Top 10 Sexiest Girls – Winter Anime 2016

It’s no secret that I have zero issue putting over girls for being cute, beautiful, sexy, all that jazz. So I figured it’d be a great idea now that the winter anime season for this year has ended, to do a Top 10 list for the sexiest girls that were in all the shows I watched this season. So remember, these are my picks from only shows I watched and they are pertaining to my own personal tastes. So to all the Mai lovers out there who watched Myriad Phantom Colors World, I’m not sorry!


It’s funny to me that Pina makes this list after her being not even on my mind after Season 1, I was mostly into Tuka cause y’know how can you not love sexy blonde elf girls? But over time in Season 2, Pina’s really grown on me, large in part to her natural beauty mixed with the elegance she carries with her as a Princess. She also has the unfair advantage of having red hair, which never stops working on me. I think most of all though, it’s because every few episodes we’d get a scene of her naked in the bath and then for the end of the season she was only in a prisoner’s garb, which as terrible as the situation was, allowed her skin a little more airtime. But no matter how you slice it, Pina Co Lada, the dumbest name for a character ever in anime, she’s drop dead gorgeous.


Yeah! How you like them apples, Mai fans?! I didn’t even pick Reina, the other girl who gets a little sexy air time during the show, I pick the one we pretty much see nothing of the entire series. Koito gains ground on the two with her tomboyish look (I’m aware Mai can be considered one too, but I’m sorry the giant breasts don’t do it for me) and her shorter hair compared to the rest of the girls. She has the kind of hair I’d expect my girlfriend to have back when we were first dating, so that also makes me a little biased. She’s also got a wonderful singing voice, which strikes a few chords in me. Ha, chords…cords…did you get the music pun? Did’ja? All right, I’ll stop. But most of all, the artwork for the show that doesn’t appear in the anime actually completely turns me in favour of Koito. This picture pretty much cemented her for me as my favourite girl of the series, she looks absolutely stunning in that picture. Not that Reina isn’t just as gorgeous in that picture too, but Koito’s got my heart here.


This might be the one that surprises the most. Why? Because this girl has pretty much zero meaningful airtime and has zero airtime where she’s in anything over than her ALCA uniform. A couple of the girls got some undressing time in the series (and Chloe’s battle attire is pretty much straps and a thong), but Valkyrie always stood out to me. She has a very unique look to her, the red hair and the cut she has add onto it. She’s also the one goddess (other than Menace) who isn’t designed like a large-chested beauty queen, again the tomboy effect on me is in full swing (makes sense given who her partner is) and works as well as it always does. And lastly, she has a underrated kind of appeal to her that most people never mention: The fact that you never see her in anything other than one outfit makes you use your imagination to create all kinds of possibilities, which is always far better than being given all the keys right off the bat.


Okay, come on! How could anyone not fall for a super hot assassin version of Velma Dinkley? Super old cartoon references aside, Barbara is impossible to ignore even with really only two episodes of screen time. She’s easily the most sexually designed character on this list and that’s saying something when several characters on this list are actually naked at some point in their respective shows. But pretty much everything Barbara does is shot with sexual tension, her clothes pretty much do nothing to hide the assets she has, and come on…the entire time we see her training Haruhiro, it looks more like she’s trying to get rid of some excess hormones rather than training him to fight. I mean look, so long as she doesn’t break my arm during the process, I’d have zero issue getting some training in with her.


Two Grimgar characters back to back, we have the #6 spot given to the character who caused a gimmick to be added to the show’s weekly review. And almost every week, the “Official Yume Ass Shot Counter” did not disappoint, hence why I couldn’t help myself using one of those butt shots for Yume’s photo here. Aside from her presenting her ass to the camera every time it’s pointed at her, Yume truly is a beautiful young woman, again the red hair knocking her up a few spots, but the reason she’s above Barbara when she clearly doesn’t have the assets Barbara has (and that includes her butt!), Yume comes off a lot more like someone you could share a relationship with, rather than a one-night stand with Barbara, cause I’m pretty sure that’s all you’d ever get. Yume truly comes off like a friend, a partner and to me that adds on to a girl’s sexiness. It’s not just about the body to me, the knowledge that not only is a girl gorgeous, but I’ll be happy hanging around her does make a girl even more sexy to me and Yume gives off that feeling in spades.


