zayn turns heel by countering the foot shake in the corner
  • Even Corey Graves is calling him Swagsuke
  • They really are letting Shinsuke do all his offense, even those really violent knees on the ground
  • Massive exchanges of blows, looks like Shinsuke may have gotten his nose busted
  • Great near-fall with the Blue Thunder Bomb after missed Helluva Kick and Boma Ye attempts
  • Finally, Shinsuke with the Boma Ye to win an incredible match

Asuka def. Bayley to win the NXT Women’s Championship

Adam: Bayley – 4/5 John: Asuka – 4.25/5 | Katelyn: Bayley – 4.25/5

  • The first five minutes are evenly matched, Bayley’s not getting dominated like against Nia Jax, Asuka’s looking a little more human
  • Little things with Bayley’s foot being hurt, she loosens the boot a bit
  • It’s so refreshing to see Bayley getting submission crazy too, focusing on Asuka’s knees
  • Out of nowhere after fighting the Asuka Lock, Bayley passes out and doesn’t top out, we have a new champion!

Finn Balor def. Samoa Joe to retain the NXT Championship

Adam: Joe – No to Balor Club – 4/5 John: Joe – Yes to Balor Club – 4.25/5 | Katelyn: Joe – Yes to Balor Club – 4.25/5

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre entrance for the demon and some new colours, a little blue in there this time around
  • Almost immediately Joe with a massive cut over his eye
  • Joe is fighting even harder now, it’s like they’re trying to kill each other
  • Match is kind of stopped to fix the cut, Graves picks up on it well and the crowd with a “PG Sucks!” chant, doesn’t matter, he’s still bleeding like a stuck pig
  • Match stopped again, fans are super pissed about this, now turning to “Fuck PG!” chants
  • Muscle Buster for a near-fall, Coup de Grace doesn’t amount to anything but another rollup by Finn suddenly gets the win

Overall Score: 4.5/5

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