Week #2 – Spring Anime 2016

Week number two is upon us with the Spring anime season. What’s in store this week?!

As always I’m live reacting (though typing it out to be posted later) to each episode I watch and going over what happens in each episode with the occasional quip and joke here and there. So for those trying to avoid spoilers, this entire article is full of them!

And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online
And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online (Ep.1)

…I was not aware Universal had any connection to anime. Wow. That alone is shocking to me. Anyways, we start off with a clear marriage proposal in-game from the girl, but the guy vowed to never fall in love again, though she ain’t listening to this. No time to dwell though, we have to have a battle montage with the two and another two party members with them. Clearly she’s way into him and pays all the attention to him, which doesn’t always work out, the MC often getting killed because of it. It’s curious how the actual game looks as we see it from the MC’s monitor and then in-game it looks way better, almost like they’re own fantasy representation of the game, rather than the actual graphics. MC, Hideki claims he’s found a wife, which the guys pass off as Otaku garbage. The popular girl approaches and as expected trashes him to death with her comments. He then bumps into a girl that’s clearly this girl who likes him and is very bashful towards him. Nothing special before going back to the game after school. The party is a clear misfit group, Hideki’s character taking all the blows, Ako (the girl) constantly getting lost or distracted and the other guys just being so blase about everything, one being one of those players who just spends all their money on in-game items. Turns out the two did get married in-game though. One member declares they actually got a real-life confession and Ako goes all crazy, wishing he’d die. Oh dear. During their conversation it finally slips out that Hideki once tried this before and the character was actually an older man in real life. He turns into that German kid who destroys his keyboard and vowed to never trust a girl in-game ever again. Ako actually claims she’s a real girl. Then the money-buyer claims he’s a girl as well and they should have a real-life meeting. Okay taking bets here. One’s obviously the creepy girl he bumped into. Second is the popular girl who was disgusted with him and third is the student council president because she’s the only other girl given any real screen time. Why do I think it’s all girls and Hideki? Well other than the cover picture, anime logic. Well Ako shows up and she’s a gorgeous one for sure, just as she said, a nerdy bookgirl. I’M TWO FOR TWO, the bitch girl (aka Akane) is the second to show up. YES! THREE FOR THREE, BITCHES!!! The president has arrived, Kyoh is her name. She’s the item buyer. Akane of course is embarrassed to be outed now. At a cafe together, Ako is just as touchy as she is in game. Akane learns for the first time her character’s name means ‘Pig’ in German and that sets her off. She’s also adorable as well. Ako lets it out that she’s been a loner at the school the whole time, no friends at all, so being able to see the three of them in real life is a huge step forward for her. Ako does her anti-normie stuff again and Kyoh joins in, but Akane reassures that she has zero interest in a relationship only because it’d interfere with her gaming time. Clearly there’s already something there with Hideki and Ako. Which makes this anime interesting because it’s being built like a harem. Great start to this show.

Episode Score: 4/5

Anne-Happy (Ep.1) 

This was the one I was looking forward to the most when looking through the previews, had an Azumanga Daioh feel to me, so let’s see how this one fares. It starts off rather normal, which given the potential comedy gold ahead I’m willing to expect until the show gets turned upside down. A girl is walking to school when she hears a dog and looks over the bridge…and there’s the dog…being held by a girl…who’s hanging on the bridge likely by either her shirt or hair somehow. And the cheesy music starts. The girl’s fine, minus the hair being snagged and the dog constantly biting her, y’know nothing special. She’s about to fall when the girl tries to help her. It’s the best introduction ever before she tosses the dog to the girl and falls into the river. But don’t worry, she’s okay…just dead-man floating before getting out, 100% fine. But no time to worry about a potential death (or how her clothes are somehow still dry), they’re going to be late for class. And then the funniest intro music I’ve ever heard in anime starts. Oh my god this is the best music ever!!! Back to the show, we’re back to things being normal again…BUT FOR HOW LONG?! About ten more seconds before another girl comes in late, and faints of embarrassment. Anne is so slow, but it’s the funny kind of slow and the super cute funny animations during this process only add to it. That new girl shows up, clearly being the overly dramatic character who’s a bit on the creepy side as well. Her name’s Botan and she has the softest bones ever known to man, a simple handshake destroying her fingers. Oh, forgot, other girl who saved Anne is named Ruri. So apparently this specific class was put together as a group of unlucky students for various problems, Anne and Botan so far are clear examples of this, though we’re yet to understand where Ruri’s misfortune lies. They’re left for the day with the old keep the egg safe for the whole day homework. Oh apparently Botan’s hand already healed. Ruri however leaves them for something else and a cat approaches Anne and gives her a right hook. This is gonna be funny all season long. Ruri’s stalking a guy she likes it seems while Anne insists on seeing this cat. Botan falls and her egg breaks, which the cat eats up all happily. Anne’s also stuck in the mud. Oh dear, how misfortunate. So when Ruri starts taking the path back, she’s approached by a bloodied up Botan and an Anne still stuck in the mud. Anne notes however that she’s actually lucky to have Ruri now to save her, so someone’s luck is actually going up. Then Ruri’s secret pops out in front of the girls…a photo of the guy she watches. The two girls don’t see the problem, which throws Ruri way off. Then we understand why, it’s not a guy, it’s a fucking sign at the construction site. What the fuck?! Hahahahahaha!!! The next day, everyone’s eggs broke…except Anne’s somehow AND IT HATCHES INTO A BABY CHICK!!! And it doesn’t attack her, how shocking. Wow this show is gonna be fun if it keeps this up.

