Week #13 – Winter Anime 2016

Week number thirteen is upon us with the Winter anime season. What’s in store this week?!

As always I’m live reacting (though typing it out to be posted later) to each episode I watch and going over what happens in each episode with the occasional quip and joke here and there. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, this entire article is full of them!

NOTE: If a show is not finished by this week, it will be added to the 1st week of the Spring 2016 lineup until it ends.

Dagashi Kashi

It’s a boys and girls separate days out, Kokonotsu likely wanting advice to be popular with women, Hotaru asking Saya what love tastes like. Oh dear, cue the lesbian innuendo that leads into dagashi. And…wow that was excessively hot! Apparently love tastes like cherries, I sense a really bad joke in there. The guys on the other hand do more fortune telling hijinks and it’s as dumb as always. Like I said, guys are dumb. The girls find the two boys in their idiocy which causes Kokonotsu to remember what Hotaru said on the train the previous episode. Saya has a moment where she wonders if Hotaru might actually be in love with Kokonotsu as well. This is only increased when Saya misunderstands words from Kokonotsu relating to Hotaru, which is him wondering if he’s ‘tying up’ Hotaru by not taking over the store from Yo. To tells him to ask Hotaru about this, so of course she shows up on cue, asking if there’s a smoking section. All right, what’cha got now, Hotaru? Something that apparently was advertised as an alternate to cigarettes one time. Sigh, so dumb. And then she just leaves. He tries to chase after her and it starts raining. Hoo boy, here’s comes a cheesy moment. They sit together waiting for the bus, Hotaru of course has her top going a bit see-through and Kokonotsu after excessive blushing finally asks her about him keeping her away from things. She just shakes it off, saying she doesn’t just go to see him because of Yo, but because she enjoys going to the shop and seeing them all. So I guess they’re destined to be stuck together forever. Another meh ending, anime always ends so vague and without a lot of resolution. Granted this one doesn’t exactly have a story to tell, but whatever! This anime was seriously disappointing towards the second half onwards, perhaps I just got bored of the schtick this show had. It was fun for the season though.

Episode Score – 3/5

Dimension W 

So Loser’s wife is really the hands and heart inside the monster itself, which is horrifying. Haruka claims that with Genesis, they could actually reanimate her with all her memories intact, but Loser’s more intent on destroying Haruka. He uses the five numbers he has to open a gate and tries to pull Haruka through to kill him, but the monster attacks him, destroying his arm and one of the numbers is now deactivated. Haruka begins to transform a bit as Kyouma and Mira are in the wreckage from earlier, with him broken, believing he can’t do anything more and shouldn’t have been there to begin with. He recalls everything now, believing taking that coil could’ve saved Miyabi’s life and instead destroyed everything. Mira then reveals that Mira’s body was created for her (unless it already got revealed and I forgot). He looks at her palms and notes it’s the exact same as Miyabi’s which in a way still pisses him off a bit. She then offers a way to get his memories fully back but has to slap knock him out to do it, her tail likely needing to pierce him somehow. Haruka seems to be also trying to do the same thing, but Mira’s ahead of him. We then see what happened to Miyabi, the transplant being perfect, but the coil malfunctions and causes an explosion and then…something happens to her that makes her disappear…w-what? I’m so confused by what happened here. Back in reality, everyone’s still safe after everything, now needing to focus on the monster. Mira’s running away from Kyouma, apparently that coil is related to him. I have no idea what’s happening here now, it’s not making much sense. The monster captures her and she intends to sacrifice herself to stop everything, but Kyouma’s having none of it. Apparently the coil in her could snap and create another dimensional rift. It also turns out Kyouma actually broke Genesis and didn’t hide it somewhere. Haruka snaps and intends to destroy everything now and Lwai and other robots bind the monster in coils and eventually crush him to death. But before that, Kyouma tells him essentially that while Haruka caused a lot of shit, he forgives him for the possibilities it may have brought and that he shouldn’t have stop trying after Genesis and then finishes him off with one final spin dart, sending the rift into chaos and destroying everything it takes in. Loser appears to pass away during this and Mira’s coil activates, helping her save Kyouma from being pulled into the rift. Lwai has to save them both for falling to their deaths and finally it’s all over. Elizabeth is absolutely devastated as she finds her father dead. The ending comes, they couldn’t find the original coil on the island after all. With Albert, they start bagging the bodies, finding Doug’s as a notable one. The void seems to be completely gone from the island. He visits Miyabi’s grave and that seems to be what sends us off, minus sights we see without audio, it’s all filler though. Oh but we get a little more at the very end. Another bounty for the duo to claim, now fully working together with Mary. But it’s nothing important. This show was so good, I just wish it didn’t get so complicated at the very end here.

