[NSFW] Character Spotlight: Korone


I’m not sure how many androids are ever going to be on this list, I can’t think of many. Generally speaking, most android characters in anime are devoid of a personality, so no matter how good they might look, there’s just no life to them.

But oddly enough in the harem anime Demon King Daimao, Korone makes quite the case against that, albeit using very cheap tactics…that always work.

VERY cheap tactics
VERY cheap tactics

Korone is an android sent by the government to watch over Akuto after he’s outed by the show’s equivalent to the Harry Potter sorting hat as the next Demon King. At first it’s just a 24/7 observation job, which yes means she stays in his room at night, often sleeping in the closet of the room. Although after some time, things begin to change with her.


She begins to tease Akuto as much as possible, tons of innuendo, dressing up to attract him, often being either naked or damn near close. At first it looks more like she’s messing with him, but over time we begin to wonder if perhaps she has developed a level of attraction of her own towards him. This gets suggested a little more when the government actually tells her to seduce him in order to get more out of him, as they feel the way he reacts with the other girls of the show is because of his “perverted” nature more than anything else. And when she’s told this, she does actually look a little sad being given such an order. Even as an android, she does have a personality and feelings that are just not as prevalent as in normal human beings.


As a female character, stripping away her android-built blank personality, she’s as cute as can be. I love smaller girls, so her tiny, petite frame is perfect. She’s also not given the cliché super bust like other girls in the show like Etou and Junko. She’s all butt, which you’ll find zero complaints about me, given her choice in clothes as well. There’s also that little bit of added sexiness in her lack of personality, I’m not sure how to exactly explain it, but I find that characters who are initially perceived as very dull and have that monotone voice, when you get them in more compromising positions, it comes off even better than when the overly flirty girl gets into the same predicament. It’s likely just due to the fact that you don’t expect to see a girl like Korone in that situation, but you’d totally see Etou in that position. So when it happens to Korone, it’s even better because it’s showing that person in a light you didn’t expect for the first time.

But who cares about all this psychological mumbo-jumbo, we all know exactly why Korone is hot as hell. Dat ass.


There are very few shows out there that I think come close to drawing butts like Demon King Daimao and Korone’s is the standalone favourite for me. It could also just be the striped panties, cause I’ll admit I’m a sucker for them, but I’m also pretty sure it’s the art quality as well. A lot of shows have come close, but I don’t think there’s a better butt in anime than Korone’s in those green-striped panties she wears.

I could ramble on and on about Korone, but honestly the majority of what keeps me interested in her is that blank android personality being given so much comedic and sexually infused life. Yes, she’s a badass too, but that’s not a part of why I love her so much. She’s a girl who shouldn’t be all that adorable, but she is. She’s a girl who shouldn’t be that funny, but she is. And most of all, she’s a girl who shouldn’t have such a nice butt, oh wait she’s an android, that shit was built to perfection. Never mind.

Just don’t ask her to play the little sister character. Please, for the love of god don’t do it!


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