Episode Score: 5/5 ***SHOW OF THE WEEK***

Asterisk War: Season 2
Asterisk War: Season 2 (Ep.2)

I was right, this girl Flora is a maid from the palace. She shows a bunch of pictures of memories of Julis and one of them is a picture of the two of them in the bath, which of course sets Julis off as Ayato has now seen her with just a towel on. Oh come on, Julis! He saw FAR more skin Episode 1 when he walked in on you in your underwear! Flora calls Saya and Kirin Julis’ rivals which of course they associate with Ayato instead of the Festa. At night Ayato calls Priscilla until Irene interrupts the call, but she asks him if he intends to talk to a man named Dirk instead and he nods, telling Irene to ask him about his sister, Haruka. After being scolded by Priscilla, her cool badass attitude changes and she thanks him properly which a giant blush on her face. She’s so pretty even without the nice demeanor. The following day, Julis calls him up as Flora’s insisting they all go to lunch together, something to ask him. Yabuki assumes it’s a date and sets off Julis as she always gets about Ayato. At the cafe, Ayato notes how well Julis handles a kid like Flora, almost like a big sister figure. Flora also lets it out the bonus money Julis gets for being a top-tier talent at her school is given to the orphanage. More tension between Julis and Ayato go on before Flora finally asks Ayato what she wanted to, which of course is how far have the two of them gone in their relationship. Turns out Julis’ brother is trying to prod information about his sister while she’s gone. A girl from another school suddenly approaches, it’s the secretary for the fat douche that was controlling Irene, he wants to see Ayato. Julis demands she go with him and douchebag says yes. Taking a limo ride, Ayato asks him about Haruka and he mentions the Eclipse Festa, a much more violent version of the Festa tournaments, explaining the bloody mess we saw Episode 1 of her. She lost her match but he heard that she hadn’t died, however no one’s seen her since. He then asks about Mesa, the chairman of the Festa committee, but he knows nothing and douchebag believes he has nothing and the trip is over. It becomes apparent that Flora is going to be in danger now as Korona tells the Tyrant about her and he’s suddenly very interested in her. And that’s the episode, just a bunch of talking, nothing special at all.

Episode Score: 2.5/5

Bakuon!! (Ep.2)