Episode Score – 4/5

Myriad Colors Phantom World

The group visits Haruhiko’s mother who is now in a coma at an Alayashiki medical facility, due to Enigma. Haruhiko is clearly out of it, due to the whole situation with Enigma and losing his powers. At the hospital he meets his stepdad for the first time, only with his mother for two years at this point. He gives Haruhiko a book that his mother looked at and it’s very similar in style to how Ruru looks, again possibly connections being made here. Back at home though, Ruru is fine, but her voice is awfully calmer than normal and a lot more…wifely? Kurumi notes she’s acting a lot like Haruhiko now, which the group wonders if him losing his abilities is related to this. Koito’s alone during all this, working with special forces to find Enigma. She finally shows up at the house to get the remote, claiming there’s been a cover up with Alayashiki. Somehow Albrecht fixes it and is a massive hacker, wtf? The files bring Enigma up as an ‘enhanced Phantom’, Alayashiki has been of course doing crazy experiments on them. Meanwhile, Enigma is breaking into the Alayashiki facility while the group finds even more harrowing information, specifically a file on specifically Haruhiko and Ruru. The group rushes to the facility, the damage already pretty bad. Haruhiko wants to go in alone, but Mai’s having none of it, nor are the rest of them. Their teacher shows up just then, speeding over to the area and is…helping them break in…? She’s aware of Enigma’s plans to use Haruhiko’s ability amongst other things to control all Phantoms and take over the world, y’know the old cliche. Haruhiko again tries to go alone, but Mai stops him, the girls all going to the front lines ahead of him. Enigma claims she doesn’t hate humans, in fact she’s thankful they made her essentially into a god and decides that’s the best course of action. Haruhiko rushes in after the girls get hit hard and Enigma turns into his mother to beat him in that form to humiliate him further. The teacher tells him Ruru was born from him and my prediction was correct, a manifestation of his personality. Which means he has to kiss Ruru to take that ability. The girls cheer him on, which only makes it more awkward. They finally kiss and Haruhiko immediately invokes something, while Enigma invokes some of the Phantoms he’s sealed. So he finally summons Marchosias and Cthulhu, except they’re the actual summons and not cute versions. They defeat the Phantoms instantly and the group together deals with Enigma, Haruhiko literally sealing her in crystal and Mai shattering it. A short battle, kinda disappointing. His mother’s awake and he meets the real one this time. It’s a touching moment to say the least. The ending comes, Alayashiki is under investigation, everyone got their abilities back AND THEY NEVER WENT TO THE FUCKING BEACH! BULLSHIT! Either way, the series was pretty fun with some great moments.

Episode Score – 4/5 

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

I have to say, for an MMORPG the final boss must be really weak if at most they need two people to defeat it, at least that’s how it’s being set up. An entire army charges the base however, killing several Darkers, but the Dark Falz kills them all in one shot. Then a massive beam cannon clips its wing and it crashes to the ground, Itsuki rushing after it. Aika has to save him from a shot from the Falz and then nearly knocks him senseless for being so careless. She mentions she wants to save Rina too, but wants to ensure his survival more than anything. I swear to god, if Aika dies at the end here, I’m snapping. The main force is ready to go and Aika is now ignoring all orders to focus on their task at hand. She opens a portal for Itsuki to get inside the Dark Falz and find where Rina’s being stored. During this he’s suddenly back in his school uniform and in a sort of limbo world now. Aika meanwhile is outside trying to defend the area when she finally gets some help from her random friends. Itsuki recalls a warning Aika gave him about how the darkness would try to take him too and make him part of the Dark Falz as well. It’s clearly so when an image of Rina appears and is far too friendly, even for her. And he falls for it like a dumbass. Geez, you’d think if you see someone with glowing eyes, you’d back away! He somehow manages to break out of the trap. For some reason, he starts reflecting on his childhood where apparently he and Rina knew each other. And finds her, totally naked. He’s not even blushing, that’s bullshit! He fights his way to her and breaks her free, you’re gonna have to blush soon enough, Itsuki, she’s covered by two strands of tentacles. NEITHER OF THEM BLUSHED, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!!! Rina transforms back to her avatar and they defeat the Dark Falz together, or so they thought. They need one more round with Aika and her friend to shout stupid lines and finish the job with a super OP attack that has never been used and was never referenced before. Sigh, you were doing so well after a shit start, PSO2. Also, Aika has to leave now, her mission’s over. Before they can tell her to go with them, the suddenly lose their ability to go between worlds and are returned to Earth. Itsuki gets tons of messages about confessing to Rina. Of course he doesn’t say shit, cause again Japan hates relationships in their shows. The afterparty goes on, without Aika coming back. The ending goes on, sure enough he never saw Aika again after that. Rina graduates, Itsuki now the president, was not aware Rina was older than him this whole time. He has a chance again to confess but Aika actually returns to interrupt it, specifically though calling Rina out and not Itsuki. Also her hair has pink tips now. She officially says goodbye though they can see her online still. Ugh, what a bad ending. This show was actually good after a terrible start, but man…why does so much anime have trouble ending a season?!

Episode Score – 3/5

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