Quickie: Y’know We Can Both Have Opinions… (WM 32)


This morning I do what I usually do, today especially though: Check the r/SquaredCircle reddit page and see what’s going on. And this morning I discovered a very annoying thing:

People don’t like it when people have an opposite opinion of something. Like they really don’t. I know, shocking but this one hits hard because I downright hated WrestleMania 32 except for a single moment. There were some excellent matches, don’t get me wrong, but the booking could not have been worse this year.

The problem I’m really having with from reading Reddit comments are the sheer insults being hurled at people for not liking the show. “You are taking wrestling too seriously!”, “Awww, you didn’t like the winner of the fake fight?”, or “Why does anyone think this was a bad show?!”.

Now let me sit all you kiddies down for a second and reveal to you a massive fact that will blow your minds: SOME PEOPLE THINK DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU!!!

Some people watched WrestleMania last night and saw only the positives, some only saw the negatives, some saw both, being unbiased. But none of them are wrong! I didn’t reply to these morons who made some of those stupid comments saying “Oh good for you for sucking WWE’s cock all night long!” or “Congratulations, you’re just another brainwashed WWE fan!”, I have zero reason to say that sort of thing, it’s not my opinion, it’s theirs, why do I have any justification in telling them that their own opinion is wrong?

At the very least it should’ve just been a matter of “I actually liked the show, here’s why.” instead of a bunch of trolls and the like further pissing off those who genuinely did not enjoy the show. But it’s the internet, we all know how people operate there.

Personally, I’m mixed on the show. There was some great stuff in there, but it’s also overshadowed by some really bad booking decisions, at least in my opinion. WrestleMania is supposed to be the show that has people going home happy and instead we had a heel-dominated show and a main event that was so terribly booked it rivals WrestleMania IX with the Hogan fiasco.

So yeah, you’re all welcome to have a different opinion on this guys. Some of you loved the show, some (like me) did not.

Fucking deal with it and quit being a troll. You’re a loser, it’s no wonder no one likes you. 😉

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