Hane continues her bike training, but it’s short-lived before we get a flashback of Rin as a child with her father and we get a clear idea of her reasons for wanting to bike and a little as to why she loves Suzuki bikes so much…and then it gets a tad bit dark. The two get into an accident and we’re left to assume he dies, but he’s fine a minute later when we’re back in the present. She’s riding her Dad’s old bike while he has one she won for him and hates him for not properly thanking him for it. Ohsa and her clearly have their issues still. Although it looks about to be over, it’s just a fake presentation on Ohsa’s part. She’s about to run over Ohsa with her bike when Hane actually compliments it and Rin uncontrollably cries about it. They’re about to settle their score for good when a new girl shows up, that violet-haired glasses girl from last week. Apparently Hijiri here is really attracted to the naughty things and bikers apparently present that the best for her. They all play chicken together, but Hijiri has her servant drive since she has no license. He and Raimu (girl who doesn’t take her helmet off) stare off before it’s a four-person competition. Ohsa and Rin are out super early at about the same time now, but Raimu ain’t stopping and neither is the servant. Raimu stops at the very edge and the two fall into the river and she’s all wet now for being such a delinquent…or maybe it’s just because of the water. Oh apparently the bike was a man who got “neutered” and turned into a woman because of certain parts. It seems like Baita’s never coming back as they’re replacing the bikes. Does this one talk? Nope! So Hane’s freaked out now. And she starts making mistake after mistake. With the girls cheering her on, she suddenly gets her stride back and barely passes the exam. Oh and apparently Baita talks to others too, it’s not just Hane that’s crazy. Another good episode, not as amazing as last week, but still solid!

Episode Score: 4.5/5

Big Order
Big Order

Debuts April 16th


No show this week, likely due to only being a 5-episode series, probably staggering the episodes out.

Episode Score: 4/5

Bungo Stray Dogs
Bungo Stray Dogs (Ep.2)

Atsushi’s woken up under a roof, how amazing! A cell phone rings and for a moment, you’d think Atsushi was playing a female role with that pose and the way his shirt’s hanging off of him. But he finally does answer the phone (after figuring out the button) and Osamu’s on the other line, as cheerful as ever for someone trying to kill himself. They meet for an emergency, which means it’ll be nothing out of the ordinary. Yeah, it’s just Osamu stuck in an oil drum after a dumb suicide attempt. Atsushi notes after getting Osamu out that he doesn’t know he could possibly be a part of the Agency if his powers are something he has zero control over. So he intends to find a job and Osamu offers his help in finding him one. Too bad Doppo finds him before it’s too late for whatever’s about to happen. Apparently they have to go to the agency as a bomber is in the office threatening to blow himself and hostages up. He wants to see the president of the agency. So the two play Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle who goes out and Doppo loses and fails miserably as the bomber recognizes the members. So Atsushi naturally has to go because he’s an unknown. After distracting the bomber long enough, Doppo reveals his ability, being able to create things by writing them in a book. They apprehend the bomber successfully…for about a minute. Then he’s allowed to move long enough to activate the timer on the bomb. So Atsushi for some reason grabs the bomb and covers it with himself. Oh, it was all a test. The bomber and the hostage are also related and GOD DAMN IT, FUCKING INCEST INNUENDO!!! The president of the agency shows up to congratulate Atsushi on his successful test and let’s Osamu officially hire him. He also guilts him into staying as the potential of people finding out about his power would just lead to problems down the road. So he’s stuck with them regardless. Another great episode, this is looking like a top 5 show this season at this rate.

Episode Score: 4.5/5

Cerberus (Ep.2)

The one thing I do not like about this show is all the complicated names I’m never going to remember, all the kingdoms, people, etc. They’re not common at all! Anyways, we once again see the matching tattoos between Hiiro and Dagan Zot and something changes in him, causing him to lunge at the dragon, but failing to amount any offense. The dragon however also protects Hiiro when soldiers start firing a barrage of arrows at them both. But after scaring the shit out of everyone, he vanishes back into the ground. Nanbuuko is laughing though, happy to have the terror back in the world. With the kids, Hiiro’s friend took him there and tells the story of what happened between Hiiro and Dagan Zot. The sealing process did indeed fail and not only did they all die except for Hiiro, they lost their souls too, no chance of revival either. So he trained every day for the next ten years with Giruu. They understand their next objective is getting back the Grand Trowa which was his father’s sealing item. Sharisharu is not happy with Nambuuko for leaving her in the town though, as he’s left to go elsewhere, telling her to deal with Hiiro. When the trio tries to get a meal, no one’s allowing them to even spend money, Nambuuko’s influence very high. Until that is a sexy big-breasted catgirl comes into the frame, as you’d expect in anime! I’m not usually too big (pun intended) on large-chested girls, but this girl’s really pretty. She also knows exactly who Hiiro is. Her name’s Erin, oh thank god a name I can remember. Giruu tells Hiiro not to get distracted by a pretty girl. Look dude, can you blame him on this one? They also just walk back into Tomitte’s lair and claim it as their sleeping spot for the night, which of course pisses him off. They’re such good friends, those two. But instead of chasing after the Grand Trowa, Hiiro needs to train his swordsmanship…cause it’s shit. So we start from the bottom up and slimes are at the bottom. Hiiro, you suck at this! During this, a sand dragon suddenly appears behind Parupa (the mini-dragon) and Hiiro attacks in head-on like an idiot. Oh and there’s a hot girl in the sand dragon’s mouth. Huh. She’s prettier than Erin, but nowhere near as sexy for sure. She hugs him right away though, claiming him. Maybe. A decent episode again like last week.