Long silver hair, gorgeous body and you rarely get to see her that much so you don’t get too comfortable with her. That really puts the ball in Sylvia’s court. Like a couple other girls on this list, it took me a little while to get into Sylvia, likely because I had to get past all the incest innuendo. But this soldier is absolutely stunning, an extremely brave woman who you know if the war wasn’t a thing and hadn’t caused all the mental trauma she likely had over the course of the show, she’d be an absolute wonderful person to be around. And yes, a large part of her sexiness is in fact due to that it looks like she doesn’t wear a bra under her uniform and she had the zipper of her top down pretty far. You looked too, don’t judge me!


Everything about Kinoa is a plus for me, her body is perfectly designed, her unique hair works wonders, she wears glasses which actually adds onto her beauty for me, she dresses so well for her frame and her personality when she’s not a pissed off young woman has her as the perfect girl to fall for when you were around that high school age again. You’re probably thinking well if she’s that perfect, why’s she only #4 and not even in the top 3. Well other than me preferring the next three girls above her, I think her hot-headed attitude can be a little much at times. But then again she did seem to be into older guys, not that I’m crazy old. But if the shaved head had anything to do with it, fuck that I’m out!


I had zero intention of even listing Aika at all during the entire season. Then getting the hot spring scene with her completely turned my attention around on her and really started noticing just how absolutely perfect this girl’s body is. I’m also not crazy into blonde hair, but because of how unique her hairstyle is and just how perfectly it matches her frame and fashion style, I was more than willing to accept that over a lot of the redheads on this list. Something that might perplex a few people reading this, probably the biggest thing that brings my attention to her however is that cluelessness to the real world that this game NPC has. I really entertain the idea of being the person to really accommodate a girl who knows nothing of the world she’s in, including basic societal customs like I don’t know…entering the men’s bath completely naked. It’s that silly trope that never gets old for me, it always creates great ecchi moments where she doesn’t even flinch at the idea of the MC looking at her full naked body, which every other girl would kill him if it happened to them. It’s a shame she can’t stay in the real world because of her work, she comes off like the kind of girl that over time, you know she’d be a perfect fit as your partner forever. And again, man…that body. Come on!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sometimes the sexiest of all are the crazy evil ones. Before even being aware of Reoko’s immortality, the moment I saw this woman who should be in her 40s, I was hooked, regardless of how downright batshit crazy this woman is. Red hair: Check. Small, slim body: Check. Having the opportunity to fantasize about the main villain taking a momentary break from her craziness to share a lovely night with you: Double fucking check! I knew from day one that this girl would be a nominee for the Sexiest Girl of the Season award and at no point did I ever second guess that. And most of all, come on…if she stays immortal, that perfect body’s there as long as you can go. Like you wouldn’t be salivating at that opportunity.


The #1 spot through the entire season flip-flopped between three girls: Kinoa, Reoko and this girl, Misaki. In the end what pushed Misaki over the other two was honestly the unfair advantage of being constantly presented as a purely drop dead sexy girl. Pretty much every episode she’s in her Flying Circus attire, which does nothing but show off her assets. Like come on, I don’t care how much they portray Asuka as the best girl, Misaki’s got the butt to put her above all the female characters in that show combined. When you match that up with her perfect figure in a tight bikini and a bathing scene where you’re left to visualize Reiko giving her quite the hot massage, it’s impossible to not have this girl on your mind the entire time. And most of all, minus her super sleepy mornings, she’s pretty much just your average run of the mill kind of girl. Which when combined with that body, it’s a knockout punch for me.

Hope you enjoyed this top 10 list, I have to apologize for not posting these in a while. Honestly, it’s for the most part a time issue and a lazy issue. These articles take longer than any of the other weeklies I post and because of that (and partially because I was running out of topics I could actually gush about without stopping) I didn’t have the desire to do them. That should be changing soon, with my potential new job having me work at home as well, giving me a little extra time to work on other things and not leaving me physically tired like my current job does.

Anyways, as always if you have any comments or perhaps your own lists, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments below. Cheers!


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