Episode Score: 3.5/5

Endride (Ep.2)

Shun, Emilio and Alicia are walking together deeper into the forest, Shun with a million questions and Emilio not intending to answer fuck all. Dragon cat things, intervenes being the cutest threat ever! Remember how Shun loves crystals? The sun’s a crystal. Go figure. The mascot is Falarion, it’s sounds are just as adorable as you’d hope. They’re all headed to a man named Pascal, a researcher at the castle, the man who taught Emilio what he knows. Oh, Falarion grows into a full dragon, well that’s not as cute! It’s still kinda cute, but fuck that! This all happens as a few wild hogs appear and because of the danger, Shun’s relic pops out again and he kills the one attacking, however he and Alicia fall into a trap. Turns out the trapmaker is Pascal himself. They keep referring to Shun as from the surface and because of this he shouldn’t be able to use a Warp Relic. Pascal tells him that Earth is hollow and they seem to know more about Earth than Earth knows about Endora. Apparently Endora has been hidden to prevent the spread of religion, a weird reason to give. He gives Shun a book about the Earth which is older than he is, referring to the city of Babylon as a connector between the two worlds. The King was trying to reconstruct the way between the two worlds but has hit a snag in finishing the reconstruction of Babel, the connector. We also learn Falarion is not of the world, but a Warp Relic itself, so they’re not limited to just weapons. We find out Pascal intentionally fucked with Babel after believing the worlds should not be connected. Then a bunch of monsters rush the house, attacking. Some of the traps stop them, but not all. Doesn’t matter, the house is a rocket ship. W-What the fuck?! The show really didn’t do much for me, I’m really just staring at Alicia the whole time. Shun’s a very unlikeable MC so that doesn’t help. Well you’ve got next week to figure it out!

Episode Score: 2/5 ***ON NOTICE***

Flying Witch
Flying Witch (Ep.1)

Raven-haired girl: Check. Black cat: Check. Yup, looks like a witch anime already! She’s on a long journey it seems, stepping off a train and now on a bus to somewhere. The cat’s named Chito and is adorable as hell. A boy walks up to see the girl, named Kei, likely an old friend of this girl. She arrives at a house and says hello a girl named Chinatsu who’s completely forgotten about her. Finally we get the girl’s name, Makoto, a second cousin of the family. Holy crap she has a lot of stuff, the room is half full of boxes. Chinatsu is eaves-dropping and doesn’t understand how Makoto’s talking to this cat. She asks Kei how long he’s staying and he says until she’s “full-fledged”. At the table eating dinner, I don’t know why the camera felt like focusing on the nine year-old’s butt while the conversation was going on, that was a bit much. Makoto asks where the nearest store is and Kei sends Chinatsu with her, which of course sets her off, nervous about Makoto. Walking outside, Chinatsu asks where Makoto’s from and she says the big city of Yokohama. CUE THE SHOPPING MONTAGE!!! It ends with of curse Makoto buying a broom. Without hesitation she starts to fly on it which the reaction from Chinatsu is all that’s required. They suddenly fly to Kei on the broom while he’s buying beer from another girl that doesn’t seem to mind the whole broom flying thing. Her name’s Nao, whose family owns the local liquor store. Never mind, she said nothing because she was so confused by what her eyes just saw. No time though, it’s the next day and they’ll be late for anime school! 50% Off! joke, I couldn’t help it! She gives Nao a heart attack when she gets to class which isn’t helping. She asks why she’s staying at Kei’s and Makoto reveals that at fifteen, all witches are expected to move out of their parents’ place and find their own place in the world, but her folks wanted her to still live with family for the time being. There’s also other witches in the town, but Makoto’s the only one spilling the beans. Along the walk home, Makoto suddenly starts walking into a field, finding a present for Nao who’s walking her home for Kei. Now the question: Weird or nice? I say weird! Yup, definitely weird! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!!! A howling tree…thing?! Oh, it’s a mandrake! Nao really doesn’t know how to handle this. Wow that was weird…love it!!!

Episode Score: 4.5/5

Haifuri (Ep.1)

Two young girls run to watch a massive ship make its landing. Apparently the girls on these ships are called Blue Mermaids. Nine years later, Mike (pronounced Me-Kay) is making her run for the port and trips, falling on another girl. Said girl then gets up, trips on a banana peel and falls in the water, oh dear, what luck. That’s a white uniform too. The school is a marine high school for girls…and it’s on a ship. Already we get this girl naked in a towel and her underwear out for the world to see. She meets up with Moka, her childhood friend also going to the school…on a ship. This is looking more like Strike Witches without the flying and aliens. Apparently they’re put on separate smaller ships and Mike got chosen as the captain of it. However Moka is not going to be on the same ship, but you know that naked girl totally is. On the ship with naked girl, she’s met by an old friend…and of course Mike! Apparently her actual name is Misaki and Mike was a nickname. Mashiro is naked girl and the old friend is named Hiromi. I’m still too fresh from AOKANA to think we’re now having a loving girl/girl relationship with another Misaki and Mashiro. The first class begins and we see all the students. Taking a wide shot of the room, there’s two girls not wearing their uniforms, one wearing athletic wear, the other looking like a nurse being my best bet. Suppose we’ll see down the line if this is important or if they just snuck this in for some reason. After class, Misaki asks the instructor why she was chosen to be captain when her grades weren’t very good, but the instructor reassures her that grades aren’t everything and she should find her best way to be the captain of the ship. Also that cat that’s been around the whole time of this show is on the ship and they jokingly name it Admiral which pisses off Mashiro cause now the cat outranks her too. We’re introduced to more girls, Misaki again as Captain, Mashiro as the Deputy-Captain, new girl Kouko as the secretary, nothing special about her to me, Mei as the Torpedo Officer, she looks like she’s got some spunk to her and a girl runs in late, Rin the Chief Navigator, please tell me she got lost, that would be hilarious. Hiding in the room though is a quiet, tiny girl named Shima, the Artillery Officer. Absolutely the girl behind the loudest guns is the quietest, perfect! And the ship sets sail, the others as well and they land at a nearby island. I was right, the navigator got them lost. Oh my god that cat is fat and hilarious. They they’re suddenly attacked?! They’re being bombarded by the instructor, likely for being late. Clearly a test as well for them. They keep trying to apologize and the bombs hit closer and closer. So out of nowhere, Misaki decides to fire a torpedo at them, her desire to protect her crew above all else. It directly hits the ship. It’s also super hot in the lower decks so all the girls start stripping, oh dear. A weird ending though, the ship they attacked sends distress signals to the mainland and it looks like this version of Japan is half submerged underwater now, likely explaining the schools on ships now. They all still think it was special training, but it sounds like it’s actually far worse. I was also right with the nurse, but the athletic wearing girl is still unknown. They then get a call that their ship has been declared a mutiny ship. Uh…WTF?!!! I want to put this show on notice for making zero sense, but I’m too interested in the show to do that yet.

Episode Score: 3.5/5

Hundred (Ep.2)

So the battle between Ichika and Cecilia–ah! I mean Hayato and Claire is about to start. This shot of Claire tells me her chest is about 75% the size of her head, maybe a little more. She’s really confident in this battle, declaring she won’t fight with full-body armaments, basically meaning she’s going to take it easy on him. Oh come on, Claire! Anime logic 101! The MC always kicks ass his first time. Wow. The match starts and he just flies right into her. They didn’t even fight before the breast grab happens! Sheesh! Just rush all these things why don’t you?! As the intro is playing, I have to note ANOTHER similarity to Infinite Stratos. The cast name has different nationalities. Anyways, back to the boob squeezing, he gets two more in and feigns ignorance, as the MC always does. So she’s going full power now on his ass. Even Emile’s pissed off at him for squeezing Claire’s tits. After a couple more failed attacks, he does his special move and fails again. He takes a heavy hit into the ground. But John Cena Hayato never gives up! So Claire decides to pump out the big guns (and then pulls out a large gun) to finish him off when something suddenly snaps in him and he goes Kaioken on her. And now he has full-body armaments, something he shouldn’t have developed so soon. So Claire puts everything on as well and goes to finish him off again and this time succeeds. While Claire won the duel, she excepts a loss because she did have to use full-body arms for the fight. Emile calls it as a draw and Claire walks off while Hayato is still out cold. He wakes up with Claire of all people there instead. She tells him she cancelled the order to expel the girls, which he’s relieved to her. She asks him just what the hell happened out there, how after two days he managed to nearly defeat her, the best in the school. Again, Claire…Anime 101. MC wins, lol! He has no clue how this happened either. Emile shows up just in time to intervene nothing at all and Claire storms off. In the limo with Erica and Liddy, she gets asked if she’s lost in thought about a man touching her for the first time, which gets a Cecilia-like blush out of Claire. Man it really is happening almost the exact same way. Although no one was jealous that they didn’t get to touch Cecilia’s boobs like Erica is with Claire. Back in their dorm, Emile’s still not fooling anyone with that girlish figure. She asks him to take her to the business district, actually calling it a date too. Seriously, not hiding it at all, I’m not evening going to try to call Emile a guy. The only reason I’m not calling her Emily is because they haven’t openly called her that yet. SHE EVEN FEEDS HIM! COME ON!!! Now people think they’re gay lovers, like Ichika and Charles. I DON’T WANT TO COMPARE INFINITE STRATOS TO THIS SHOW, BUT THEY’RE MAKING IT TOO EASY!!! At least they tried to make Charles look somewhat boyish, Emile just looks like a flat-chested girl. BOYS DON’T HAVE HAIR LIKE THAT!!! Sis finally calls Hayato to break the tension, hearing about the duel with Claire. She also believes (through tarot) he’s with a girl, which she’s not wrong. He denies it, but she comes to see for herself. Even she questions Emile’s gender. She constantly asks if Emile’s seducing him too. Well at least someone’s not stupid here. Oh look, Karen’s interested in an idol named Sakura and pink-haired girl. She totally won’t run into Hayato somehow and fall on him backwards so he sees her panties and becomes another member of the harem. Karen comes off a lot like Ayumi from Charlotte. Before they can enjoy their meal together, Claire and company show up and Karen does not like her at all. Hey an actual boy who’s Claire’s servant. My secret girl radar isn’t going off either. Claire asks Hayato to help her on the student council. Look Claire, we get it, you enjoyed your first bit of foreplay and you want more, we understand. She refers to them as Selections, the elite of the school and would include fighting Savages. Of course Hayato’s unsure and Emile wants in with him, but they refuse, so she challenges Liddy to a duel herself to prove her worth. They fight with hand-to-hand weapons only and Emile holds her own until an alert comes up and forces the match to stop. A Savage has arrived. Of course it’s where Sakura will be performing. They’re leaving Hayato behind, but Charlotte appears to tell Claire to take the two with them. And we’re done for the week. A much better episode. I don’t even care now that it’s an Infinite Stratos ripoff, I’ll take it.

Episode Score: Four Boob Squeezes/5


Don’t know how this Trigger show will beat Luluco, but let’s see what it’s got. It starts off weird, a girl jumps off a building and a boy’s body suddenly decides to change its hair color from red to white somehow, like the two were connected. 12 years later we see said now white-haired male, Kacchon (real name Katsuhira). He’s walking with a lovely red-haired girl, reminds me a bit of Yume from last season’s show, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. Her names Chidori and when it slips out he’s being bullied and giving them money or else he gets beaten up, it really sets her off. Sure enough, those two show up and knock him out. He takes the beaten well, until another male intervenes by throwing his bag at one and throwing his ass at the other. He jokingly says if he gets Katsuhira’s money back he’ll get twenty percent back. Katsuhira notes it actually doesn’t hurt when he gets hit, having a high tolerance to pain, so of course the new guy has to test it, loving the fun he has trying, though a choke hold still works. We see a few more of the potential main characters of the show before more memories of Katsuhira’s childhood appear for a moment. A blue-haired girl is now alone with him, named Noriko, asking him about the Seven Deadly Sins. She notes how in Japan they’re a little different and we start getting introduced to everyone. Yuta, a aquamarine-haired ladies man called “The Cunning Normal”, Honoka, a blonde bookworm, “High-and-Mighty”, Chidori as “Goody Two-Shoes”, Niko the tiny hyper girl known as “The Eccentric Headcase”. She refers to preumably Katsuhira as “The Imbecile”, but also notes that because of his nature and ability, people can’t connect with him, hence his lack of friends and the amount of bullying he faces. Then Noriko starts approaching him aggressively and he keeps backing away till they’re stopped at a staircase. She asks him to raise his arms and when he does so, she pushes him down the stairs. Now heading to a hospital he starts tripping balls for some reason, or the hospital just in a massive looney house with Japanese mascots as nurses. When he’s stopped in his own room, the room looks more like an experimental facility than anything else. Noriko shows up with the other five characters we’ve seen and asks about their similar hometown of Sugomori City which grabs their attention. It was a city built as a giant experiment known as the Kizuna System. We get a speech about why people fight and then nicknames Hajime (the guy who saved Katsuhira) “The Musclehead Thug” out of nowhere during this process. The six of them were kidnapped and surgically implanted with a system that evenly distributes their wounds, so when Katsuhira should have died from the fall, they all shared the pain and saved his life. The others all leave, but Katsuhira wants to understand more. During the walk back, Niko ends up kicking Hajime and they all feel the pain and they test it further. Then Katushira just starts gushing blood for some reason and out of all their wrists, a symbol begins to glow and they are all officially now Kiznaivers. Well the premise is confusing, but the cast is really interesting. This wasn’t the best start, but I’m curious enough to go further.

Episode Score: 3/5

Kumamiko -Girl Meets Bear-
Kumamiko -Girl Meets Bear- (Ep.2) ***ON NOTICE***

No episode showed up by the time this article was posted.

Episode Score: N/A

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia (Ep.2)

Remember how big All Might is? He’s a skinny bugger. The slime thing meanwhile gets very and attacks Katsuki. Back with Izuki, seeing the real All Might is a massive shock to him. He reveals a massive wound he suffered during his time and is now limited to three hours a day in his best form. Izuku even knows which fight must’ve caused this injury. All Might hits him hard, telling his best options for becoming a hero are likely to what police officers and such are. Back in town, the slime villain has indeed kidnapped Katsuki and is overpowering everyone. Katsuki continues to fight it though. Other familiar faces arrive from last week, but no immediate ass puns from Mt. Lady…disappointed! The sewage villain intends to swallow Katsuki and essentially steal his powers. All Might shows up and is crushed by being unable to do anything about this. Meanwhile Izuku is going through all his thoughts after hearing his favourite hero pretty much shut down his dreams. He then realized he inadvertently walked right to the scene of the crime and also realized it’s his fault the villain got free. Now Izuku’s even further crushed, he’s kept his hero from doing his job. Then for no reason, Izuku runs into the battle and instinctively uses his information gathered over the years to figure out how to deal with the villain. When the villain gets his bearings, All Might somehow has his power back and one-punches the villain into disintegration. Izuku gets scolded while Katsuki gets praised. Seems like Izuku will be the unsung hero character. Katsuki actually approaches Izuku while they’re alone, trying to refute getting any help from him. All Might suddenly shows up and gives him some positive words, about how every hero has a similar story about their first act, their body moving on their own. And he tells Izuku he can become a hero after all. This episode wasn’t that great either honestly, same with Endride there’s just one thing really interesting me and that’s All Might. Everything else isn’t quite grabbing me.

Episode Score: 2.5/5 ***ON NOTICE***

Pan de Peace!
Pan de Peace! (Ep.2)

A tiny girl with a loaf of French bread gets mauled by girls for being cute, calling her bread a weapon before Fuyumi grabs her, the girl’s name is Noa and truly does believe that baguette is a sword. Minami of course is interested in the bread, addicted to bread now apparently. They get onto the topic of milk because Noa drinks four glasses a day, so of course it goes onto breast talk. And that’s the show. All right, this is too short to really live review, so I’m dropping it. However, it’s still an entertaining 3-minute short, so don’t hesitate to watch it.

Episode Score: 3/5 ***DROPPED***


All right! Taking a deep breath before I start this one up. I gotta note how well the theme of this show gives you a heads up of the anime, it’s so goofy, it’s telling you straight up “THIS WILL MAKE ZERO SENSE AND YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!”. Anyways, Luluco has put a giant hole in the school and somehow the criminal isn’t dead. And…a meteorite hits and contains a transfer student, a pretty boy with blonde hair by the name of Alpha Omega Nova. Sure, I’ll go with that! Apparently he’s also a member of the Space Patrol. They take a walk around the town (with the criminal pretty much dead on a cart) and discuss the origins of the city. He’s astonished this dunce cap girl can’t tell the difference between humans and aliens here, literally. At the station, Nova morphs into his suit and “interrogates” the criminal Luluco arrested. Apparently the main baddie of this show is named Save the World. Oh dear. I love how justice in this show is just repeatedly shooting stuff, which also apparently attracts Luluco to Nova. So she shoots the criminal again for Nova to impress him. This show is fucking hysterical. Not as funny as last week, but it’s hard to top that crazy five minute escapade.

Episode Score: 4.5/5


Well after shocking me by actually being pretty good last week, let’s see how this one goes. I guess back home, Haru is a host, well it makes sense, he is a pretty boy after all. He reminisces about five years ago when he winded up in hospital after a presumed car accident where we’re left to presume also that his parents in Japan died in this accident. I’m also assuming this is after he returned from Canada after Episode 1. We now learn he’s completely lost his memories about that whole trip, including Ren. So he shows up to finish that promise anyway, to live with Haru now that he graduated. Then we get depressing news, the dogs passed away a month after he left, coincidentally around the same time he woke up from his coma. He returns to work the next day, trying to keep things running like nothing’s changed. I like how it seems so far that the host job is sort of the bridge in between things, a way to cram in a few more pieces of the story before returning to the silliness of Haru/Ren at home. Speaking of which, it appears Ren’s still as bothersome as ever when it comes to baths. That moment knocks a deja vu into his head, a memory of that Canadian summer back in his head, but he can’t remember anything else. No time to think, his foster brothers are here! He makes Ren stay in the bathroom until he tells him to come out and that leads to him staying there even after Haru leaves the house which the realization after returning home bothers the hell out of him. The one thing bugging me with this show right now is that he tells the story like his brothers wanted nothing to do with him after the accident, but in the present day they’re showing up and happy like nothing’s wrong. I’m lost, man. Also they already know who Ren is and surprise him with that information the following day. Ren just shrugs them off, which pisses off Aki, the more hot-headed of the two other brothers. An okay episode, not nearly as entertaining as last week’s episode.

Episode Score: 3/5

Three Leaves, Three Colors
Three Leaves, Three Colors (Ep.1)

All three girls somehow meet up accidentally, Teru (blondie), Futaba (perky girl) and Youko (purple hair). Youko’s a stuck up rich girl and the other two are bothering her, but they don’t care and stick around with her. All right, this show is all over the place. Youko can’t deal with people, Teru’s getting in trouble somehow and wha…? The three girls meet up in the same spot the next day. Then a former servant of Youko shows up and lets it slip her parents’ company went bankrupt and she’s no longer rich. She worries it’s over for her and the two girls act like nothing ever happened. I have to admit this is very boring, it’s trying to be quirky but none of the jokes are funny, it’s just nonsense words with the cheesy animation. Take a show like Anne-Happy. That’s a show that is quirky and funny. This is just pure nonsense. And trying the bathhouse scene isn’t going to do much for this one either. That’s a telltale sign that the show is bad.

Episode Score: 1.5/5 ***DROPPED***

Wagamama High Spec
Wagamama High Spec (Ep.1)

A bunch of girls presumably in the student council are suffering on a hot day. The voices in the show are fantastic, Mihiro in particular (pink hair) is hilarious. So…the vice-president solves it by stripping to her underwear…then they all follow suit. Uh…sweet? Well except for Toa, they all have to strip her. After all that they accidentally turn the heat on and it’s all over, they die, show’s over! That was quite the entertaining first two minutes and yes, the stripping was part of why, don’t judge me! But I didn’t realize this was a 3-minute short, so because of that, I’m dropping it because it’s just not long enough to live review. But this seems like it’ll be a super entertaining show.

Episode Score: 4/5 ***DROPPED***

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